Do you make your kids wear socks when they go to bed?

hi everyone, I have a somewhat silly question. Do you make your kids wear socks when they sleep at night? I have a two year old and I put him to sleep with socks but actually I don’t want to, I am just afraid he will get cold and sick without them. I just wonder what other moms do. Thanks!!


I’ve never heard of anyone making their kids wear socks at night. When it comes to babies at night we out ours in a footed sleeper. My 5 year old only wears socks when he goes to school or when we go out.


My two year old wears slippers or footed pajamas :slight_smile:

My son is also 2. He sleeps in footless pajamas or a pajama set (shirt snd pants) he only wears socks if it is really cold. A lot of times he will take them off before he falls asleep. His feet are never cold in the morning.

Completely up to you. Just don’t dress your baby too much bc you don’t want them to get too warm and overheat. So no socks is okay.

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Nope, my two year old doesn’t wear socks… he sleeps with a blanket so I don’t really think he’s cold

I have 2 kids neither of them like socks unless they have shoes on also. My son is 5 now and hates clothes all together lol he spends his time at home in his underwear. And we live in ohio where it is cold this time of the year.

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My oldest age 2 takes his pjs off himself before bed. Sleeps in a night time diaper with a blanket. He sleeps best that way. Overheats in pjs and blanket.

Socks ? I can’t keep socks on my little guy lol don’t worry sickness is not caused by cold feet :hugs:


My son refuses to wear socks most time and he’s hardly ever sick.

dont make him wear them and then if his feet get cold he may be willing to but cold feel arent going to caue him to get sick

If it’s cold in the house, then yes, I put socks on my daughter. She sleeps with a receiving blanket too. I just don’t like the idea of her moving and her feet getting cold!

Your child may have over active sweat glands in his feet, if so they will be colder with socks

My kids will not keep socks on it’s so frustrating. And at the moment I have a hard time getting my 1 and a half hear old son to keep his pants on lol so the socks I let go

Not a silly question my kids wear socks around the house but not to sleep… socks do not prevent sickness and kids don’t get sick because they’re cold… cover with a blanket that tucked into their bed so they can’t squirm their feet’s out.

Haha I put socks on my boy at night!

You will never make your child sleep with socks on. Leave him be.

No, at night no socks.

You get sick from viruses, not the lack of socks. Relax, mom.

Nope we dont wear socks to bed so he doesnt either. Few times he has fell asleep with slippers on but he doesnt like them on at night and sometimes his feet gets cold so i lay a extra blankst at the foot of his bed

I always have socks on my daughter but she will not leave blankets on and it does get a little cool in the house at night.

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My son has always run hot. He’s slept in a diaper from 1yr + and still just sleeps in his underwear (8). I’ve saved hundreds of dollars in pyjamas!

My son has always run hot. He’s slept in a diaper from 1yr + and still just sleeps in his underwear (8). I’ve saved hundreds of dollars in pyjamas!

That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard lol. I get hot at night wearing socks and my kids always take theirs off at home


Never heard of someone getting sick from cold feet :woman_facepalming:

I try to completely dress my son but he takes everything off even his diaper many times a night lol i put sleepers with feet and he somehow gets out of thoes to hes almost 17 months

I did for a while because my son almost refuses to sleep with a blanket but not anymore.

I’m just glad when my son keeps his pjs on. LOL

My kids hate socks when they sleep…they should be comfy when they sleep…

I always put socks on them in the morning or if we went somewhere…they always took them off sometime before bed. I never made them wear them. If they had them on when they went to bed they re usually next to the bed in the morning.

I don’t put sucks but I use a lot of footed PJs

I have a 3 year old lil girl. During bedtime, sometimes she wears socks- When she’s sick, has a cold or if she’s just cold, she’ll tell me. But Most times she won’t. It’s okay to not wear socks when they sleep. Totally up to you and your lil one.

Yup they wear socks. They know it’s for their own good. Now they can’t sleep without them lol

Footy pajamas. Mine would remove socks

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My son refuses to sleep without socks. It drives me insane! I can’t sleep with anything on my feet and I don’t understand the point of it. Lol. Every night when he refuses to get in bed until I put socks on him I just want to scream. I have asked him why he insists on it and he says it’s just because he doesn’t like the feel of the sheets on his feet. Makes me wish I wouldn’t have used footy pajamas so much when he was little.

My daughters both take the socks off before the lights go out. So yeah…

He will kick them off if hes too hot

My granddaughter is 4yr is so hot natured. She never slept in socks or footie pjs.she sweet if I did. She goes to bed in gown or pjs without feet. Never really been real sick besides a little common cold. She sleep with blanket on her then when I go check on her she done kicked blanket off her

My lil wears socks at night but will take them off in the morning and during summer. My floors are concrete bc of the Hurricane disaster we had so I have him wear socks but when our floors were good he would like to be barefoot

My twins have been sleeping naked since birth they are now two and still sleep naked. No socks in this house !

