Do you let your toddler walk in grocery stores?

Hey moms! Do you guys allow your two-year-olds to walk with you into places or while shopping? I saw a mom with her son, who just turned 2. He walked with her everywhere and did really well. My son is wild, and I feel like I would be running all over like crazy. Do you ladies keep them in the cart while shopping? Or a stroller? I carry my son into stores and such still as well

When all my children were able to walk beside me holding my hand on errands is when they started. Not a specific age. More the place and time I was working with. A Walmart trip would be walked to building then into cart. But a smaller food store or pharmacy of clothing store they walk. Behavior is dependent upon the child. If you are always in a hurry they will get frustrated at the rushed feeling. If you are leisurely paced they will respond better to calmly being by your side from a young age and it becomes a learned behavior. Take your time. If your little one is running off try some trips out that are oriented around just him learning to be beside you. Side note, safety first too many kids get taken now. My kids stay physically touching me, like holding my sleeve . No wandering or touching anything we dont need too. Good luck.

He will never learn if you dont teach him!!!