Do you give birth earlier with each pregnancy?

I’m on my fourth pregnancy, and I’m 35 weeks; everyone keeps saying the more you have, the more of a chance to have them a bit earlier. Is that true? I’ve been a fingertip dilated since, like 28ish weeks, I think I lost part of my plug today, and I’ve been having pains I’ve never had down in my vagina. She hasn’t been as active but still active a little bit. Plus, some contractions throughout the week. Any advice? Every one of my pregnancies has been so different.


I don’t think so I’m on my 6th and am 31 week’s

Nope all mine were on my due date or late #4 was 6 days late and we induced he was 10 1/2 lbs and 23 in long

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Think it’s just different with everyone and if baby is ready. Me personally yes this has been the case with each one I’ve been a week earlier than the last.

Might get easier to actually push out the more kids u have but not actually coming earlier each pregnancy

With my first I had her at 37 weeks. My second I just had this month at 32 weeks. (He’s in nicu, but doing great)

My first was 2 days early my second a wk early and my 3rd 2 wks early. But not everyone has there babies early

My first was 6 weeks early and my second was a week late.

IME no. My 5 were born at 39w6d , 37w3d, 39w3d, 39w3d, 39w5d

No I had early pregnancy’s with my first two then my last two almost on time

I had 36 week
then 32 week
then 39 plus 6 days so one day off due date
Then fourth he was 39 weeks when he came

I found they came quicker with each though

No every pregnancy is different. Dont pray for a early birth please

No. I was 39 weeks when I had my first - no intervention. And 40 with my second.

Your plug can regrow. It is normal to have more aches and pains earlier as you have more.

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Nope. 37 weeks and then 39 weeks

Not in my experience. 1st was born at 41 +2, 2nd was born at 38 weeks, 3 rd was born at 41+1 and currently pregnant with #4, will be 39 weeks on Monday. I have no clue if I’ll go over due or not but I feel like I might :woman_shrugging:t3:

My first was on my due date. My second was 9 days before. My third was 6 days before(I was induced). My fourth was 7 days before (I was induced)

No idea, I just had my first at 41 weeks lol, I had to drink a loooooot of red raspberry leaf tea though, because I was showing no signs of going into labor anytime soon. I lost my mucus plug the day before I went into labor

My last 2 were born on there exact due dates and I was induced.

My first I was induced 11 days early. Second came naturally 13 days early. Third one came 10 days LATE. First two were boys, third was a girl.

No but the laboring was easier. Or maybe I was used to it by the fourth lol

Nope same for all of mine

Not for me, my first was 2 days early
2nd was 11 days late
3rd was 7 days late
4th was 12 days late

1st & 2nd were 38 wks & 2 days. My 3rd was 40 wks. The 1st I was 2cm dilated the day I went into labor, lost a big chunk of my plug and went into labor a few hrs later. 2nd I wasn’t checked, my water broke on its own. 3rd I was 5cm dilated for several wks, went in to be induced on my due date and went into labor on my own while I waited to be checked in.

My 1st was 38 weeks, 2nd was 39 weeks and 3rd was 38 weeks 6 days. All 3 I went into labor on my own without any intervention.
My labors did get much quicker though. 1st was 20 hours, 2nd was 6 hours and 3rd was less than 4 hours (that’s from when I could time my contractions at 5 minutes apart because i had Braxton hicks with all 3)

All 3 of mine were induced at 40weeks or more.

I was induced one day before my due date with my first dilated 3 cm since 25 wks . with my second I was 38 w 3 days 2 cm since 30 wks. Every woman is different . my mom went to term with my brothers but I came 5 wks early .

Both of mine were 10 days late

I had my 4th at 40 weeks. All my others came before that

My first was a month early my second was two months early

I have 5 and honestly my opinion is no. First was 39weeks second 32weeks third 41 weeks forth 40 weeks weeks fifth 39 weeks

I went a week later always.

My 1st was born at 38 weeks, my second I was induced at 40 weeks.

