Do I Tell My Friend I Saw Her Husband With Someone Else or Do I Hold My Tongue?

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"My friend is married and lives out of state....her husband works out of state and travels back and forth between states for work and home... Well, I saw her husband in his work state with another woman…My question is do I tell my friend or do I keep my nose out of it…??? Thank you in advance"

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"Tell your friend. Cuz if it was your husband, I’m sure you’d want your friend to tell you."

"Tell, she may be mad, she may not believe you. But it's the right thing to do"

"I personally would tell my friend. Now whatever she chooses to do is on her, but if it was my situation I’d want my friend to tell me, least I know whatever she chooses she knows she can count on me to be honest with her… now she can take it and run with it however she’d want…"

"Tell. I would want and need to know"

"Tell her. A friend was cheating on her husband and I was friends with him first. I text and let him know he needed to show up at our work. And he caught her with the other guy. She was big mad at me for a while. But he didn’t deserve that. And I’m sure your friend doesn’t deserve it done to her."

"Tell her asap. I’ve been in this situation. I would rather know regardless. Let her deal with the rest but stick by your friend she’s gonna need the support"

"I would start with asking did (husband) have a meeting with a female while out of state…I would then say not sure if it’s anything but I thought I would let you know I saw (husband) at x place with a female…I would then let it go and not mention it again and let the wife take it as she will…"

"If it was your husband would you want your friend to tell you?"

"Tell her exactly what you saw. Not in an accusing way, unless you saw something that warrants it. She can go digging herself"

"I can tell you through my own experience. My ex-husband was cheating on me, everyone knew and never told me. I wished that someone would have told me."

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