Do you and your spouse tell each other everything?

So, I have a question and neither way is right or wrong, I’m just curious. Do you and your spouse/significant other feel the need to tell each other everything when the other one isn’t with you?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do you and your spouse tell each other everything?

Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. :slight_smile:

No. I don’t tell every detail of my work day.

I don’t feel the need to as such, but I like to keep him in the loop with stuff :blush: there’s very few things I don’t tell him tbh

Yup, my husband is my best friend and ill tell him literally everything, even when hes not listening :joy:

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I don’t feel the need to, but I do because it gives is something to talk about.

If I’m going somewhere because this world is crazy and you just never know!!!
They kidnap ppl and women come up missing so I always tell him addresses of where I’m going and when I get there etc

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I tell my husband everything. EVERYTHING. :purple_heart:

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Not in the moment. But yeah, over the next few days, almost everything is mentioned lol.


Feel the need to ? No. Do I? Usually. Not every single detail but the necessary parts.

Yup I have nothing to hide :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

Yes we do it out if respect for the other and in case there’s an emergency

Not really, If he asks me then I’ll tell him what I did when he’s not around. If I feel the need to ask him what he did when I’m not around I’ll ask, but mostly it’s out of curiosity and something to talk about

Always. Probably more than he’d like tbh :joy:

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Yes! I’m always telling my husband where I’m at or where I’m going…just a habit, I guess. He does the same for me.

I am no man’s peace… I wake up with questions


I tell my SO everything … But I’ve been told I’m clingy … I call him with shit during the day/night I’m away from him to tell him things … But I know people who go all day/night without talking to theirs … I think it’s all about preference than anything … Whatever works for you is what is right for you

If it’s of important or excitement or because I’m bored…lol then yes. But if it’s something minor and don’t care isnt worthy i dont. Lol

I wouldn’t say every detail but anything that pertains to the household or we feel is important.

No… Pretty sure he doesn’t want to know about my friends or our sisters sex lives… :rofl: We tell each other the important or funny things.

I tell him everything while I’m doing it and he normally just gives me a recap of his day before bed. It’s not a rule or anything we have it’s just mutual respect

Yes, we tell each other everything.

Yes my fiance is my rock. And I tell him everything

My husband is my best friend and closest confidante so yes,I tend to tell him everything.


Weve been best friends since our teen years and never kept secrets before and we just got married last tuesday in our 30s best relationship ive ever experienced.

We started our relationship telling each other everything because of our horrible pasts with narcissistic exes. A couple years ago, he stopped one day … turned out he was cheating :roll_eyes:

It’s not absolutely necessary to tell each other every last detail of what happens in your life when you’re apart, based on your job and other factors. I used to be a bartender so men would come in left, right and center, hitting on me. Unfortunately, that was the name of the game. He did not want to know about it, just said do what you gotta do.

When it comes to deep thinking and one or the other is constantly in their own head for days on end, one or the other knows that there’s clearly an issue but won’t think out loud so you can solve it together, yes, that’s a problem.

Communication is key to healthy relationships.

Oftentimes, I talk just to talk about useless nonsense like … what I thought about 2 weeks ago or something that reminded me of something from when I was in sixth grade lol he says he enjoys listening to my crappy stories.

We now run a delivery business. We have a customer who has a major crush on him … he went to deliver something to her the other night and he came back and told me “no more” because she answered the door with no pants on.

So, in the present time … yes, we generally tell each other EVERYTHING


Used too not so much anymore always used as negatively in arguments each to their own :purple_heart:

Yes, I tell him everything

I’m on my 3rd husband, my own fault I am not a relationship person, anyway I felt that way with 1 and 2 or feel their wrath…number 3 it depends on the subject most times I want to share with him but I never feel I have to. FYI #3 was my best friend through high school and lost touch for 30 years.

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Yes. Always . Sometimes my spouse just walk off ,with me tailing behind him. Still talking

We’re best friends so we talk about everything from issues to gossip lol


Yes, my husband and I are very open and honest with each other and our relationship, we don’t keep secrets, because we don’t have secrets or anything to keep from each other.

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I share everything with my hubby. He’s my BFF. He’s the one I WANT to share my hoorays and failures with. He’s my biggest supporter as I am his. We have been together 18 years this year and married 12.

I try to tell him everything, he doesn’t want to hear it sometimes lol, and same with me…we tune each other out :joy:


My hubby and I do tell each other everything. We talk constantly about things. I like it better that way!

Unfortunately not always possible

Depends. Some people have certain things they keep private.

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We don’t hide anything, but we also don’t necessarily need to hash out all the details. If it’s something important, or something bothering one of us, we definitely talk about it. But like I don’t need to know all the details about his day at work, and he didn’t need to know about me folding my kiddos clothes.


