Do membrane sweeps work?

Mine didn’t work, but I had gotten it late afternoon and went it 6am the next day to be induced so I didn’t give it a lot of time either.

I had mine done at 39 weeks and it didn’t work and then they swept it again before they induced me. Hurt like hell

Mine did with both kids. Both a week late.

Got mine at 38 weeks early labor started that night then baby was in my arms a day later!

I had one with my second child. After having it done I went into labour an hour after having it done. We called the nurse who did magic fingers lol. Has it with my third child it didn’t work he was 13 days late x

I had my membrane swepted at 4cm without know I was that far on my 39week check up and I gave birth to him two days later :woman_shrugging:

It didn’t help me and it hurt!

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