1st was a few days early my 2nd I was induced at 37 weeks and my 3rd I was 10 days early


  1. 36 weeks
  2. 37 weeks
  3. 38 weeks

I had 3. I was induced with all. They didn’t want to come. Lol

Every baby, every pregnancy, every labor, and every delivery can and will be different. There are a thousand factors that will go into when and how you delivery. True your body has done this before and remembers what to do but you could just as easily go to your due date.

Every pregnancy is different when its time its time you know what to expect trust your self you got this if the pains get worse go to the hospital. If not your body is just getting ready

You said it perfectly, they are all different. Baby is going to come when its time. Good luck mumma!

No my first two where full term my two after that came early and my last one was full term

First and second right on time third 6 days early🤷‍♀️

Nope, my first was on time, the second they had to induce because he didn’t want to come out.

The pain you are feeling is called lightning crotch. Baby is sitting on the nerve endings down there. Unless your contractions are consistent I wouldn’t worry.

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Im currently 32 weeks with my 3rd. My first born was 3 days early, my second was exactly 2 weeks early. I havent even been checked yet to see if i am dilated…everything is so different for me now than with thw first 2 pregnancies…but its also been 13 years since i gave birth to my last baby.

First two were a week overdue. Third was 3 days overdue and fourth was the day before her due date. So. I guess they were earlier, but not early obviously! I was always dilated for weeks too. The first two I lost my plug in chunks (it can grow back) over the course of weeks. The last two I lost nearly all of it in one go the day I had them. Soooo you just never really know! I never worried about if they were coming earlier, just if they were coming faster…which they all did!

My 1st was 2weeks late, my second a week late and my 3rd 12yrs after my second a week early. I too had pains starting at 35wks with him and was dilated for weeks before he was born.

All of my 4 children were early; 1 month, 6 weeks, 2 & 3 weeks. Go by what you doctor tells you if you need to call him

I am on my 6th and only my 3rd came early. My last one was 3 days late and I was only induced do to her weight.

Each of mine has taken a week longer than the previous 1.
Baby 1 - 35 weeks
Baby 2 - 36 weeks
Baby 3 - 37 weeks

No, thats not accurate in itself. Everyone is different every child is different, but thats definitely not and accurate statement. It is normal to have discharge however, what you want to note is color, smell, and how it felt coming out. I’d suggest talking to your doc about it if you are concerned cause pregnant women are prone to getting infections and you’d want to catch that sooner rather than later. Being only 1cm dilated is not cause for concern either. Your downstairs does so interesting things while pregnant. But again, if you are concerned have your health care provider check so you’re sure you’re not further dilating. Also take into consideration when you get those types of exams, prepare yourself for discharge, discomfort, cramping, and possible spotting as those are very normal after such a procedure. Note, if there is an abnormal about of blood (dark red not pink) call your doc for sure. Not saying for sure because absolutely everyone and every child is different, but im currently 40 weeks with my third and have had those same pains since about the same time as you. So I would not worry, just inform your doc each apt of how you’ve been feeling. Light cramping, Braxton hicks, and discharge is perfectly normal during pregnancy, if you ever have a question or concern just call you’re clinic and they’ll be happy to help. Speaking from my personal experience, this one has been far more painful then my other two but no labor or cause for concern as my doc has said. Sometimes they are lil turkeys in there. Because I’ve got a healthy pregnancy going, there is no medical reason (no signs of pre eclampsea, eclampsea, high blood pressure, ect), regardless of pain, cramping, and sporadic contractions they will not induce till around 42 weeks for me. Hang in there mama.

I would recommend calling your Dr and just discussing whats been going on. Dehydration can cause contractions as well as lots of activity. When you lie down, does is stop? Are the contractions lasting 45 secs or longer and coming at regular intervals? Is there any bloody show with the mucus plug? There’s lots of little things drs can use to determine whats going on. Ive had 6 kids. Only the first came early. Others overdue or on time. So I dont really think timing is affected.