Do i keep my mouth shut?

im looking for some advice. my best friend ( since we were infants weve been inseparable) has a 9 month old son. shes a single mom who lives with her parents. she is 29, has a decent job, but went through a break up and moved in with them when she was pregnant. anyway, ever since her son was maybe 2 months old, shes been acting like a single, childless woman. don’t get me wrong she loves her son, and you can tell she does, but she spends every weekend out with her friends or " dates". sometimes some evenings after work too. and she leaves her son with her parents. i have 3 kids myself, i understand parents need breaks, but it’s to the point where its several times a week, on top of being gone all day at work (mon-fri). i feel terrible. i feel awful for her son, whose father isnt involved and who doesnt get to see his mama as much as he should. and i also feel bad for my friend. i feel like shes missing so much of her sons life, and later in life she will regret it. her parents are enabling her by agreeing to babysit as much as they do. i try to sneak little comments in about how she should stay home more, without being blunt. as her best friend im torn on what to do. i feel as though its not my place to say anything to her, but on the other hand i feel as though maybe i should. anybody have any advice?

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I personally feel moms needs breaks whenever they feel like it. Being a mom is hard work and on top of working it’s even harder. Baby is safe where he is

If the baby is otherwise in good health and isn’t being neglected emotionally/physically and is under good care with the grandparents ad they are okay with this then I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

She must be going through a really emotional time to shut down /off like that and needs time to adjust to life in her own time.

When my mine died it was like a world wind :dash: I didn’t deal with it correctly thought if I just made out it didn’t happen then I wouldn’t be so upset over it and would be there for my children but reality of it was I needed that break down and to refind myself as it only hit me later down the line an it’s horrible when you burst into tears in the middle of the afternoon and can’t explain why you are crying and try an get on with life