Do I have to put my child in a booster now?

So my daughter is 3 almost 4. She is 3’5 feet tall and is 41.8 pounds. We have the Safety 1st all in one grow and go car seat and we’re at the last stage of her car seat. Head rest up, the crotch belt at the final setting of the car seat and the extension can’t be pulled any more. Is this it ? Does she have to go in a booster now?


Find a five point harness booster seat. You can get one for like $70

You can get a bigger car seat that is still 5 point

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Highback boosters have a 5pt harnesses and some go up to 65lbs. I’d look for one :blush:

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I’d head on over to the page Car Seats for the Littles and ask for their input. They’re experts at keeping kiddos safest.


That car seat goes up to 4’1” and 65 lbs before you are able to convert it to a booster seat. She should still fit just fine.


Absolutely not. In a different seat, she could still be rear facing (many go up to 49” or 50lbs) 3 year olds are not ready for a booster at all. Depending on where you live, it’s typically not even legal to use a booster before age 5, she needs to stay harnessed for sure.


Check your state laws. There are some variations but I believe that weight and height still requires a car seat (at least in my state)

I would post in a car seat safety group such as Car Seats for the Littles. But maturity wise most 4 year olds aren’t ready for boosters.

If you’re looking for a new seat I’d recommend the graco transitionz it’s a 3-in-1 harnessed forward facing, then high back booster, to backless booster

She needs to be in 5 point harness for quite some time. You should check out car seat safety and laws for your state.

They make bigger seats I didn’t take my son to a belt positioning booster till he was 5 almost 6. But he was a small kid

At the age of 3 my son was in one of the paw patrol car seats. She still needs the 5 point harness until at least the age of 5 or 6…

Look on the car seat it will tell you what height and weight it goes to if she is past the weight then look at a booster and see what it shows thats what my kids dr told me to go by

Im not really sure where people are getting their information from but I’ve never heard of any state that has an age requirement for going to a booster. There are height and weight requirements, but they are lower than you might think. That said, you do want to keep a 5 pt harness as long as possible- 1 because it’s safer, and 2 because 3/4 year olds are squirmy and don’t understand that they need to sit in their seat correctly. Most high back boosters are rated for 40+lbs and 38+inches tall. So technically your daughter could be in a high back, but I would highly recommend getting a new seat or seeing if you can adjust the one you have now like the ones people have posted pictures of. They sit like booster seats, but have 5 point harnesses and tethered into your car just like a car seat until your child is ready to use it as an actual booster with the seat belt. My 5 year old is about 42 inches tall and the seat I have for him has an adjustable back and we still have a few more inches left before we have to remove the harness. Sorry for the long winded response, but please please please, do your research on the laws where you live and the car seat you have or wish to buy. The different seats from different brands are rated for different heights and weights, so it’s totally possible to buy something that will keep her in a harness longer and still be useful and a high back and regular booster later on.

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Mine are 3 and in a booster the car seat made them sick

3 is definitely too young for sitting in a booster. That child needs to be in a 5 point harness for at least a couple more years. Read the manual on the car seat for reinstalling forward facing but it isn’t outgrown yet but has just outgrown the rear facing limits and needs to be turned forward facing now that she’s over 40 inches and over 40 pounds. This seat goes up to 65 pounds and 49 inches for forward facing harness mode.

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Pretty sure if you go to your local police station they’ll check out your car seat in your car and tell you if it’s installed correctly and help you figure out if you have the right one or not.

Depends on your state. Usually it’s by height and/or weight. Not age

Never hurts to be safe than sorry. Booster seat is always a plus anyways. Especially with the crazy drivers who don’t pay attention half the time. Stay safe! Keep baby safe :heavy_heart_exclamation::sunglasses:

Check your states height and weight requirements for a booster seat. Even if it’s just the bottom of the seat only. However AGE has NOTHING to do with it

You have to see what your state guidelines are. Nj for boosters is 40inches. 40lbs at least 4 years old. I think 3 is a little too young yet

Check at fire drpartment they know for sure!!