Do you do anything special for your kids on their birthday?

Do you do anything “special” for your kids on their actual birthday? I’m not talking like a party or a trip for them but do you have a tradition or something you try to do on their bday each yr? I’d love to hear some traditions


We’ve always done a family dinner to the restaurant of their choice. I have a friend that sneaks into their room and decorates it with streamers and balloons. Others I’ve seen do the streamers with balloons against their bedroom door. I’ve also heard of waking them up at midnight to sing happy birthday and have cake.

They wake up to balloons and presents like it’s Christmas.

Mine get a cake of their choice on the day of there birthday and we always take them to do something special that they want and they get to bring 2 friends also they get birthday pancakes or muffins for breakfast on their birthday

I always try to let my kids feel like that they get to pick what we do that day like where we go what we have for dinner and of course cake and ice cream

We decorate the house and put balloons everywhere and I make their favorite breakfast and they choose what we do for the whole day and end the day with cake & ice cream

We make the afternoon/day about them. This year my sons birthday was a Wednesday. His school allows one special person to come in and have a special lunch with them. Then we went bowling then we go out to eat at their favorite restaurant (or their pick - or I’ll cook their pick if we’re tight on cash that year) and I get their favorite cake! Busy day, but SO exciting for them.

I do one on one day… school and work ditch day if it falls on a week day.

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We have a family dinner and they get to pick what we eat.

My youngest son will be 18 on Thursday. He will wake up to balloons and streamers down the hall and a cupcake with a candle for breakfast for the eighteenth year. He will choose supper, whether we go out or something special he wants me to cook. Celebrate their special day. It’s important. Even if they act like it’s not a big deal, it is!

1st birthdays my family does a feast. Turkey dinner. Then after that whatever they want. Lol

For my son, we do a family dinner. Dad and I aren’t together, but it’s usually him and I, siblings and grandparents, really whomever wants to come up. For my daughter , we’ve done brunch. Her bday was on a Friday this year so her dad couldn’t make it.

Birthday kid gets to pick the dinner.
And the day is spent, movie, board games, bike ride, Birthday kid’s pick

No matter what we try to have there favorite dinner and a cake. If your are doing a party later we do one gift that day and the rest on party day

We do their choice of birthday dinner, one present, and they don’t have to do any chores! Plus they get to pick the movie or show we all watch together.

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Cupcake for breakfast the day of, cupcakes for class, that weekend their choice of dinner and event to do.

My kids chose their favourite meal I cook.

I always decorate the house. Not for a party but for them. Balloons, birthday banner, etc……they wake up to it. Makes them feel special on their day :slightly_smiling_face:


I always wake them up with a balloon, a cupcake, and lots of Happy Birthday energy

My kids always get to pick out dinner of their choice, we have cake after and presents open and if it lands on a school day I bring cupcakes or do the cupcakes before their birthday if it doesn’t land on a school day

I make whatever dinner and dessert they request.

Both for my husband and our 9yr old.
It’s something different every year lol

We fill the living room with balloons. The entire floor. He’s 4. We’ve done it every year

I bring my kids to the store for 1 on 1, they pick a gift. We go to the dollar store and pick up candy to share of their choice. Then I make a cake or cupcakes with them . We have 6 kids .

Every year my kids wake up with their number balloon that they are turning covered in balloons and happy birthday banner hung in their rooms. Then I take them out to eat.

Since my divorce, my oldest son and I have birthdays 5 days apart. We started the tradition of going to his one favourite restaurant to celebrate. 4 years and counting!!

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When I was a kid we got to pick dinner, whatever we wanted within reason. Then, my parents did what they called a “birthday bag” filled with little things like socks, a book, a movie we wanted, etc. Just a bag filled with random things then we got 1 big birthday gift.

The birthday person always gets to pick what’s for dinner! Usually it is an eat out place but sometimes they chose something I make. :smiling_face:


We always get immediate family together for a birthday dinner of whatever or wherever they want. Also the birthday desert of their choice.

Yes !!! I always Do !!!
One year : I filled her room with a balloons and a HB sign in her wall.

Other year I got her one present for every year , have my niece to make a a big :placard: and put everything in front of the door so she can see it when she gets out . ( everything was from her dad , he died year ago and she thinks he did it from heaven )
One of her favorite birthdays

My son’s bday is December 26th. I always take the Christmas decorations off of the tree Christmas night and decorate it with streamers and balloons :heartpulse: we do cake and ice cream and go somewhere he wants to go to eat or arcade whatever he wants!

