Do you have to swaddle baby?

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Hi, I’m a first time mom and it seems like my one week old sleeps much better when he is not swaddled. Is it ok if I’m not swaddling my newborn? May be a silly question.


I’ve never swaddled any of my kids I couldn’t get the hang of swaddling.

I never swaddle just a sleeper

You know what is best for your baby. Do that. Not every baby likes being swaddled.

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Totally okay…some babies just preferred not to be swaddled

My daughter didn’t like being swaddled.

My kids only liked to be “swaddled” at the legs, leaving their arms out. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


I never swaddled my babies, because my oldest didn’t like it. He hated not being able to get to his arms. Don’t worry your baby will be fine.

My first liked to be swaddled my second hated it.

Eli didn’t like being swaddled. He likes the sleep sacks though!

I never swaddled my daughter she hated it

Some babies like it some babies don’t. You’ll find that’s basically true with everything lol I have 4 kids and they are all very different.

Mine hated being swaddled so we never did

My boys had to be swaddled my girl couldn’t stand it. She slept with footy pjs.

Depends on the baby.

My two oldest preferred not being swaddled but my youngest wouldn’t sleep unless she was. It’s no rule saying you have to swaddle them. Go by your baby preference.

My oldest 2 were only ever swaddled in the hospital . My youngest preferred being swaddled

I never swaddled my boys and don’t plan to this one either!! You are the momma. You know what’s best!! :slight_smile:

No rule saying they have to be. Your the mommy and you need sleep lol. If he doesn’t like it then do whatever will get him and you some sleep. Just make sure he’s warm. Swaddling is used for comfort and warmth but if it’s not comfortable to him then don’t do it. Good luck Hun. Enjoy your new baby and you do what you feel is best for your baby.

He definitely does not have to be. If he doesnt like it, then thats it. Maybe tey a baby sack. Keeps baby warm. I think they are the cutes. No blankets needed. Have baby in a onsie,put baby in the baby sack, and its like baby has a blanket but its safe. Lol. And super cute. Good luck mama.

Not all kids like swaddling. Only one of my 3 would settle when swaddled. For the other two we used sleep sacks.

Nope, it’s fine. Every kid is different. Just make sure they’re covered. Little babies can’t relate their body temp.

Your baby do what you want

Both my kids hated being swaddled. If it’s cold where you are just put baby is thicker pajamas. You can also put socks on before putting them in feet pajamas so their toes don’t get cold as well as and extra onesie. We tried baby mittens at night with our second and she had them off in two seconds. She hates people touching her hands or having things on her hands.

That’s fine you don’t have to swaddle. I have four kids and none of them liked it either.

Perfectly fine. My daughter is 2 months she hates being swaddled since birth.

Absolutely fine.

Not a silly question. Every parent has questions. I never googled so much in my life as when my first was born. Still do sometimes. That’s why this group is here, for support and a resource.

Totally fine…my son never liked it and still doesn’t even like a blanket on him.

My oldest hated having his arms swaddled but loved the comfort of the swaddle around his waist. My youngest wanted to be swaddled all the time. Every baby is different :slight_smile:

There is nothing wrong with it my grandson didn’t get swaddle when he got hom his fine

Mine hated being swaddled. every baby is different

Doesn’t matter really. Just make sure they are warm :slightly_smiling_face: I swaddled my little girl maybe 2x?

I have never swaddled any of my kids

You do not have to swaddle all babies. Some like to feel free.

I never swaddled my daughter

When I had my son the nurses would swaddle my son every time he would un swaddle himself and I finally my mind and told them to stop swaddling him that he clearly prefers to be free. You dont " have" to do anything . You dont have to breast feed. You dont have to use a certain type of bottle , you dont have to sleep train. You dont have to listen to advise that sounds crazy. Use your mommy instincts. Those are the best ones.

Its totally fine, my son never wanted to be swaddle either. I would and he would wiggle his arms out and get comfy his own way. Actually once I gave up on swaddling he actually slept better bc he was able to move

All mine preferred stretching out and didn’t want to be swaddled

My daughter would scream her head off if someone swaddled her… and I know it wasn’t that I was doing it wrong cause it didn’t matter who swaddled her. She’d quiet right down as soon as I unwrapped her.