Do you get bigger with multiple pregnancies?

Hi ladies.
I am 23 week and 4 days with a baby boy and I am huge already I got told I looked like I was 8 months pregnant… this is my third child is it normal to be big with your third baby? Because I am kinda getting upset that I am so huge already and I feel like I am going be like the size of a elephant at the end of this pregnancy.


I’m 36 weeks & have been massive since 20 or weeks…& on baby #3. She’s normal, 6.1 lbs guess it’s just the way it works sometimes. :slight_smile:

The more kids you have the faster you show. Im 16 weeks pregnant with my 6th and im showing

Enjoy it. Baby belies are the cutest. You’ll miss it.

Every time you get pregnant, your body is able to have more room for the little one.
It happens to all those mamas out there! You are not alone!!

I got Sumo wrestler big with my last kid. :person_facepalming::rofl:

I’m big and showed early and I love it! Forget what others are saying! Enjoy the bump!

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I was 20 weeks and she said I was measuring at 30. Plus this was my 3rd and I had a 12 lb baby.

Baby number three and huge :person_facepalming: as big at six now seven months as I was at the end with both the others

I got bigger with each child lol

I was HUGE this last time. He was my third and final baby. I still can’t believe how big I got but after I had him I only had 20 lbs to lose. So hang in there mama.

Im only 13 weeks and already look like im 5 or 6 months but it is also my 6th pregnacy so i think the more you have the sooner you show, also the belly doesnt grow as much towards the end at least in my case

This is 17wks with baby #4 and i feel huge compared to previius pregnancies.

People are rude and should really so saying that crap to pregnant women. .

I was WAY smaller with my youngest than my other 2 and yet I kept hearing how big I was…

Mind you I was measuring a month behind (belly wise)… yet i still got the “you look life you’re about to pop” at 20 weeks


My first full pregnancy I went from 135lbs to 205lbs

Mallory Barrett same. I look bigger and haven’t even gained weight I’ve lost. I won’t gain till the end.

My 4th child I was huge he three now and I haven’t lost or gain weight since I had him but I guess that a good thing though

I’m 12 weeks with my 3rd and I look like I’m 6 months

That is exactly how I was with my son. 3rd baby too. I was asked so many times if I was having twins after they found out I still has 4 months to go.

I’m on my 3rd and have been showing since 12 weeks it happens way faster

Steph James I’m still not even in maternity! I have 2 maternity shorts for comfort but all my regular clothes still. I’m all belly, I’ve put on NO weight so far! I always say that though, that I’m at that weird stage where I can be mistaken for fat instead of pregnant :rofl:

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Alexis Nicole Money but I’m also the jerk, that a week before I had my kids, when people would make comments I’d fake cry and say ‘I’m not pregnant’

Also when strangers would touch my belly, I’d touch theirs too…

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Yes I was big too unfortunately… Hang in there!

I’m 29 weeks with my third. I feel your pain. But yes I’ve been told you do get bigger with each pregnancy.

I’m 21 weeks pregnant and this is also my 3rd pregnancy and I look like I’m close to 7 months pregnant. My Dr told me it’s normal to show earlier and feel movement earlier but geez I feel miserable already.

I was huge on all 5 of my babies and I heard it all the time that I looked like I was due already or going to have twins and that my babies would be extra huge. Only one baby was big and never had twins, some carry big and some don’t and by baby number 3 your body has changed.

All pregnancy’s are different it’s just how and where the baby first I didn’t show until I was two weeks from delivery, my second he sat high so I showed right away and was big all the way through, with my third I didn’t show until 5 months

Cheryl how I feel lol

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SSinéad X BBell will b worth it though x

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Everything pregnancy is different. I have 4 children. My first was 8 lbs second 7.2 Lbs third 7.6 lbs and my baby 9lbs. Love and embrace your baby worry about the weight gain after.

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Ill be 25 weeks monday…and i look like im due already. 4th child
. I think we are fine.

I believe your uterus streches too with every pregnancy causing it to be bigger with each child.

It’s normal. Your body just gets bigger faster with each pregnancy. I am 29 weeks with my fifth pregnancy and I am huge.

Man I wish I looked like that at 29 weeks! Cute belly

No worries. I outgrew maternity clothes at 7 mos. Sent to have an ultrasound, doc was concerned it was twigs cause I was So look big

Thank you! I feel like a whale lol

As long as your glucose levels are good your fine.

Yes its totally normal little momma. Your body has been stretched before, and each time it looses some elasticity. Shame on people who guess your month, weight, age. Some people are just stupid. Enjoy your pregnancy Momma, your beautiful and making a BABY! Congratulations !