Do you and your spouse tell each other everything?

I don’t tell him other peoples secrets abs he doesn’t either.
I talk to him about stuff affecting me him the kids (though with 14yr old I don’t tell him everything now as they crave privacy). X

Yes. Lmao. I thought I was annoying. But when the hubby is working, I send him a shit ton of snaps of the kids doing ridiculous things. He enjoys them. Bc then he isn’t missing out on the funny shit they do

I tell my husband pretty much everything not because I have to lol but he’s my bestie

We tell each other every thing, and if he keeps something from me he always ends up telling on himself😂

Do I feel it necessary? No, but he’s my best friend so I tell him everything.

I have other friends who trust me to keep their confidence and vice versa. His ass can be judgey. So no.

I mean I don’t tell him every single detail but I do tell him the bullet point version and he does the same

No, I want to. But he makes a big deal out things and we argue about it. So I have to pick my battles. But if he asks me something I will tell him the truth. And what I know.

We don’t feel obligated to but we do because we just talk to eachother alot.

Yes, me and my husband have been together since we were 16. So he’s basically my best friend he knows all the tea lol

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Yes… he’s the first one I go blabbing to :joy: and he does the same.


He’s my best friend in this world and fr the only person in this life I’ve found yet that I can whole heartedly trust so yeah, absolutely. We don’t believe in lying, since we’ve gotten sober that’s kinda a big deal to us both so if you’re lying then you’re doing something wrong.

I don’t feel OBLIGATED to tell him everything. But he’s my best friend so I tell him everything anyways and he does the same.


I tell him everything. I think he tells me most of everything but who can really know lol

My hubby and I tell each other everything like…EVERYTHING…I just had a baby last week and have been pretty broken down there and called him at work to tell him I finally pooped the other day😂 we don’t feel obligated to tell each other everything but we do because we’re each others best friends


I sure do! I tell him everything. Half the time he isn’t listening anyways :joy::woman_facepalming:

If it’s worth him knowing, absolutely. But I don’t give him every little insignificant detail of my day.

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We kinda do because we just talk about everything!

Most everything… been together 23 years… communication is key to a successful relationship/marriage. He’s my best friend… tell him everything anyways…


I would say yes, we talk about everything.

No, we tell each other important things tho, like our son needed glasses i told him right away or when i almost hit a deer last week i told him right away but if im like running to the store for something or anything like that then no

We have no secrets,
We tell each other everthing

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Yes I mean he is my best friend I tell him all the tea and then some. Vice versa lol :laughing: he is my person.

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Pretty much. Only thing i squelch on is how much i spend at a store…lol


Yeah pretty much lol.

We do because we talk about everything. If we don’t talk to each other then we know something is up……

I tell my hubby everything. Even if I’m running to the store…just cause I went once without telling him and he was like really? We need sour cream. Lol. So I always tell him.

Yeah even if i know it will get him moody lol! x

I mean, we don’t talk about the wall color but I’d probably tell him what I ate where I went and who I was with? Stories would be told…lol


EVERYthing ?? No, I won’t even remember every thing that happened while we were apart :rofl: but no, we do not keep secrets from each other if that’s what you’re really asking


I mean if we’ve spoke I’ve probably told him the important things but if we’re texting probably not.

I do, but my husbands a mute…


No secrets between us here. Been together for 21 years so it has been working.

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We don’t tell each other everything no. We don’t keep secrets though, and if we ask we tell. But I don’t expect him to tell me his every move or conversation


No. No one listens anyway. :joy::rofl:


Jenni Cleveland I wish all ex spouses could act like you! Cause I have one that will never grow up an be an adult.

Yeah :woman_shrugging:t4: He’s like my best friend :muscle:t4:

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Everything? No. And if friends tell me something super private I won’t. But other than that yeah we are open books


NO! Somethings are better unsaid. And I have been married 59 years.


Yea mostly. I’ll tell him about my day. But not the long drawn out version lol

Everything. My husband knows me more than anyone has ever known me. He knows the good, bad and ugly :white_heart:
He’s not only my husband but also my best friend

I’d like to think so. I’m sure there are unimportant things that aren’t mentioned but we communicate.

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My husband and I talk about everything once we remember what it was we were going to talk about lol. We are very open with each other…sometimes a little too open lol. It’s been 14 years we still struggle on daily communication but there are no secrets

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I mean, not everything but all the important things. Sometimes we gossip together too tho 🤷😂


Pretty much although my partner doesn’t listen half the tym :rofl::rofl:


No, he keeps is worklife family life to himself, I keep my problems to myself.


Yes. My other half picks up when something isn’t right: I also came from a dv relationship and bearly ever spoke what happened because I got yelled at. My partner knows when something is up and will let me take my time to open up. It may cause a fight but he knows


Little things in day no…but if something big or important…absolutely. I don’t think he or I need a Dailey play by play of the day, but we don’t keep secrets from each other if it effects either of us. Only secrets I keep is if a friend confides in me and has nothing to do with my family. And I’d expect him to give his friend that same respect.


For the most part anyway. There are some things that are left unsaid. Or non important, small things. As long as you arent hiding anything.

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We talk about our day :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yes we share all the things. Between each other and stores of friends and work and such.

Mostly. I have nothing to hide neither does he. We giggle together, vent to each other but we do not need to tell each other every single detail about everything. We talk about work and family. We do for the most part try to leave work at work though.

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Yes we do. Not because we feel like we have to. But because we want to and are comfortable telling each other everything.

Yes honesty is always the best policy and the time to be honest is when the need arises.

I usually do or think I do then have conversation with him later that he’s clueless about because I thought I told him! :rofl:

Everyone has their little secrets

Yes we do. Communication is key and he’s my best friend so I want to tell him everything.

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Yup we do. He’s still my best friend
Married 22 years and it’s still amazing.

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Yes we do not because we need to , because we want to ,

Yes, but naturally !!

I personally share everything with my hubby always and he does the same