Do membrane sweeps work?

Hey mamas! How effective is a membrane sweep at 38+ weeks?


It’s hit or miss. Never worked for me

Yes I got my membranes swept and went into labor a week later

Only thing it did was make me bleed.

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For both my babies, i had a membrane sweep and they were born less than 24 hours later.

Tried twice, didn’t for me

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I got membrane swept at 38 weeks and still had to be induced at 41 weeks. It just caused bleeding and cramping

Yes less then 24 h with one . And then with in 3 days of the other

Depends on the person actually.

I went into the labor at 38 weeks the day of my membrane sweep, but I had went shopping right after, got home, about 2 hours later my water broke.

My OB told me to go walk after my sweep, keep my bladder empty as much as possible, and it worked.

I had one last Tuesday and lost chunks of plug and have been uncomfortable but so far that’s all

I had 4. Never set me into labor. :joy:

Didn’t work for me. Dr said if I didn’t go into labor within 48 hrs it didn’t work. Works for some though :woman_shrugging:t2:

I had one with my first at like 38ish weeks. For me It was horrible and left me in pain for days but didn’t go into labor. I would never do it again.

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Had mine done at 39 weeks and didn’t do anything for me

Had mine swept went into labor 5 hours later.

worked like a charm for me, not even 4 hours later my little was out!

I had mine done 3 days ago…I’m still pregnant lol

I had mine the day of my due date at 6 pm, took a walk around the store for a bit, contractions started early the next morning, and delivered at 519 that night. Everyone is different, but it took me 24 hours from the sweep

I had one on my due date with my second. Met her 3 hours later

I had my daughter less than 12 hours later.

Never once worked for me. I have 6 lvimg 1 angel.

They did mine it work

Yes. Went into labor a few hours later !

Worked for me. Started getting mini contractions by the time I got to the elevator at the doctors office. By 9:08 am the next morning she was born :heart:

Worked for me twice… 2 days later for both

Worked for me the second time my ob did it. First one was around 38 weeks and nothing. Then had it done a day after my due date and was in labor within a couple hours!

Had mine done yesterday and my water broke later in the night!

I had mine 2 days later.

When my dr checked me at 37 weeks and seen I was dialated to 2 she had already done it when she checked me because of how thin it was. This was also my first baby so I’m thankful I didn’t go the full 40 weeks 37 was perfect I was just starting to become uncomfortable.

2 outa 3 kids gave birth within 12 hours. My youngest it didn’t work all 3 times.

With my first had it done at 40 weeks and went into labor later that day. Had him 2 days later. I was going to get it done yesterday 39+4 amd i decided i want to try to go into labor naturally. If this child doesnt come out by Next wednesday i will have it done.

Worked like a charm for me with both of my kids!

Very I had one done and it started some of the process(stubborn baby wanted to stay in) had a repeat 3 days later less than 18 hours later I was holding him.

It didn’t work for me but everyone is different

Didn’t work for me and I had it done twice 4 days apart.

I had one with my 3ed son and it was like 3 days later my water broke.

kind of for me. Got it done at 40wks and started to go into early labor (as in only dilated like 1-2 cm) at 41 weeks. Could’ve just been good timing

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Please be careful with this. I got a bad infection from my cervix being tore from a membrane sweep. I still had to be induced though a week later.

Ehh it depends on if your body is ready

Swept on Tuesday, water broke Friday.

I had 3 between 40 and 41 weeks. None of them worked. The only way labour started for me was to go in at 41+2 and have my waters broken

I went into painful back labor 8 hours later. I don’t know if the back labor correlates with the membrane sweep…but if so, it works!

I was 3.5 cm and had it done then went into labor a few hours later :grimacing:

I’m prego with baby #5. Have had it done 4 times, it didn’t help at all :sob::sob:

Anecdotal: the doctor tried it with me at 39 weeks because my (first) baby was so big.
I ended up getting induced, laboring for 15 hours, pushing for 3, and still getting a cesarean.

Had it done in morning. . Went in to labor same night. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not.
Who really knows though!?

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With all 3 of my pregnancies I had min 2 sweeps and either the day of or the day after I had one I gave birth. But I also walked stairs, ate spicy foods, sat on a ball and walked. So I’m not sure which one of not all combined actually worked.

