Do I have to tell someone I have kids if I start dating them?

I am a single mom of 3 and new to the dating scene…do i have to disclose up front that I have kids or is this something i can tell them later…i dont likle putting it out there that I live alone with kids when ijust meet someone…but also dont want to waste anyones time…what do i do


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do I have to tell someone I have kids if I start dating them?

My kids come first so anyone else would have to accept them just be cautious of who you let know where you live when dating someone, you don’t have to meet at your home ever. Just throw it out there because as a single momma they do take up most of your time. - bet you have a busy schedule Do what makes you happy all in all may you find a good one someone who finds you more attractive just because they know you handle your household alone


Don’t tell them where you live, meet in a public place but be upfront about it.


Don’t tell, ask them how they feel about dating, what kind of person they prefer, especially if you don’t know the person. They could be a pedophile. See how long it takes them to ask if you have kids.


Definitely tell them up front that you have three children. It’s also important to share how your coparenting relationship is too, especially if it’s a high conflict situation. Don’t get attached to someone then have them bail because there are parts of your life you weren’t upfront about.

Men and women need to be upfront with any potential partners about the other parent, ex. do they cause issues. I personally wouldn’t be compatible with someone who had a high conflict coparent. It may not be their fault the ex is like that, but I just can’t and won’t put myself through it.

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Tell em you live with a roommate. After the first few dates they should know you have a kid. Some people absolutely don’t want kids and you’ll be wasting yours and their time by not telling them

It’s always good to be honest from the start. That way you know where you stand with the other person. When it comes to my kids I don’t play games

I was always honest. I never let anyone know where I lived. Not even my exact cross streets. Nearest freeway and exit to me. My now husband didn’t know where I lived for like almost 2 months lol.

Yes I think you must tell him/her

Yea be honest first thing about your kids. Some guys don’t want to date single moms, or just don’t like kids or want to be a dad to someone else’s kids


I dont see why you wouldnt tell him. weed out the ones youre not compatible with

Be up front and honest so you don’t waste their time or yours if they don’t want to date someone with kids.