Do I have to go to jury duty?

hi all, i need help on what to do plZ. so i have a jury duty to do on tuesday, i don’t want to go tho i have a 2 year old my new baby is a month old and i’m constantly in pain my sides and stomach cause i need to remove my gallbladder. so my obgyn wrote a letter saying i need to recover for 8 weeks and that letter won’t get to the court till next friday :cry: and the jury duty is on tuesday. what to do here!!! i really can’t be away from the kids if i end up in jail from not attending the jury i’ll go crazy without the kids​:cry::cry:they both need me


Take the note with u and they’ll dimiss you right away

Take the children with you to jury duty, you will be dismissed quickly!

See if you can’t pick up the letter on Monday. That’s really a hard one. I don’t know how they do it in your state but I know in certain states you show up and see if your number is one of the jury numbers to sit in on the case and if not you go home. Might call the courts and see

Your OB can fax a letter to your local court house and it should suffice


Get your OB to fax something

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Take the note and kids will you. Guarantee you’ll be dismissed


You shouldn’t have waiting til last minute to do something about it…I got picked to jury duty and as soon as I got the letter in the mail I wrote to them asking to be dismissed due to just having my son and being on maternity leave so funds would be tight…I was dismissed :woman_shrugging:t3:


Call the clerks office, they may let you scan or fax it. If you don’t have either your dr office will send it.

Some courts also dismiss if you say you have an EBF baby at home.

You will not go jail on the summons it tell you steps to take you have to acknowledge you received enen if its late you will be ok they only arrest people that habitual skippers…

1.Get a note from your doctor
2. Call the jury commissioner they can always switch you to another date
3. Go in say SHOOT EM ALL they’ll usually dismiss you lol


You get a babysitter and go :person_shrugging: what’s worse. Having to sit in jury duty if they make you, or going to jail cause you didn’t wanna do it?

I dont know where you live. But if you have a child that youre taking care of under 12. Just call the court house and tell them you have children under 12 and you wont be able to make. They will take you off.

You should’ve called as soon as u got the letter, it’s super easy to get out of.

If you get the letter from your obgyn you can fax it and they will get it.

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I’ve been called twice and have never served. They usually plead out before it gets to trial.

You an get out of it as you have a baby at home under 6 months I had jury duty summons with a newborn at home and I breastfed I called my county clerk office and explained my situation and was taken off that jury duty

Fax or email the letter

Take the kids! They should excuse you

I was picked once and went and told them I was on medication and they dismissed me. Go with your doctors note they should dismiss you, don’t worry mama

Why cant you fax it to the court and they get it immediately?


And tbh if you dont want to do jury duty all you have to say is it goes against your beliefs to do. They cant force anyone to do that

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This is definitely not something that just comes up. It is important to not wait til the last minute to try to get a pardon from duty. You literally sit there and listen. Take a copy of the letter to your local court house and see what you need to do.


Why did you wait so long to get this taken care of ?
They give you plenty of notice

Tell them that you’re breast feeding and you will be dismissed.

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Call the court and tell them you medically can’t do it and that you have a Dr starting that you can’t do it plus no babysitter for young children, that’s what I had to tell them when u had it and I have a 3yr old and no one to watch him.

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Fax it? Call the court house. It’s so easy to get out of jury duty. Plus chances are, it will get cancelled. Just call them.

Bring the baby…they’ll probably send you home

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There is no proof that you got the letter for jury duty!!! So don’t go

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Show up and bring both babies with you

Take the note into jury duty on Tuesday and hand it to them…

I would just show up with my kids will probably send you home LOL. but really I would get a copy of the letter and just take it in with you most of the time you show up and they send you home anyway people either plead out or they find a reason not to use you

Call a judges office ad explains your situation. I got excused because of my age .

Call them and explain

Call them first thing monday … Tell them u have a Drs excuse go pick up the excuse and take it to them i needed … I have gotten outta jury duty u technically still have 4 weeks of maternity leave

Just call them and tell them the letter is on its way.

All for a copy of the letter and take it with you the day of jury duty

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Ask to be excused for medical reasons and have your Dr verify it

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All I did was call and say I had a young child and was the only care giver and they told me I didn’t have to go? My stepson just forgot to show up for his and nobody even called him?

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I would call court possibility of them talking to your OB

My mom went and said she had 5 kids and couldn’t get a babysitter so they excused her

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Drop it off to the courts or fax it to them

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Yes just CALL them you have a good reason better than not showing up PLEASE

Take the note and give it to them there. They will excuse you.

But show up…dont just call. Everyone has an excuse. Just tell them when you get there.

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I was able to go online and push my jury duty out 2 months

Call them the dr can fax whatever they need but should not of waited so long

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Take the letter to the court house or have someone deliver it for you.


I took my baby girl with me about 40 years ago and told them I didn’t have a sit ter and was excused

If you cannot make it, call the courts and tell them. I had jury duty and could not go one time because my sons school was closed due to the weather. Jury duty last for 6 months. Take them your letter and that will get you out of attending for 8 weeks.

Another copy of the note from your doctor

You should’ve tried to have it faxed to them. Some places still do it… But make sure you keep a copy for your self in case you need it later.

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Have someone TAKE your note the day before your jury duty. Tell em your under doctors care.

Get your doctor to medically take you off

ll you have to do is call and tell them your situation

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Sad, In NZ we are automatically excuse from jury service if we have children under the age of 5

I know you have been preoccupied… they will understand. Don’t do nothing, though. Call Monday

Have your doctor excuse you asap

Bring all the kids with you. They will excuse you. Or bring the letter ASAP to show you can’t go. In Texas if u have young kids u r automatically excused.

You can normally go to report and present the letter at that time. You will likely be dismissed.

Take it to the court in person.

Call and let them know your situation

Just call the court, they send you a paper to fill out. Easy peasy!

Call your doctor on Monday and have his office make you a copy. Then pack up newborn and big kid to grandma’s and go on Tuesday with ghe copy. You’ll be excused in a hurry.

Call the court house?

Read your notice, you have the option to postpone jury duty. Especially if it’s once or twice.

Tell them ur bias to whatever it’s for the case that is. And they should tell u they can’t use u

Call clerk of court. Tell them a letter is coming

Like Jury Police have money too come get you