Do toddler need cows milk?

i breastfeed my 19 month old. he usually only wants to when he goes for nap or at bedtime. so, about 2-3 times. my question is, do I still need to make sure he drinks cows milk?


In my experience only if you are trying to wean him. I breastfed my daughter until 2 and she didn’t need to supplement with cows milk until we were weaning.

I give my 16 month old cows milk or almond milk here or there just so he already knows the taste for when I wean.

Nope. Just give him vitamin D drops as a supplement

There really is no need for cows milk


No need for any other milk if he’s still nursing per my daughter’s pediatrician.

Any time after 12 months is good :blush:Giving it to them at meals now will help them get used to the taste as well as their body adjusting to the “new” food. And will help when you’re ready to wean because they will already used to it.
But ultimately it is your choice while you are EBF to give it or not. If your concerned about anything you can always call your ped office, I promise they don’t mind answering and questions or concerns or just giving reassurance! Good luck momma. You got this!


Nooo breastmilk is always better than cows milk…


I give my 19 month old cows milk at meals, water in between and he nurses before his nap and at bedtime.

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There is no need for cows milk in the human diet. None. All nutrients that can be found in milk can also be found occurring naturally in a well rounded diet. Easier to digest as well. Do some research into what is in cows milk and you will never think of it the same again.

No human needs cows milk at all. Calcium can come from several other sources.

Umm ya… At one point this child will have to learn how to survive off of real food… I understand breastfeeding is amazing but you don’t need to still have a 5 year old still on the tit…give that child some dang food and milk!