Do pregnancy pillows work?

do pregnancy pillows work? how? is u shape good? help please


I definitely used mine during both my sons pregnancy. I used a straight one and just having the support under my belly and I between my legs helped so much!

This is the only pregnancy I have used one…I have the u shape and it’s been the best sleep I have gotten being pregnant! I was waking up 6 or 7 times a night cause my hips or shoulder was falling asleep. Now I wake up once MAYBE twice a night to pee. Game changer for sure! I’ll be 31 weeks saturday

I’d like to throw mine off a bridge. The u/s shape it’s a weird shaped one. The purchase I regret. Good to sit up in. Maybe too bulky and uncomfortable to rest the belly on. I don’t know, I can live without it. I know I’m one in a million, most ladies love it. I just can’t sleep with it.

I never needed one with my 1st. I didn’t get big until like 35 weeks and had her at 38 weeks. I’m carrying my 2nd child now and I am 27 weeks. I’m 2x bigger now. I started using a regular pregnancy pillow and it’s the only way I sleep good now.

Yes the S shape was the best for me . Couldn’t sleep without it :blush:

I hated the u shape. I had one that was an S shape. The u just held in so much extra body heat for me and I was pregnant February through October and slept right in front of a window ac unit.

I am 32 weeks Def need my pillow.