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Starting this year, she never has to go to school on her birthday. The day is hers.


I put balloons in their rooms when they are asleep and can wake up to them

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We have birthday donuts for breakfast.

We have cake for breakfast! My kids are 8, 6 & 4. And I’ve done it the past 3 years they love doing it.

I decorate their bedroom doors with streamers and balloons.

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I always do something. Fill the room with balloons, make his favorite dinner/dessert, etc. Stuff like that.

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I always decorate the house, get a cake, the birthday person picks dinner and we do big gifts. (This is for child or adult)

I take the day of work and walk her to school. Give her a special birthday breakfast. I can’t do this most days as I work very early so she’s at the childminders for breakfast and school walk.

On their birthdays we get their favorite cake and write silly sayings on them. They try to guess leading up to the reveal lol it’s fun

Special breakfast (mostly pancakes topped with their favorite candies and chocolate syrup), either bake them a cake or buy (their choice), and dinner of their choice

I let my son stay home from school every year on his bday…

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My daughter gets her party on a convenient weekend near her birthday. On her actual birthday day it’s dinner of her choice and I usually make a cake. And on her unbirthday (her due date she was a preemie) we have a special mommy and me day where it’s just us doing something fun we dont usually get to do or do often like a Waterpark

We do a scavenger hunt for presents!!! We started it a few years ago and now she looks forward to it every year. My daughter has a blast figuring out the clues

They get their fav breakfast/lunch/dinner (dinner is usually their fav restaurant). I decorate the night before…usually a “birthday door” for their bedroom (streamers or balloons or bday decorations) and decorate the rest of the house too. They also get to open presents from us actually on their birthday.

I make their favorite dinner and we have a cake with a few gifts on their actual birthday, they’re excused from all chores, and if it’s a school day, they get to play hookie.

Than for their birthday celebration, they have a choice of either a big party or an outing.

I sneak into their room at night and put balloons in their room. I call it the “Balloon Fairy!”

When my kids were young
(30+) years ago I started the tradition of they picked what they wanted for dinner and birthday dessert, rarely did they pick cake. It was family and their friends they invited
This many years later we’re still doing it


Yes , they get to pick there favorite dinner and whatever kind of cake they want

His grandma makes him a special birthday breakfast.

My son always gets a trip to the beach and a monster truck show. Been doing it for like 5 yrs

I always make them a cake. I ask them what they want leading up to their birthday and then make exactly what they want. Sometimes it turns out amazing and other times it’s not so pretty haha. We get a good laugh out of it. It always tastes great. The kids see that I’ve taken time to listen to them and to put effort into it just for them. It’s a tradition that I hope they remember when they’re grown. Nothing against store bought or the higher end cake shops but our cake tradition is the best for us!

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I fill my daughters room with balloons overnight. She turned 10 a few months ago and still absolutely loved waking up to her room filled with balloons. I will keep doing it until she loses interest or tells me stop. Unfortunately her birthday is always on a school day so we can’t do anything else during the day but she does usually get to pick whatever dinner she wants at home or a restaurant

I decorated there bedroom door or I create a heart each day with something loving and post in there room/door/bathroom. (I only have one).

I take off of work to spend the day just the 2 of us together. get a cheap lunch and maybe ice cream

Birthday person gets to pick dinner (either their pick of homemade meal or their pick of local restaurant). And they get to pick dessert and they don’t have to do chores on their birthday. And gets to pick tv.

My daughter has a bbq when she was little she ad really bad food allergies so her 1st birthday i did a bbq party and 13 years on we still have a bbq altho she as our grown the allergies a bbq as always happened x

I do build a bear every yr for my son

I put out balloons and banner after they go to sleep night before. They get a cake and to pick what’s for dinner.

I go to dollar tree and buy 1 balloon for there age and tie them to their chair were up to 9 and 11 balloons dad takes them to the store and let’s them pick out a new toy what ever they want with in reason they also pick out their own cake and ice cream I don’t do party’s every year but us 4 usually go somewhere fun skyzone Waterpark skating

My sister always makes a big breakfast served in bed to the birthday child and the whole family gets in bed and shares

They pick dinner, cake. It’s whatever they want on that day

My family doesn’t go out to eat very often, so usually I let my kids pick somewhere to go eat

I always cook whatever the birthday person asks for for dinner. Regardless of how ridiculous it sounds (kids are imaginative). They always have fun picking crazy things for dinner or enjoy just having their favorite meal. That’s my only real tradition outside of baking cake or planning a party.

