Do I have to let my child around someone who disrespects me?

If my mother-in-law continues to disrespect me, do I have to let my child around her? I’ve tried to get along with her; she just won’t budge.


No, your child, your boundaries

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Nope!! Eventually it spills over to the child as well. Or you are teaching your child it’s ok to disrespect you. Either way, it’s not a good situation!!

You dont have to let your child around anyone for any reason at all that you see fit.

If she wants a grandchild in her life it’s as simple as showing you some respect, otherwise tell her to go find another grandkid and daughter in law :woman_shrugging:

No, FUCK HER, I’m dealing with a similar situation.

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You dont have to do anything you dont want to do. Your child your rules and your decision.

Disrespect how is the question :thinking:.

You are not obligated to bring your child around anyone who is toxic.


If your child wants to be around her don’t take that from him/her unless she is mistreating/disrespecting or putting them in danger. Not everyone will like you as you might not like everyone so remove yourself but if they have a connection let it be, it’s not your child’s fault that you two don’t get along


Never let your child around toxic people. Period.

No! Your child, your decision!

Nope. If they are toxic to you, they are toxic to your child. :woman_shrugging:

Check the laws in your area - grandparent visits are a privilege not a right. You can more than likely say no - depending on your individual situation.

Be careful - grandparents like to sue for visitation if you do something they don’t like or if you assert yourself as the parent

Cut them out like cancer

Absolutely not!!! Mine is super toxic and it can damage the kids in the future. I see how she gaslights my husband and i am terrified of her starting that with our little one.

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NO! I am a year in not talking to my husband’s mother and sister. They are drama. One of them always ends up wanting to fight about it.

Uhm no? They are your kids. She doesn’t have to like you. But when kids are present she needs to be NICE. And when you are present she needs to be civil


Nope! you arent obligated to have anyone toxic around. If she cant respect you, she doesnt need to be around your child. Your child doesnt need to hear nor see her disrespecting you.

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No you don’t. Put your foot down now or it’ll get worse.

I cut out my dad for that reason. Toxic is toxic regardless of who the person is.

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Mine haven’t seen their paternal grandma in 2 yrs for this reason and more. If they disrespect you in front of the child what is that saying to the child… that its ok for them to do it to because grandma does it. Toxic is toxic no matter who it is.

I’d say it would depend on your child and their age. Also does the person put you down in front of the child? Honestly there was a point to where I wasn’t getting along with my mom but I didn’t keep my child away from here but I wouldn’t be there only them

Your child your decision!

I’m not obligated to cater to anyone who is disrespectful to me. They’ll either show up for my children and be respectful or they won’t show up at all. Not even sorry!


There are family members on my side that my kids have not and will not meet for this reason. Our job is to protect our children and show them how to be healthy, happy people. Sometimes that means not being around certain people. Even family.
I know the “but it’s family” thing but I will not teach that to my kids. They deserve better.


You’re the parent. Act like it. The answer is no, by the way.

I cut my own family off 4 yrs ago.
Disrespecting me around my children and forcing them to feel like they had to choose, nope.
If they’ll disrespect you, they’ll start doing it to your child. They’ll gaslight and play mind games.
Protect your child at all costs.

Absolutely not!!!

Nope, your kid will just think it’s ok to disrespect you and start to disrespect you. If she really loves her grandkid she will change the way she treats you.

Nope… Stop seeing her.

Nope i wouldn’t even talk to her

Nope!!! Dont let her toxic behavior run off on them.

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Nope. Anyone that doesn’t like me doesn’t get access to my children!

No you don’t. Its your child and if someone doesn’t respect you or try to get along with you I wouldn’t let my kids around them

My daughter didn’t see my mother in law for 6months because of the names she called me and how she’s disrespectful 24/7 to me. All she had to do in order to see my daughter was to apologize :woman_shrugging:t2: I’m not playing those games. WE are the parents. Not them. You get to decide who your child is around and she gets no say

Nope absolutely not… if they can’t respect you then have no right to be involved. Its your job to give your child a happy and healthy mindset for life.

No your child your rules…get rid

No the more you let people treat you like crap the more they will do it. You are also teaching your child that it’s ok to be disrespected so they may end up walked over when they are older

No not even family because they’re teaching your kids that it’s ok to disrespect someone