Do you get anxious at phone calls/texts?

Does anyone else get anxious when they see the notification that someone commented or replied to your comment or even a text message? Did someone reply nicely, or is it time for war? Lol… seriously, though! Especially when my son’s school calls, I immediately panic and think he is hurt (it’s usually an automated system, and even knowing that I have a full-blown panic attack before even answering), just wanted to share! Thank you


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do you get anxious at phone calls/texts?

I am 100% this way. I personally hate it. I have anxiety though so could be a reason why i am like this. I take medication for my anxiety.

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I also have a phone phobia,its always on silent and i rarely answer even if i recognize the caller.


Understanding that you can’t do anything about situations that may arise but you can focus on your response if these situations so happen to arise. Not every phone call or text will be bad and cause for stress.


Stina Marie is correct.
Take breaks from social media. Like, legit breaks.
A day or 2 at a time. We have cut off times and whole days nobody is online. It helps tremendously.
Personally, you may need to consider therapy. Retraining your brain is possible but sometimes we need help to do that.

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Calls or text? No.
Now if someone knocks at my door and I don’t know anyone is coming, oh I come unglued then.

Yes. Ive been diagnosed with complex ptsd. My drs call this impending doom. Ive started having panic attacks with delusions now(they are getting more intense). Im in therapy trying to get past this. If this isnt normal for you make a drs appt, it is °180 change for me. There are nervous system conditions that can cause this too.

Yes!!! I never answer my phone. I get so so much crap from ppl for it. ‘u never answer ur phone’ I never Kno how to explain why cuz I can’t even explain why. My stomach goes into knots wen it rings. Doorbell too. If someone knocks or rings the bell my stomach drops n I get legit scared. I hate it so much n feel so silly. I never realized ppl had this same issue as me

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Yes I hate answering phone calls and it’s a huge problem for me i also suffer with anxiety I don’t even know why I don’t like phone calls and why they make me so anxious and panacking I litt avoid answering the phone all the time

Yup same for me. But I take meds for it

  1. Dr. appts. Meds and therapy to deal with your anxiety & get to the roots of it.
  2. Learn & practice calming techniques: breathing techniques, find something you can see, touch, taste, smell, hear, meditation.
  3. Retrain your brain by reframing. Put a rubber band on your wrist and snap it when you get panicky. Then think of all the good or neutral news the call could be about: delayed opening, an award won, canceled practice, the school won an award, an invitation to a school event, a new wing/parking lot/trailer is now open, or a change due to construction/renovations/remodeling.
  4. Set social media on “friends only” so you don’t get reactions from random people whose opinions shouldn’t matter to you. Don’t read reactions. Take a break from technology for a day or a week. Go for a walk in nature instead. Say to yourself “Who cares?” or “Will this change anything or matter tomorrow? Not at all!” if you do happen to read or hear something negative.
  5. My kids’ private school used to preface every call with “your child is fine,” or “nothing’s wrong” and then continue with the message. Suggest to your children’s schools that they do the same. In days of lockdowns and active shooter drills this is imperative.
  6. Phone or text your most upbeat friends and acquaintances so you associate these connections with positivity.
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Yes this is so me all the time my entire life

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I have 3 kids in school, when one of their schools call it comes from the same number so idk which one it’s about until I answer or check my vm if I miss it. I have a teen, autistic 10 yr old and a kindergartener it could be any of them, I panic every time especially until I find out who it’s about! I think it’s normal.

Replies online don’t bother me. I get anxious when people knock on my door. That can be a physical threat. School calls are bad too. Our district has a specific prefix. All school phone numbers start with it. When I see those 3 numbers I get real anxious. “what did they do?”, *Are they hurt?", “Did something happen at school?” Etc. I have some numbers saved. If it’s the nurse calling I freak out. She always answers “Tina He’s ok. He’s in the office because…” (It’s always my son lol) because she knows I automatically freak out thinking this time he’s hurt bad. It’s always a bump on the head, minor cut, scrape etc. But she has to call anytime a child goes to her office. Plus my kids have adhesive allergies so they have to use certain bandaids.

When my son was in public school my anxiety was horrible waiting for them to call daily, which they did and that’s why I now homeschool him.

i take a few hours sometimes to view a reply on fb or a message on messenger cuz i’m afraid they are going to be mad or hateful in replies sometimes.

story of my life! - it’s typically when my sons dad calls bc we do nothin but argue and he takes full advantage of my anxiety.

Depends who is calling I will get anxious with it lol. That said, I work at my daughters school so if something big and bad happened I’d know fast and get to her fast so that doesn’t stress me too much. 2 times co-workers called me about her cause she’s had accidents and she won’t close bathrooms doors and they needed help changing her. And another cause she was being naughty so I had tk come and get her to stop lol.

I do. Primarily because I married/divorced a narcissist. Long story short him and his new wife made my life and absolute living hell for close to 2 years, so every time I hear a text message now, it’s this immediate instance of “panic” within me.

When I comment on any of these post I definitely receive more "it’s time for war "replies :rofl:

When my teens school calls I definitely get panicked. He had a rough start to middle school. Every phone call for 2yrs has to do with some kind of disciplinary action being taken for his behavior. This year has been better. Hoping going into high school the phone calls will cease all together.

I just don’t reply :rofl::ok_hand:t2: lol

It took me years to realize that my hatred/anxiety of answering unknown phone calls, knocks unexpectedly at the door, random people talking to me , practicing over and over before calling to make a food order or doc appointment was part of my introverted self. I found out that’s it’s ok I feel like that. I don’t like to be caught off guard when someone speaks to me but I’m usually in my own little world and probably not paying attention. I’m so much better now because I have kids because I have to be vigilant about everything. Everyone knows to text me first especially before coming to my house.

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Every time I see a “so and so replied to your Facebook post” I’m like dear God what did I do now :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:

I always get nervous when my kids’ schools call. I worry they’re hurt. As far as FB, I guess I’m a bad Facebooker. I’ve never really cared. There have been lots of people who’ve tried to argue or get me to engage in a good shade throwing match. It just amuses me. Bothered people will lose their mind trying to bother you. I say a prayer for them and keep it moving.

I really don’t mind texts or Facebook notifications but if I get a call that isn’t my parents/ step parents or hubby I don’t really want to answer it :rofl:

Yessss everyday all day…even with my current anxiety meds

This sounds like a major truma response. Did you grow up always scared of a parents reaction to literally anything? Or did / do you have a relationship where you are having to walk on eggshells in order to “keep the peace?”
When we experience complete uncertainty everything becomes terrifying.
Therapy helps a lot with this, helps to relearn how “normal” people react to normal situations. If a parent or partner had/has mental health conditions or substance abuse problems their reactions to literally anything can never be predictable. Which will always put you on edge because you never know what to expect.
If Therapy is not an option YouTube has A LOT of videos that you can watch to help learn the cause and affect of why you do things the way you do and once you understand the why you can then retrain your brain.

Remember you are loved and you didn’t do anything wrong.
If you are in the wrong simply correct your mistake and learn why you made the mistake in the first place.
Learn to love yourself because you are worth it.