Did nothing for me. However, my first I had to get my membranes scraped after his birth. It was long and painful. I couldn’t hold my baby for 2 hours after he was born. I’d recommend doing it prebirth it wont hurt

Dude it hurt like hell

I was told it only works if your body already had the intentions of going into labor

Like hurts like hell I passed on it my last pregnancy lol

I had mine swept 5 times while being 5 cm dilated over a month span with my last bb. Nothing worked. I ended up being induced because he was sitting so low and i started developing a rash.

Did not work at 40 weeks.

Did nothing for me. Was still induced days later and ended up with an emergency csection 2 1/2 days later…

Mine did! Not 2 minutes after the doc did it, my water broke!

Worked for both of my babies! Both done at 38 weeks.

Worked for me within a few hours. I was 2 days overdue though

Never worked for me for any of the times I had it done.

Worked for me, but everyone is different!

I had my membrane swept at 3 centimeters in the late afternoon with my second child and had him the following early morning.

They hurt and aren’t necessary. I did it with my first, but hell to the no with my second.

I got one at 38 weeks. Didn’t have my daughter till a few days later. But did started loosing my mucus plug shortly after. Not sure if it helped at all. Lol

I had several with all 3 of mine and they never worked for me.

Worked for me!
My bloody show started not even 4 hours after and then all the next day and the day after was induction day and I was already in labor just didn’t know it​:joy::sweat_smile:

My sister in law had it done and with in 6 hours her son was born. It was a super fast delivery

I have one the day before my due date , and wasn’t even 12 hours later had my daughter.

Didn’t work for me and it was AWFUL!

My friend did this remedy, except she just had 3 tablespoons of the A1 sauce without the Mac and cheese. Took 2 to 3 days and sent her into labor with no extreme body changes. Macaroni & Cheese with A1 Steak Sauce to Induce Labor |

Very effective!!! Was for me anyways. I was already in early labor, doc did the sweep, and it definitely sped things up. Hurt like a mother trucker too :grimacing:

Done twice in one pregnancy. Once in the other. Didn’t work. And was not fun

Worked for me! I was 39+5 went into labor on my due date had him following day.

I had mine done at 39 weeks and babe was born 24 hours later

Worked for me. I went into labor early the next morning.

I went into labor the very next day!

I went into labor 3 days after getting mine so I don’t think it contributed to it but it’s always worth a shot if you want to try to go into labor!

Depends on the person. Didn’t work for me any of the times! Two of 4 kids were a week overdue! They come when they wanna!

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They did a membrane sweep at 11am i went into labor that next morning a 2am and had her that evening at 5pm

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For some it does, for some it doesn’t. No response here can tell you for sure. It depends on your body and baby. For example it worked for my sister, but even I at 2 weeks late it didn’t work.

Had 3 done with my second pregnancy and didn’t work

I had membrane sweeps done at 38 weeks with all three of my babies and they were all born 12 days early :woman_shrugging: I was also doing all the other tricks though

It worked for me with both of my kids

It worked for me. Put me in labor almost instantly and I gave birth the following morning.

They did mine around 3 in the afternoon and I had my baby at 5 pm the next day. Had him at 38 weeks exactly

I had it done twice (2 separate pregnancies) it worked the first time, not the second. It is also really painful!

It all depends. Some times it works sometimes it doesn’t unfortunately. First baby had it done at 38 39 & 40 weeks and he was still 8 days late. My second went into labor a half hour later at 38. 3rd child it didn’t do anything but dilate me 1 cm more than I already was. And 4th child it worked with the second sweep. It helps more if you are already dilating and effacing

I got mine on a Wednesday but i was in pain all day and some on Thursday. Water broke Friday 1am. First time i ever got that done.

I had one with each boy and both born on time couple days later

It worked for me with 1 of 4 kids. The one that worked sent me right into labor at 37+6

When the apple gets ripe it will fall off the tree. Lol

With my first kiddo it worked immediately but I was 40 weeks. With my second kiddo it didn’t work the first time at 40 weeks but work at 41 weeks.

Had mine done and was in labor a few hours late!

YES YES YES as long as its done properly. I went in to full on labor hours later

It worked for me! I was 40 weeks and they gave me one and I delivered that night/next day!

Had mine done at 38 weeks on a Wednesday. Went into labor on that Sunday. Did not work well and very painful.

I had my baby that night

They did like 3 times to me and I had my daughter a week late

Yes ! Right after i had that done i went to the hospital that night & had her.

I had a membrane sweep at 40 weeks and went into labor that night. Unfortunately, I also got an infection in my placenta because of it and ended up having an emergency C-Section.

Nooo just hurt like hell lol