Do they make carriers for toddlers?

Do they make carriers for a toddler? She weighs about 35-40 pounds. She’s asleep right now or I would weigh her. But we do a lot of outside things, hiking and such and she constantly wants carried. Is there a carrier for kids that size? She kills my arms carrying her if I could have some straps and support that would be amazing. But a lot of the ones I look at say up to 40 pounds and that makes me nervous she is so close to that. Also, a lot of the places we take our girls are not good for strollers… we have a nice stroller but it just won’t work for what we need it for. Thank you!


Uhhh YAY! LILLIBABY toddler carriers go to 65lbs! I LOVE mine!! Baby wear both my kiddos


I used boba 4g with my youngest until he was about 3 my then 5 yr old would be carried. Both loved it

So my almost 4 year old weighs about 35 and she is perfectly capable of walking many places…unless your child has some type of disability to where she can’t walk she should be walking…if you’re worried about her wondering off get the wristbands connected with a chord…you wear one and she wears one


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Lillebaby CarryOn is great for older toddlers!

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:joy::joy:eh, if your kid can walk - they should! Its crazy mothers carry their 5 year old around. These are the kids that scream when brought to school for the first time. Goodness… just saying :blush:


I went on to Craigslist but for our area, got a hiking carrier for 40$ my daughter is 3 and the same weight, we do alot of trail walking/hiking and it’s been a lifesaver.

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We have this for my son, we absolutely love it for hiking, this model goes up to 48 lbs but there may be one that goes higher.


Get a fold up wagon!


Hiking carrier like the one above. They are expensive but worth it. Ours has the one with a rain shield too.

They make hiking ones but they can be pretty expensive

Ergo makes a toddler carrier

We walk alot so she has endurance bit when we go to like the zoo, I do rent a stroller because shit, by the end of the day, even im tired. 🤷 I would not carry her tho. Thats just self hatred. :joy:

I don’t have one but it’s on my list!

Carrying her in your arms or on a sling will hurt the same, dont waste money when your child can walk it wont do her no harm

How about letting the toddler walk…? :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


They have tons of hiking packs that would be perfect I’d look into the different brands and prices and reviews of them to find one you’d like.

Get a backpack carrier, from the camping shop! Can get ones with shade covers and drink holder even! Just wear them as a back pack!

We have this one! Max weight is 48 lbs, but I’m sure it could hold more. It’s very sturdy and there’s a pocket on the back and sides.


They have kids hiking backpacks I loved mine I used it tell my shoulders couldn’t take it anymore but he was about 15 over weight limit when I finally retired mine.

I used the toddler Tula for my son, we do a lot of camping and hiking and with the toddler Tula (fits up to 65 lbs) we could walk at our pace and give his legs a break when he needed it. Also great for the zoo when they would be crowded.


There are alot of judgemental moms on this thread :frowning: why does it matter to you why she wants to carry her child she asked for advice on carriers not on how to raise her kiddo! If their hiking trails that arnt stroller friendly then there probably not friendly for a toddler to walk. My 3 year old is 35lbs ish and i know he couldnt hike very far with out needing to rest and we are very outdoorsy family I take my tula when we go walking/hiking if its not stroller friendly as i know he will get tired fast and need breaks.


Kinderpack…they even make a preschool size one

Wagon or stroller just a little one not the big ones with the cup holders. A stroller was a life saver for me i have two lol

For all of you negative nancies, she didn’t ask opinions about what her toddler should or shouldn’t do. She asked about a carrier. Don’t be so quick to judge. My toddler can walk and run, but guess what? When we go hiking, she sits in the carrier when she’s tired. Who cares! Not your child. If you don’t have a response about a good carrier for her, then keep scrolling. Moms like y’all make me sick. So quick to judge over a question. No wonder these posts are anonymous.


Time to let your kid walk. She’ll be just fine.


If it’s a long hike we all know kids grow tired of walking or need to nap while there is the hike back to the car or maybe there is parts that are risky for her child to walk/use their own judgment on safety.

No where in her post says the child will remain in the carrier 100% of the hike.


I don’t think she ever said that her kid doesn’t walk? So I don’t understand all these “let your kid walk” and “she needs to walk” comments. The post clearly says they go HIKING. My husband and I have gone hiking quite a few times with our 3 year and when we HIKE it isn’t a half mile hike or anything, it’s like 5 miles or more. No, he’s not going to walk 5 miles, up and down rocky hills and things. He walks for about 2 miles and then my husband carries him for quite a while until close to the end of the hike and he is obviously heavy. We go on hikes because he loves to walk and run but when he gets tired he still loves the scenery and looking for bugs and all that. We have looked into carriers but just haven’t spent money on it yet because they are pricey but it would help for sure when you are actively outside often walking for long distances. All these rude comments are just ridiculous.


A friend of mine bought like an old back sack carrier because they do a lot of outdoors stuff and her dad works in the forest service… gou wear it like a back pack and it buckles on you and everything and then you set the baby inside and she buckles and all that and it has a canopy cover too ti keep the baby from being burnt and all yhat

For older toddlers and longer and hotter hikes, try an osprey . for cooler and short day hikes I use a lillebaby

Let her do some or most of ur out door things, my 7 yr old is only 23 kgs

loling @ all the big ladies saying, “let the toddler hike up the side of a mountain, it’s fine.” Honey, do you even know what a hill looks like? Sit tf back down before you hurt yourselves. :joy:

There are so many great hiking backpacks out there. My cousin had one she loved, but she hasn’t texted me back with the brand yet. I’ll update if she does!


