Do you have more than one facebook account?

Do you have 2 Facebook accounts? One for family/friends and 1 for your business/customers? Or do you just have one account?


If you run a business I’d probably do another Facebook account, it’s all about your product then as Facebook with family and friends is more personal, pictures of say kids or holidays or days out stuff like that then if you having a rant or sad time or happy times you don’t want your clients seeing your personal life on Facebook so I’d definitely do a business one

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Only one, but if I did have a business, it would be separate. Not all patrons need to see back to school pics.

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I have 2 and probably going to 3. I have my personal one, one for my dog grooming business and I’m going to make one for our other painting business.

I have a personal account and I have a business account (different than personal accounts) for my business. My personal account has nothing business related on it and my business account doesn’t have my name or any personal information on it. You can attach a business account to your existing personal account to use the same login information.

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I have 2 but I made the other to help me delete some stuff that was set to public a long time ago. I was trying to set as many things to private as I could, but FB won’t let me do any more than that for some reason

I have both a personal and a buisness.

I’ve known many people who have two accounts. One for family and friends and one for more business associates.

I have a personal account, as does my husband, this is for family and friends. Then off of that account we manage a business page together. By together I mean he is an administrator, but I do all the advertising/posting etc lol. People don’t have to be “friends” with us to view or follow our business page. You can make the settings however you choose for visibility and promote your business page/create ads etc.

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Um I have one that I had before being married and the one I use the most is after my marriage