Yes!!! He’s my BFF and confidant. After 20 yrs of marriage what we talk about would freak some people out

Well I’m an over sharer but that’s just me. But generally no :woman_shrugging: just important things

If one of the parties in a relationship responds with “its classified” then your in the wrong relationship

Yes we do. From the smallest stuff. We are best friends for life. And plus we have nothing to hide. I’ve never done this with anyone else

I do. He is my best friend and the one person I go to about everything.

Yep. Nothing to hide.

Yes, there are some things he doesn’t think is important enough to tell me (like stupid work things. Apparently they call each other big daddy on the walkie talkies, stuff like that) bur big stuff he tells me everything. I tell him everything, and I mean everything, because I can’t keep a damn thing to myself.

I tell my husband everything , even when he doesn’t want to hear it :rofl:

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I tend to but also just try to stick to important stuff

Most of the time, we use to for sure but as we are getting older and we both have stuff we go do regularly we don’t tell each other exact play by plays like we did before. I think we are just at a good stable place and don’t have the need to helicopter over each other anymore

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Need an example before I can make a comment.


I do but my significant other does not. She sees it as im trying to “keep tabs” on her. No, to me it is about respect towards the other.

Yes. We have nothing to hide.

I mean if it’s anything important, interesting or cool then yes. But we don’t tell each other every single thing we did or Said when we’re away from each other lol
Definitely need more context here. I’ve been with my husband 12 years.

Yes we do. Sorry if you gossip to me imma tell my partner :rofl::rofl: but it goes no further than that. He knows everything and so do I :joy:

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Honestly depends. There’s things in my past or minor things day to day that I dont tell him simply because they dont come up. Im assuming same with him. Now if it is something major or purposely hidden then I find that a problem. But like I’m not gonna call him and inform him that we ran out of milk and I’m going to Walmart. And if he called me to tell me he was getting McDonald’s for lunch and went out of his way to tell me and that was all he had to tell me I think it would be ridiculous. If he doesn’t tell me what he had for lunch I’m not gonna be mad. :rofl:

Absolutely! My husband is my best friend and the love of my life… We never withhold anything from each other


Ya to a point. I got nothing to hide but I know how he is… he dont care about the little thing I can handle…etc.

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No, not really but we just do. We have that type of relationship where we’re best friends and just tell each other everything. If he doesn’t wanna, that’s fine too. I’m cool with being quiet. It just kinda happens. Like, if some shit goes down and I see someone at a gas station or whatever I’ll call bae and be like “guess who I saw!” Or anything really. He’s the same way.

I don’t think we have the “need” to but we discuss everything and anything. There are no secrets between us and I feel I can tell him anything as he does me. It’s called trust and without it there is no relationship. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I did. And he used it allll against me!!


We do. It’s just a personal choice. That is a huge part for us is to be able to share thoughts, feelings, moods etc.

No. After 15 years I feel like I know all I need too haha

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Not really coz we both trust each other, if its hugely significant then obviously we talk to the other about it. But we dont sweat the small stuff to be honest.

Kinda it depends on the subject if it has something to do with our relationship,kids or funny or entertaining I’ll share if I guy hit on me I brush it off it’s not worth saying cause it’s not like I went home with them. I wouldn’t wanna know everything even tho I do already but I trust him it doesn’t bother me if someone hit on him he’s coming home to me

No. We tell each other what we need to know. Don’t need a full accounting, I am not his parole officer. (He doesn’t have one but I am not going to act like one either).

We do. I love to talk to him about my day. Same goes for him. Even when I say I’m not gonna tell him, I end up telling him anyway

Me and my husband share everything he knows where im at and what im doing at all times and same for him…it wasn’t something that was ever discussed we just do it…and as far as anything else its the same we both know everything and anything there is to know

Yes my husband and I tell each other everything there are no secrets between us. It’s not for lack of trust it’s just how we have always been open and honest with each other

I always do but he doesn’t

My hubby and I both work almost the same hours and off on the same days we usually say hey i gotta run here after work i might be late but we dont have to know everything. We usually just tell each other but thats just out of respect for each other. Cuz we both been cheated on and lie to in the past by other ppl so we just make sure there isn’t any reason to have trust issues.

We do. We are best friends and lovers.