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Either footed PJs or no socks. Niether one of my daughters likes anything on their feet. I have to put my youngest daughter in tights just to keep something on her feet during the day. My oldest daughter will wear socks if we are going somewhere, but as soon as we get home they come off

My son doesn’t like to sleep wuth socks on. When he was smaller I’d put him in footie pjs but ince he was out of those i didn’t put him in socks. Becuase i was afraid of a string wrapping around his toes or something

Mine never liked that,also a doctor told me no need for under pants ether

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Sense she was little I let her sleep how she was comfortable. She hated clothes when she was little so she wore a diaper to bed but I made sure she was warm. As she got older she hated pants so she wears shorts and a shirt to bed. We both hate socks so that’s a given :joy: and right now I’m pregnant and have the house cold most nights so I wake up though the night to pee a million times a check on her to make sure she is covered up lmao she’s 6 in February. Let them be, if they get cold they will wake up and cover up better.

No. That’s not a battle I’m willing to fight every night. Lol

No socks at night!! My kids are 13yrs and 2.5yr old twins

Only 1 outta 4 kids have to wear socks to bed. My other 3 hate socks but my oldest son can’t go to bed without socks

My son will pull them straight off, so I dont even put them on anymore!!

Would never put my kids into bed with socks. Socks are restrictive and blood pressure is lower when sleeping. I’d be worried about circulation. And also, it’s always warmer where skin can touch skin. So having the bare feet touch would be warmer than socks anyways. On colder nights I put a heating pad or hot water bottle into bed 20 minutes before bedtime and take it out when they climb into the warm spot.

*and we are in central Canada where the temperature has been -45°C (about -50°F) the past little while.

My oldest does and she’s 3, but her feet get cold. My youngest(6 months) i try but her feet are so tiny she usually kicks them off.

My almost 2yr old goes to bed in footed pjs usually some but my house is kept pretty warm so it’s not 100% necessary. I wouldn’t put socks on him though because I can’t even sleep comfortably with socks so I’m not sure if he could

Do YOU wear socks to bed? Terribly uncomfortable for most of us!


No lol . If they want to fine .

I put them in sleep suits

My almost 2 year old hasn’t worn socks to bed since he was like 10 months old. He doesn’t like them and I feel like taking socks off at the end of the day is the best feeling ever. Feet need to breathe

You don’t sick for not wearing socks .


Not usually, no. If I know it will be cold or if they are already sick, I will.

My 6 year old couldn’t sleep last night. I asked if she was hot because she was cranky. Yes!!! I told her to take her shirt off or whatever, sleep in her underwear. She was asleep in about 2 minutes

No mine is almost 2 and he will not wear socks. I only make him if we are going outside or off in public. He has never been sick knock on wood.

No socks. We only wear socks when we go out.

Normally I put my 1 and a half year old to bed with them on and cover her with a thin blanket that she kicks off only because our room gets really cold the only time o don’t put socks on her is when she has on fleece pajamas because I don’t want her to get too hot

Mine doesn’t even wear pjs most nights never mind socks lol


My kids slept with socks til maybe six months but never after that. Now it’s only if they fall asleep with them on.

My daughter wears footie pajamas mostly, but when she’s wearing 2 piece jammies I put socks on her and she keeps them on. Sometimes when she wakes up she will take them off because she hates socks during the day but I generally don’t have an issue with her keeping them on to sleep. We live in an old house and it can be drafty in the winter even with plastic on the windows so I attempt to keep her as warm as possible. And in the summer we keep it pretty cool in the house (we all run hot) so same standards apply.

Nope sure don’t… Its uncomfortable

Bare feet all the way socks are uncomfortable

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Socks are wear but await youth known socks most the time.

Wait up known socks.

My 2 year old uses just a shirt, most nights, to bed. Not using sock will not make him get sick

Kids stay warmer than adults . They don’t get cold without socks

It depends on the child (if they’re cold natured or warm natured) and the temp in the house. If you’re worried, put socks on them (or put them in sleepers).

My 1 year old is warm natured, she sweats in fleece sleepers and kicks the covers off her legs but she sleeps with my Husband and I and our bedroom is in the basement where it’s cooler than the main floor. So, I put her in thin sleepers or pajamas at night. If she’s wearing PJs, I don’t bother with socks because she’ll just pull them off and they’ll get lost in the bed anyway.

You don’t actually get sick from being chilly… you have to come in contact with bacterium or the virus to contract something. “Catch your death of cold” is an old wives tale.

Sometimes I try… Doesn’t go over so well
If he’s wearing hand me down footie PJs a lot of times I put a light pair of socks on under them but that’s only because sometimes the bottom gets worn out and I’m paranoid he’s gonna get a toe stuck in a worn out part and lose circulation…

I put socks on my son’s hands because they’re ice cold at night. He’s in footie pajamas or a sleep sack otherwise.