Do I have to send my kids to their dads house if they keep getting lice?

How do you get rid of lice for good? My kids get it every time they go to their dads house and I am tired of it…i even sent treatments to his house so he could treat his steo kids and nothing…do I have to send them over there if this keeps happening?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do I have to send my kids to their dads house if they keep getting lice?

I SO had this problem!!! I kept them home and he took me to court! By time court hearing, 6 weeks had passed (9 visits missed w/out my kids getting lice).

Judge reprimanded me but Lice was finally cleared up at his house. I was able to prove we DIDN’T have lice at my house (my other kid’s didn’t have it) but his children got it each time they went there.

Lice happens… keep treating your child and home, follow the custody papers. I use tea tree oil.

Call him up and coparent with them… ask to plan a say you all are at his place treating the kids heads and show him the proper steps with cleaning the household maybe he doesn’t know all the steps

Yes you do have to keep sending them. If the other kids aren’t being treated and are infested, call CPS. Let them do a welfare check. There’s a big difference between ignoring it vs them trying to treat it and bring unsuccessful.

If you have a court order you do until you get it changed

Have to wash covers brushes combs

i would not send them over until the lice issue is resolved if dad refuses to treat step kids in his home call heath services and report they will make him clean up the house and the kids to get rid of the lice. when my daughter was in elementary school she got them so often and soo bad that she had to get her hair that was waist length cut into a pixie cut, it turned out that the source of the problem was my babysitter was the cause. my hairdresser told me that they can live in furniture such as pillows mattress and couch and chair the only way to get rid of them is to take the furniture to the dump and buy all new once i replaced all of the furniture the problem finally went away. once i found out the cause of the problem i immediately let her go but the problem continued that is when i was told that they can live in fabric for up to several months not very many people know this so feel free to pass on the info like i said once got rid of furniture went away and never came back my daughter was 8 at the time she is not 32

Call the school. Maybe then they listen or cps. Those can make you sick.

If it’s court ordered yes.

I didn’t. Because att the time, I kept treating her hair over and over. And I had just had a newborn baby at the time, and it got to the point I told the lawyer I had no shame keeping my kid safe. They had a girl with such a bad lice infestation die, so you’re dang right I’m doing what’s best for my kid. When the lice stops happening, she can return.


If you have a custody agreement through the courts you do.

Keep all the receipts as evidence! Take pictures!

Nope!!! You NEED to save receipts of every time you treated them… for medications to do so. Also save texts about the lice. Simply tell dad that you aren’t trying to be a douche but he needs to treat an INFECTIOUS PARASITE problem fully before you keep exposing the children to it. Tell him you are available to help get to the root of the issue for both homes and once everyone is lice free for three weeks the kids can return to their normal visits and maybe some extra visits to make up for lost time. It should kick it into gear with treatments at his home. If he has a dog or cat he needs to treat them too. It’s not bad to get it, it’s bad to not be proactive and throw a fit that you can’t see your kids a few visits while you handle the parasite.
IF he takes you to court over this you simply inform the judge that the parasite issue was resolved with both homes isolating and properly treating and continuous exposure to that environment was causing the kids to be infested repeatedly causing sores and itching patches of raw skin. You made a judgement call.
Now once the issue in both homes are handled and you send them back and they come home AGAIN with them… something is going on his his home and he needs to treat the yard and everything. It’s
Coming from SOMEWHERE and they gotta find the source. If he wants to keep exposing his kids to a parasite, fine… but as a parent is want to get to the bottom of the issue ASAP. It’s embarrassing for kids to keep getting it especially if they are in school :weary:

how else you gonna give him lice? frfr