Do you leave your sound machine on all night?

For those of you who use a sound machine to help your baby sleep, do you leave it on all night long or just until they fall asleep?


Keep my Hatch on all night

All night. My children are 4 & 8 & still use one to sleep…

The ones my daughter had were on a time I believe up to 120min you can also get some with a remote option.

White noise on all night.

All of my children slept with some sort of noise all night long. Oldest had a heartbeat bear and Mobile for the first year then a fan, Middle a fan the whole time and youngest has a Google mini which he plays babbling Brook sounds.

All night and all day. He’s 5, almost 6. The only time it’s ever been shut off is when the power went out.

She’s 16.5 yrs old. She keeps it on all night. :woman_shrugging: