Do parties still have goodie bags?

Do child parties have gift bags for attendees these days?


Yes! We do a goody bag or a piñata

I do for my kids parties.

I don’t have any kids but I babysit … I do goodie bags for Valentine’s Day , Easter , Halloween and Christmas … I also do birthday’s as well

I always do a little goodie bag. Some candy / stickers / other little toys. Nothing too crazy just a little something for each kid.

Sometimes I hand out a goody bag, lately it’s sugar cookies decorated to match the theme.

I’ve done them for my kids. A little candy, stickers, bubbles ect. It’s now mostly candy since my kids are teenagers. They usually don’t want the other stuff.

Yes they call them party packs

Yeah that’s the best part of the party :partying_face: for the kids :grinning:

I like piñatas if I’m never end up with to many bags the kids get a kick out of destroying it and it keeps them entertained for a bit.

I stopped because I don’t want the plastic little toys and neither do my friends. If I do give something, it is a snack bag or something memorable.

We do a piñata & give everyone bags to take the candy home in.

I always do goodie bags. And pretty much every party my kidos have gone to. Has given them out.

Lol my daughter’s birthdays do. I spent $350 on the gift bags for her last birthday, don’t be like me :joy: I’m always over the top

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Lots do but I don’t give them

The ones my children have attended have had goodie bags.

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For years I’ve just done a Pinata & they fill their loot bags with the candy from there & take any snacks from the goodies table.

I do sometimes and don’t other’s. Just depends on which kid.

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Sometimes! My kids have two cousins that when we go to their parties they do such cute gift baggies full of stickers and treats and little trinkets. Their grandma goes all out lol but it’s optional, we’ve done it a few times for my daughters birthdays but somtimes it’s just not in the budget to put a bunch together. We do piñatas though so the kids get candy bags if nothing else.

Yes. But I added food and other things like coloring pages, glasses, bubbles, applesauce. Stickers it’s not just the plastic little things people don’t want it’s a bit of everything.

Please don’t! They are just going to go in the trash as soon as I walk in the door.