I think the problem is that some people on here do not know what hiking is and think walking a couple of blocks is real work.


Y’all must have some super toddlers if they can hike😅

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Best carrier we’ve found for our long hikes. This holds up to 50-60 pounds if I remember right.


I have this its worth every penny!! Holds up to 70 pounds and only weights like 5 pounds!!


We use the Dueter hiking packs and they hold kids up to 50 pounds!

I own a Tula toddler Carrier and they are super comfortable

Yes they make hiking back packs that are rated up to 60 lbs. They’re a bit expensive like 150+

Yes they make toddler carriers. Toddler tula and kinderpack toddler. I love our tula

I have a tula toddler. It’s awesome

Yes they do!! I’ve used them even back in the day when my kiddos were small. Not sure who/where you’d buy them though

Yes but it’s best to google it

Y’all my one year old is 35 pounds, it’s okay for her daughter to be heavy and it’s okay if she wants to carry her around. I feel your pain girl, I need me one too for walks with my oldest!

If you can’t say something nice or helpful, don’t say anything at all! Good grief! Some people are so nasty!!!


Why be rude, sometimes there are physical or mental disabilities that cannot be seen, be nice people show some sympathy.


I have a 7 year old & we do a lot of hiking. He weighs about 50lbs. There are times he gets tired & wants to sit on our shoulders. There is a device I saw on Amazon called a shoulder seat (I think) it strapped on to the parent & then the child’s legs were strapped in to it, so if they like to fall backwards & hang (which all of my kids loved) they are safe from a loose grip on the legs.

Give her piggy back rides I think that’s the best for balance and I think you can move easier if you have to. A carrier will also add weight and be binding and make you to warm.

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Tula carriers are fantastic for toddlers. And they’re designed for either front carry or back carry. Heck, my girlfriend used to front carry her one year old and back carry her five year old at the same time using two Tula carriers! :grin:

Yes kinderpack is amazing. I carried my son and a child I babysat in them… kinderpack has a bigger back so it supports the child more… can be worn on front and back… and had a good!!

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I would practice with it. It is easier to carry a 40 lb child if you are used to carrying them when they are smaller. Experience speaking.

My 6 yr old weighs 40 lbs and my 10 yr old weighs 65 pounds. I know I’d be damned if I carried either one. They have 2 legs let them walk


My 3rd grader weighs 45lbs…I’m not carrying anyone that heavy hiking!


It’s really nobody business why she carriers her child I carry my 5 year old autistic son that’s 50 something pounds while his younger sister walks he’s also almost as tall as me


Just got one from Walmart that holds up to 50lbs. My son is 5 months and is 25 lbs so I needed one that I could use longer…

Wow, some rude comments on here! I have a 3 year old that gets tired walking or sometimes just wants to be held and I feel your pain!


They make hiking backpacks, my husband and I usually just take turns giving piggy back rides.

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I’d get a hiking type stroller…and I’ve seen the backpack type carrier that their able to stand in as well as sit

1 Like has a carrier that the toddler rides in the back and it holds 50 lb

Kinder pack makes them for larger children. They have a line for special needs kids


Tula has a toddler and pre school carrier. My 32lb almost 3 year old loves her toddler carrier

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There are some great backpack carriers out there with a frame.

Wraps do good because you can put them how ever u want them. My son didn’t walk till almost 18 months

I had a great Kelty backpack with a frame when my kids were young. They probably still make them

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They make carrier things that help hold your child on your hip!

Carry them while you can. One day you’ll set your child down and never pick them up again.

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My cousin bought one toddler tula

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Yes it’s like a fanny pack but it’s a shelf for them to sit on

Toddler or preschool kinder pack

They have hiking type back packs for toddlers to sit in.

They make side wrap carriers that can carry big kids

They used to have back packs that strap on yr back not sure if they still do

Try REI - they should have carriers for hikers that would be perfect.

Some of you are so nasty…shut it! No one asked for your snarky comments…be decent…be nice!


Why is everybody so nasty???


I guess her google broke?

Why on earth are you carrying a 40 lb child?

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They do make carriers for toddlers.

ClevrPlus Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier Toddler Green

When did people get so mean and rude

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Check out Pinterest it shows a bunch

Yes the lillebaby carry on

Yes it’s a hiking carrier

Look on amazon for hiking carries

Tula makes toddler carriers

I am seriously questioning why anyone would as a question on this page. Every time I read comments on these, tons of people are rude ass holes!


For Fucks sakes … that’s not even big for a toddler some ppl are small …short & petite & some ppl are tall & big boned. we are all different. Just because you have a small child that’s prolly under the 50% in height & or weight doesn’t make her child BIG… take a look around you we are all different shapes sizes height & weight … that was not what she was on here asking… grow up you judge mental ass clowns


Md Salim needs to be blocked.


Go on Amazon. They advertise backpack carriers for children up to 60 lbs

Ya it’s called make her little ass walk


I have used a Toddler Tula for years. I would be happy to answer any questions you have. Feel free to PM me :blush:.
Good website to start looking at for kid packs.

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These are brilliant


I love my Mac pac I carried my nephew who’s 3 up scarfell in :slight_smile: xx