Do industrial piercings hurt?

Any moms have an industrial or bar piercing? I was thinking about getting an industrial piercing but I’m afraid I’m too old for it. I’m 31. I wanted to get it done a long time ago but never got around to it.


You are never too old to get something that you will enjoy!


Never too old! Get it girl!


They take forever to heal, but once they are healed it’s worth it. Pick whichever ear you don’t sleep on, as sleeping on it can irritate it. Toddlers love pulling on it too so be careful ! It is very worth it

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Never too old to do what makes you happy!

Umm excuse you… you are not old… because if that’s the case I’m old :unamused::unamused: and I’m not old

Oh 31 isn’t old and you are never to old to do what makes you happy :grin::v:

My mom was 44 when she got her nostril pierced.
You are never too old to get something you want.

You’re never too old. I’m 29 and just got my libret done a few months ago


You’re not too old! I just got my libret done a few months ago and I’m 29

I got my eyebrow pierced at 33. Im 36 and still get tattoos. You’re not too old til youre dead. Do you, boo!

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My 50 (although she doesn’t look it) year old mother in law just got her belly button pierced, and she loves it!! You’re only as old as you feel!

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You are never too old to do something that makes you happy, and if some thinks you are, fuck them! It’s not their business anyways

You are NEVER to old do anything you want to do.

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Do what makes you happy! We get to enjoy a world where piercings and tattoos are acceptable. Go get a new piercing girl! I bet you deserve it!!!

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I have it. I got it done when I was 18. I’m 38 now :relaxed:

Do it! You are never too old to do something you want to do.

I got mine done and a year later I had to take it out for severe infection because the cartilage in my ear refused to heal. I was 30 when I had it done and I wish I still had it. I say go for it, but be prepared for an extended healing period

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Im 31 and wanted one too

Not to old… I’m 34 and got my lip pierced… my boss is in her 60s and she has her nose… never to old

I loved my industrial when I had it but ended up having to take it out because it never healed. Like 6 months after I got it I was still cleaning it regularly and it just stayed red and swollen. If you do get it make sure you don’t put a bar in it right away, do 2 separate rings so that if one gets infected the other doesn’t also get infected. Good luck I love them and think they are super sexy :upside_down_face:

I’m 37 and have my eyebrow and nose pierced.

Never too old for what makes u happy

I was 34 when I got mine. Just do it. You’ll love it.

I got below the belt piercing when I was 49!! I soooo enjoy it!!

You’re never too old for a new piercing. I’m 37 and will be getting a piercing next week.

I got my nipples pieced at 45

You’re never to old to express yourself. :black_heart:

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31 and have nose, ears, lip, monroe, belly button, had my tongue for 10+ years but did take that one out

I’m 30, just got madonna piercing a little over a year ago.

I’m 30 and have 12 piercings. Haha just do it. I have no plans on stopping

My favorite piercing is my industrial! Have not regretted it at all🖤 Healing was fairly easy for me but it varies per individual! If it’s something you want mama go get it!

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I had one when I had my 12 year old. He head butted me and I had to take it out.

Sorry but I have to make a comment here, I’m 68 and I just pierced my left pinky nail for a charm. LOL

I repierced my lip at 32.

Not too old. I have an industrial. It bothers me sometimes.

Never too old. There is no set appropriate age. Go for it.