Do kids letter in highschool anymore?

Do kids letter any more in HS? I did back in my day, but it doesn’t seem to be a thing anymore. Or is it just where I am?


my oldest daughter lettered in Academics… my son lettered in Soccer and Tennis :slight_smile: he graduates this year :slight_smile:

My daughter just got her 3rd year letter last night

Like letter jackets?

My girls all lettered in various things, and had letter jackets. Last one graduated 2 yrs ago

Letter?? What is that

I lettered in drama at my school I graduated in 2018 though

I graduated in 2010 we never did

I lettered and graduated in 2015

I was a 4 letter varsity swimmer in 2010.
My brother lettered in Dive team and in Team Mascot.

Our school still does for sports, band and even things like debate

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What does this mean?


Our school does in Oklahoma

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Depends on the school.

They do in our local high school now.

I lettered in a few things in high school. It’s still a thing. There’s certain requirements to meet in order to get a letter and not many students meet the requirements so it seems like a dying thing.

Yes! My daughter is working on her second letter for Varsity Cheer. If you make anything varsity, you letter. Band and a few others letters as well.

I graduated in 2014 and we lettered

They still letter in sports, band, and academics at our district in Ohio

My daughter lettered in soccer and track 2 years ago.

They do at local high school

My daughter lettered freshman and this year sophomore year for cross country.

Guess it depends on the school. I graduated 20 years ago but we got them then. It was for varsity sports. I’ve heard of marching band or color guard getting them too, but my school didn’t have either of those.

I graduated in Nevada in 2013 and I got lettered … just JV basketball and band … But it was still there … I wore my jacket out to it’s last leg already though :sweat_smile:

My kids have Lettered in track, academics, and my daughter will be getting her volleyball letter next week

Yes. They get a letter for varsity sports and I think marching band.

In Indiana my daughter did in track and could have in marching band if she hadn’t in track

Here in Texas they do if they are in the right program… my son is currently a sophomore and will be able to get his letter jacket next year for band and theater. He has a friend in 4H, band, dance and theater who was able to get her letter jacket this year

I wasn’t given a letter, but I had no idea what it was for. They didn’t provide jackets to attach them to.

Yes, they do. One of my granddaughters lettered in cheer 2 years ago.

My son got a varsity letter in hs, he just graduated this past May (2020)

My daughter graduated 2020 and has 3 letters

I graduated in NY in '06 and we did.

Where I live in Maine they do

I graduated in 2017 and got 2!

Where we live in SW Missouri they do. Academic letters and sports letters are available for the earning.

what is letters?? sorry Irish… we def don’t have anything like that here

My daughter just got an academic letter.

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Here in NJ, my son lettered in lacrosse. Then, I got the privilege of buying him his super expensive jacket.

Our Hs school still does them. 2 of my kids have lettered

They don’t in my part of W.V.

My daughter has hers from volleyball

Kids still letter but I very rarely see Letterman jackets they just “collect” them

Only letter I got in high school was F! Lol

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Here in florida they still letter. Both in sports, and academics, as well as some preforming arts (band, drama/theater)
My daughter has lettered in swim 3 years now and academics at least once (i cant keep them straight) our county earns an actual letter the first year and then each additional letter only gets a new pin to add. My friends daughter in another state gets an actual letter each time and different colored letters represent academics, sports, & arts and her jacket has letters layers on it! Looks super cool!

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My son did. He graduated in 2014.

My kids school just started letting every freshman order jackets

Our daughter got letters for academics here in Northern Cal. She’s a junior in HS.