Do I Have to Send My Ex Child Support When He Has Our Son?

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"My son is with me 100% of the time for the school year. Then sees his dad for summer. Dad lives out of state. Anyway… his dad pays me so much money a month in child support. This has been going on for almost a year now. We have in our parenting plan that we switch who claims my son alternating years. So this year he got to claim him. Well my sons dad messaged me yesterday saying that he wants me to send him the child support payments that i get from him back in the summer time(the child support comes out of his paychecks) The 2 months my son is with him. I think that’s ridiculous being that I have our son way more than half the time and he also claimed our son this year for the child tax credit. Am i wrong for not agreeing to this? He said if I don’t want to agree to send MY child support payments back in the summer he will petition it. I don’t care if he does… i had a lawyer set our child support payment and the parenting plan less than a year ago and it had in there specifically if he moves out of state (dad is in military) the child support doesn’t change in summer. but just wanted some insight. Please and Thanks."

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"Absolutely not. He was ordered to pay CS not u."

"Ridiculous- your house payment isn’t cut in half when your child visits dad"

"Follow your parenting plan that he has agreed to and take a screenshot of that part and send it to him."

"Go by what your court order reads"

"Court order doesn’t change based on the months of who the kid is with. It’s based off of the whole year and you get sent so much every week or every two weeks."

"Let him waste his money and take that to a judge. An attorney will take any idiot as a client who pays them. He can feel special until the judge basically laughs in his face."

"He actually shouldn’t be claiming him on his taxes. Court order or not. And you do not send child support just because he gets him for a couple months…"

"Child support is set and determined by time with the child and difference in income. He can’t just make up his own rules. He has to follow the paperwork and continue to give you child support payments year round unless otherwise noted in your paperwork."

"Don’t send it to him and let him waste money to petition it. Child support was calculated and set based upon all the factors involved, including custody."

"Let him petition it…it will be a waste of time. That support is for general living needs, so supporting the home his child will be going home to isn’t something he gets to revoke for 2 months out of the year. I’d tell him to kiss my ass."

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