My son gets to pick what we have for dinner on his birthday.

They get to pick what they want for dinner. Either homemade or take out. I make em a cake.

Mine get sprayed with 4 cans of silly string as they enter the room haha :joy:

My mom would save all year and on are birthdays she would take just the birthday child out to dinner. We got to pick but couldn’t be fast food. A nice restaurant. She was a single mom with two kids and money was tight. We got one on one time and a nice dinner. She listened to us and make the night all about us. I now do the same for my for my daughter

Birthday dinner to their pick of a restaurant regardless of price etc. Just fun to let them feel on top of the world.
Birthday party we usually do like the weekend before.

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They pick dinner and dessert. No chores, small present on the door of their bed when they wake up, and picture with mom and dad.

I fill their rooms with balloons while they are sleeping so they have a nice surprise when they wake up on their birthday

I decorate the house. They usually get to take the day off of school. I hide small items. Number of items equal their age. They have a scavenger hunt for them. My daughter’s 11th she couldn’t skip school so I made jewelry, hair accessories etc with panda charms. I hid them throughout her school stuff (with some help from school staff). I do a photo shoot (posed pictures) & take a candle light pic with their cake. They choose dinner or a place to have dinner.

On the day celebrating with family:

bday breakfast of pancakes depending on the child’s likes they are topped with Nutella/ fruit/ m&m and a scoop of ice cream with a candle. This is such a treat for them as we don’t have sugary anything for breakfast any other day. If it’s not a school day they open their presents and the rest of the day is no chores for mum and at home activities they like with me and siblings.

They get to pick a helium balloon each year.

Family dinner where they open presents if it’s a school day with a homemade decorated cake.

So far we only had 1 friends party on the same day.

We always let them pick what they want for dinner and what kind of bday cake they want or what they want in place of it. They pick something I can pick up and bring home, usually panda lol. They usually want cheesecake or Crumbl cookie instead of bday cake. Their dad also takes them out for lunch and out to spend some bday money if they want. Teen doesn’t usually want anything but food but the 9 yr old likes to be taken to stores. I randomly pull them out of school early to get something to eat but their dad works so that’s why he takes them alone. They’re allowed to miss school on their bday as well. 9 year old skips school on his half bday cus his bday is in summer. If they want I bring cupcakes to school and also a special lunch from wherever they want. Teen doesn’t usually want cupcakes but the little one does lol.

They get to pick what we consume the entire day. So they make me a menu to cook for them lol

We do a cake of their choosing I make and then a homemade dinner :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

In my family whoever birthday it is gets to pick dinner the day of. It’s been that way since I was a kid and I’ve passed it on in having my own kids.

Yes I make there fav dinner and have them help me decorate there cake and we got to town eating it home made for just us we make it and for bday party we get a fancy one

I take them out for dinner on there birthday. They just tell me where they want to go. If there birthday is during the week I wait till the weekend to celebrate it. But I always take them out on there birthday for birthday dinner.

I buy a happy birthday banner and tape it to their bedroom door so they have to bust out of their room as I video it
I make them pancakes with sprinkles and whip cream, light a candle and sing happy birthday and send them to school. Always have dinner and cake.
If it’s a weekend birthday we always wake up at a campground for my august kid and wake up at a hotel for my December kid

Actually yes. They get to pick dinner that night. Could be home-cooked or take out. My oldest wanted my chicken burrito enchiladas for their day and I delivered.

We do cupcakes instead of cake. And everyone gets a candle (bday gets the number or big candle).
And everyone blows out at the same time. Well wishes for another year, saying bye to the previous one.

I take my kids out to eat wherever they want

Well aside from doing something they choose wether it be a party, day at the zoo whatever the birthday child gets a special breakfast, I always do a goodybag of things I don’t usually let them have (coke, certain sweets etc plus other goodies) and they choose where we eat/what we eat after xx

Gets to choose anything they want for dinner that night, decorate the house with banners and balloons, and a scavenger hunt to find her presents