Do you do an Easter basket for your spouse?

Not mom related by any means but was wondering if any of the moms do baskets for their significant other for Easter if so, can I have some ideas of what you guys put in it and also what you guys put in your Easter baskets for your children I posted it anonymously due to people on my Facebook being on this page, and I don’t want it to get back to my significant other 


Since my kids are 14, 16 & 27, I just do some kind of treat & I do the same for the husband. This is this years Easter treat box.

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We’ve been together for 20+ years … Never have I done an Easter basket for him. We have kids, so we’ve done them together. Further clarification, we do not do valentines either…so I may not be a big help…lol


I do one for my hubby. Mostly I put his diet friendly thing he is eating. Maybe fancy sadrines or oyster stuff he would not spend the money on himself.

i didn’t know we were supposed to although he wouldn’t do it back lol

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Hubbys this year has a beard care set he’s been wanting but won’t buy for himself, some of his favorite snacks, his smoking stuff :shamrock:, and some lotto scratchers. I do baskets/treats for all 6 of my kiddos and my husband for every holiday even ones that don’t really mean much. I like to do them though and my kids and husband are always excited and grateful for their surprises.

Yes I find his Huevos at night and confetti comes inside me


We decided not to give chocolate to each other this year so we are giving each other new dressing gowns and pj’s

For my hubby , I do Godiva chocolates and all
His fav candies . It’s really the thought that counts for him . I also do a little something for all my adult kids and of course for my granddaughter!

Add some lotto scratchies!

I do!
Everybody gets a bunny basket!!!
Adult ones are usually adult themed - alchohol, coffee cups, edibles, razors or whatever bathroom thing we need :rofl:
We dont want our toddlers to think the bunny forgot us :laughing:

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No Easter basket for my hubby, but I make alot of his favs for Easter dinner/dessert. Our kids are 14 and 17 and both have things that make candy limited (one has a milk and wheat allergy, the other is in braces). So I mostly do little random things for them. Like this year my son is getting a guitar tuner he wants and my daughter is getting make up brushes. Each are getting a tshirt. I also hate the grass, so I put a beach towel in the bottom of their basket every year instead. If I did one for my husband though I’d probably get him a flashlight (you know the expensive good ones, he collects them), maybe a pocket knife or potentially Charlie Brown stuff ( he collects anything Charlie Brown), and of course turtles chocolates.

If people are avoiding chocolate and other candy I put coins, dollar or other bills in plastic eggs, or small, useful items.


I even get my Momma one.

A book, color book, hat. In the past I have done flip flops hat sunglasses

Just do it for the kids. I’ll do it for them until they start having kids of their own.

I just got him some chocolates and if I can get to the store today some new slippers

Nope they are a grown adult. We pick candy the whole family likes, we plan a menu we like and spend the day enjoying it with our kids.

My husband and I don’t even exchange Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gifts. :joy:

I don’t do an Easter basket for my husband- he’s a full grown man. I only do for my youngest child, the grown kids don’t get anything. I will do for my grandson too.

I didn’t do one for my husband, but for my 3.5 year old I did a couple small stuffed animals (one being Stitch from Lilo and Stitch). Bubbles, an extra large bubble wand, water bottles. Simple stuff.

I have made my husband baskets for Easter and other holidays.
Here is a list of items I’ve used:

Drinks. You can use the big tall cans or a bottle. I usually do either Dr Pepper or if there is a new flavor of dp or Mt dew out I’ll get one of those. If your hubby is a beer drinker you could also use that.

His favorite snacks. Beef jerky, candy, whatever.

Does he collect anything? My husband loves pocket knives so if I find a really cool one I’ll get it.

Gift cards. They can be for gaming, stores, restaurants, whatever he likes.

Tshirts. When I made my husband a basket for Easter a few years ago I got him a really nice shirt from Eternal Light Co that had a bible verse on it. I rolled it up and stood it up in the basket.

Is there anything small that he has been needing or wanting? Maybe a new phone case, a cup/water bottle, a small tool or tool set of some kind, a new gaming headset, whatever.

And if it’s for a holiday such as Father’s Day, we get a card for the kiddos to sign.

I just do the kids age appropriate candy coloring book outside toys

He gets an egg I help him eat.

I made an dbz basket for my bd and. My kids just got hooked up w a squishmallow and lots of candy and activity stuff

Baskets for all of our children through college and we just eat all the “extra” treats :yum: