Do I have to take a glucose test?

Does anyone know if its required to do a glucose test ?


If your pregnant? Yes!!

As far as I can remember yes it is because they want to make sure you dont get diabetes while pregnant.

Absolutely. If you have gestational diabetes it can be very dangerous for you and baby.

If you refuse it, they will treat you like you failed the test

Yes but you can drink a large amount of juice instead of glug If you don’t want to ingest that crap

Just take the test! As a type 1 diabetic that has two kids it’s easier to do it. Any type of diabetes can be fatal if left untreated or unknown.

You can refuse it if you want. It’s not mandatory

You need to do the testing but there are alternative ways like drinking juice or eating fruit instead of that drink…

Required? No. You don’t HAVE to do anything that you don’t want to do. But its highly recommend for you and you baby’s safety. If you are diabetic you should want to know and control it.


Shouldn’t matter if it’s required, it’s very important for the health of mom and baby.

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I failed my 1 hour and refused the 3 hr with my last two. I was already being monitored every week and checked my sugar all the time. The only thing I had was high blood pressure. With my last I didn’t have anyone to watch my toddler for 3 hours.

Any test is considered your Choice but there is good reasons for why you need to have it done

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They recommend it but if you’ve done it before with a negative result you can deny the test. If it’s been a while since the last pregnancy if this isn’t your first they can have you do the finger prick for a week…I’m 30, have a 3 week old and my last child was born November 2013, they said if I denied the drink and hour blood test they’d have me do the finger prick for a week just since I’m older this go around plus it’s been a while.

You should do it. I thought I didn’t need to do it, I did it anyway and it’s a good thing because it turned out I had EXTREMELY low blood sugar and I needed to be testing my sugar often and they treated me for hypoglycemia the whole pregnancy. And it stuck around even after I gave Birth. So I still have it. So I think you should because if I didn’t take the test my baby probably wouldn’t have survived.

I had two different docs with my pregnancies and they never suggested one to me. No test is required if you.

It’s not mandatory but they do highly recommend it. If you have undiagnosed diabetes, your baby will have a high risk because of stillbirth and heart defects. The risks are too much to skip it.

I never did. Only because I went 3 times. Once they said they were closing soon and it takes an hour… another time I went on my lunch they were on their lunch (had to be back for work) and the last time they were out of the stuff and told me to come back. Haha so I never did it. I wouldn’t recommend not doing it, I wanted too, just didn’t work out for me

you can refuse but it’s for your and baby safety. So they can plan to help you have a safe birth. and I’m sure it matters when it comes to the pain meds and stuff. Even the meals they feed you while at hospital.

No, you are not required to. I opted out with all three of my pregnancies. However, I did periodically test and record my blood sugar after the 30 week mark.

I don’t know if it’s required but a good thing to do. I had gestational diabetes and as put on doctor’s abet diet and under doctors I s care

You most certainly should

Nothing is “required”. It’s your body and your baby!

Why would you not want to ?

Diabetes are no joke. Gestational or otherwise. But if you have questions I’d ask your doctor. Or call the office and ask for more information.

Why would u not test? It’s about the safety of your baby. Why do u not want to take every precaution u can? Seems selfish

I never did it because of me having to switch doctors.

They cant make you , but you definitely should

It’s not required/madatory. But doctor suggests it. To take it is completely up to u. If you choose not to take it u can just monitor ur blood sugar at home.
I had the test for both pregnancies but that was me. Dr told me upfront I didn’t have to take it but they recommend it. It’s there for u to take if u want.

I had gestational diabetes and my son was in the NICU for 4 days with low.blood sugar because of it. I would get the test either way. But skip the down syndrone test it’s worthless and will only stress you out. But the glucose I think is important because gestational diabetes is very common and can cause problems for the baby.

Technically it’s not required. But it’s in your best interest to have it done.

It may not be required but it’s best to do it to be safe, only takes an hour and the drink isn’t great but it’s not that awful and 2 blood draws. The only test I would refuse is the one for birth defects cause it’s a needle in the womb