Do you prefer a swing or a bouncer?

What’s better a swing or a bouncer?


Bouncer to watch TV or early stages of food this is only my opinion and I’m old :sweat_smile:

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Swing for napping bouncer for fun play time

I feel like a swing. For the longest time thst is the only way my baby would go to sleep was in the swing. It helps sooth them

A nice bouncer that leans back/is deeper helps when they’re sleeping or you just wanna lay them down without worry or having to strap them in. A swing is nice for them because many babies love the motion.

Completely depends on the baby.

My baby loved her swing but the ones that go side to side not front to back

If you can really only get one, go with a swing, but they are for different levels of development.

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They make an all in one now. That it swings and you can pull it off and use it as a bouncer. I’m not sure what brand came out with it though

They actually make a swing and bouncer duo now. They didn’t when I had my other kids. I just bought one for my new baby. It’s a swing but it clips in so when you squeeze the side handles, it comes off to use as a bouncer

Neither will work when your kid figures out they’re both containers and only wants to be held.


Bouncer. Neither of my kids liked the swing. So just one parents opinion, all kids are different

My mind immediately went to “sex” swing until I read it completely. Oops!

I think every kid is different, my son loved his swing and rocking, my daughter hated it and loved the mamaroo.