Yes! Nothing hidden over here,

Do you tell your best friend everything? Your spouse should be one of your best friend. I tell my bestie everything, whether she wants to hear it or not, and I treat my husband the same way… Whether he’s listening or not. :laughing:


We tell each other everything… by choice. Like he will tell me when a co worker texts him (a girl) about her relationship and blah blah (she apparently talks to a lot of other co workers also not just him) I have no fear with him cheating on me or lying to me. (And thats coming from a girl who was cheated on during a 10yr marriage which she ended up pregnant. She was also my best friend) I mean this man even tells me when when thinks a girl is hot or whatever. Doesn’t bother me cause I point out hot girls to him all the time. Lol. He’s 5yrs younger than me. (First person I ever been with that was younger)

Every relationship/marriage is different but my husband and I tell each other everything. And are very honest. I personally don’t like people sugar coating anything so he knows this. He’s also my best friend so we just love chatting. Over 18 years together and 15 year married.

I don’t feel the need, but I like to share my day with my hubby. It’s just nice to tell someone about my day

Yes my husband is my best friend and I’m his. Every time someone tells him anything personal he always gives a warning just so you know my wife will know about this so if you don’t want her to know don’t tell me.

Yep, he’s my best friend!

I do because I want too and I ask because I truly care!

Yup. Friends of mine know when they tell me “don’t tell anyone” that excludes my husband

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Depends on what it is. There are some things I know my husband just won’t give a crap about so no reason to subject him to it. :woman_shrugging:t2: But most stuff I tell him.

I tell him just about everything unless it’s like something super small.

It’s not that I choose not to it’s just I never get around it after telling everything else

Depends on the situation. If he runs into one of his old girlfriends or something like that then yes I absolutely feel it should be shared and vice versa.

If it’s about me or us .

Yes, it’s sometimes finding the balance of how and when. Ex: my coworker sent unsolicited messages with pictures :flushed: I kind of wanted to confront the guy first and then tell bf, but I went to work and found out that it was sent to everyone on his fb page, as an ex girlfriend had his phone and decided to take revenge on him for breaking up with her. So I went home and told s/o about it. The whole message thing kind of creeped me out, I was like who does this to someone they don’t even know.

He don’t tell me sssshhh…

The need to, no. I WANT to tell my husband everything but not really EVERYTHING more so what me and the kids did, what I was able to do around the house, my plans for tomorrow, and then I ask him about his day at work and what they had him do and such even if I don’t understand. We both need an outlet in a safe space so why not each other?


I tend to. I feel super dumb when I found out there was a lot my significant other (i married him but time i feel like hes just a significant other) doesnt tell me. It’s disheartening especially when it’s about stuff I should know about. (Like he left with his ex to go to his mother’s funeral out of state and stayed with her for a few days. I didn’t know he went with anyone especially an ex)

I put in what I feel I get back. I’ll tell as much as I feel I am getting told

I tell him all about my day and everything that happened and all the tea…. And he does the same to me

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I tell my husband pretty much everything. Not that he listens 90% of the time but I still tell him. My friends know that everything is safe with me, but that I will tell my husband. However they know he also doesn’t actually listen too. But he also calls my friends by things like “the boss lady”, “the Costco girl” and “the hoe squad” (one was an old boss of mine, second we went to Costco one dang time together and were gone all day lol and the third is a group of two that I talk to regularly and they took me out for my birthday a few years back and I came home without my bra, shoes, contacts or jewelry because I got super drunk and apparently decided to strip those things off on the car ride home because they were “uncomfortable” :joy:). They’ve all been my friends for YEARS and he still doesn’t remember most of their names to any capacity. He remembers my friend Maria’s name, but basically only because her and her husband and kids come over most weekends. He only just recently started remembering her name :upside_down_face: so it’s pretty well safe for me to tell him anything. So I tell him everything :joy::joy:


We haven’t really run into anything that needed to be kept. We’ve been together almost 8 years and we don’t HAVE to tell everything, we typically do though apart from the little day to day stuff that goes forgotten.

Yeah pretty much haha unless I’m sneak eating donuts :joy:


Yup, he’s my best friend. Lol we have no secrets

We don’t feel like we have to tell eachother everything, we just do. We want to tell eachother everything… it’s part of having a transparent relationship for us. We don’t keep secrets. He’s my best friend and I’m his.

Well there’s the saying “your secret is safe with me, and my spouse” lol

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We take daily walks or hikes and we just talk about anything and everything. He’s my best friend. Everything isn’t discussed little stuff that is unimportant isn’t discussed but if it needs to be talked about that’s what we do. Our walks are our alone time.

My Husband and I have known each other since we were teenagers (High School Sweethearts) Now we are both Senior Citizens and are living our Happily Ever After. We both end up telling each other everything not because we have to but because we want to… But really there is nothing bad or lurid to tell!!

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Yep. We’ve known each other for 15 years and still like each other, no reason to lie to each other at this point :rofl:

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