Do they make car seats for parents who have limited mobility with their hands?

Do they make car seats for parents who have limited mobility in their hands? I’ve slowly been losing mobility in my hands, particularly my right, but my symptoms are the same for both hands. Pain when lifting things, sudden electrical shock type feeling where my middle finger meets the palm of my hand, numbness in my pinky, ring, and middle finger, and I’m losing the ability to grasp items. I’ve had MRI and nerve tests done, and all have come back normal, so doctors are stumped as to why it’s occurring, and it’s not carpal tunnel as symptoms came on at the same time for both hands. This problem that I’m running into is this is making tightening the straps on both my kid’s car seats painful and difficult. My 5yos car seat has a crank on the side that you turn to tighten the straps and my 2yos car seat has a strap at the bottom you have to grab tight and pull. As much as I’d hate to have to buy two new car seats, unless my Drs can figure out what’s wrong, making sure my babies are strapped in properly is my priority.

Most seats have the pull strap to tighten the harness. Some are easier to pull than others. I have MS and lose some mobility in my hands and deal with numbness, tingling, and burning nerve pain in my hands. I’ve never had an issue tightening the straps with our graco seats. My youngest has a Chicco as well, and it’s harder to adjust because I have to pull harder on it.

They are all built basically the same honestly. Is there any1 that could help? You shouldnt have to adjust them too often once you get them the correct tightness. I have problems with my hands also.

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There may be something you can easily grip, that can grip the strap or wheel. Instead of looking at whole new carseats, do some online research into “grabbers”?

My daughter has a safety 1st carseat and the strap is not hard to pull tight


Have you tried NOT loosening their straps to get them out? Your 5 year old should be able to buckle herself.

It is possible that there is actually a problem in your shoulders instead of your hands. That is where the found the problem with mine.

Evenflo triumph lx just has a knob you turn

Car seat we have had a lever u push down or pull back n pull on the straps to loosen them as ur child grows it doesn’t need to much force so may be easier on u check out car seats at Walmart n try adjusting them c which one is easier for u then buy one but one we have is a graco extend2fit it not hard to get him in or out of it