Do you redecorate your Christmas tree after your kids help?

For those of you who put up Christmas trees and have young children, if the kids help decorate the tree (and it ends up looking like a hot mess) do you redecorate when they’re not home, or leave it as is?


Well my kids have one in their room, one in the playroom and one in the dining room they decorate and I decorate the living room tree and any other tree in the house. I feel like that way I have my “pretty tree “ the way I like and they still get to help.


Nope leave it. What is to say it isn’t absolutely perfect because they did it?

I like to leave it the way my kids do it


Yes :joy: because it drives me crazy. They are older now and never noticed


I let them do it and I leave it alone.


I always left it how it was. He decorated the bottom and I did the top

I let my kids do it all have for years. When they were little little I would guide them through the decorating process and taught them to space out ornaments. They lived every minute of it. They still do and next year we will have a grandson who will be apart of the process. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have ornaments they decorate with and ones I do. So I kind of go behind and fill the holes. If there ends up a bunch in one spot from them… I have to grit and bare it lol. But I try and coach as I go about giving space


i waited til they went to bed :rofl::rofl:. my OCD can’t handle it.


We coach as they go. Show them bare spots. Offer a stool if they can’t reach. Rarely we will need to move an ornament or two due to the weight of it. My kids are just 9 and 10.


Why let them help if you are going to re do it later :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Leave it. And take plenty of pictures.

I sure as hell do :rofl::rofl::rofl: They damn well know I’m going to…they are older now and I think its become a game to them to see whose ornaments get moved & whose don’t :rofl:

Life’s way too short to care about perfection. I leave it, and it’s perfect to me especially knowing my baby did it.

I leave it! They are only small for a little while! They love their tree and so do I!

I let them do the whole thing and leave it. They enjoy it and I love looking at it knowing they had fun doing it. I guide them along the way saying don’t forget the top or make sure there’s no gaps. I also don’t have energy after to go and redo the whole thing lol

My daughter does our tree entirely on her own and we just help her reach the higher places. She is proud of how she’s decorated it so we Ieave it exactly as she did it .

They have their own trees in their rooms that they decorate. NOBODY touches my tree :joy:

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Nope. Doesn’t bother me. I just enjoy watching them be excited about decorating & picking out a new ornament every year

I don’t I let them redecorate as much as they want throughout Christmas…our tree is usually funny :smile:

We have 2. One is mine one is theirs haha.


I always left it and enjoyed it knowing they helped and loved it!


My kids used to do ours then the grandchildren did ours. They loved it and so did we

No. Having a tree that looks like a hot mess is what Christmas is about. If you want it looking pretty watch Hallmark movies.

I leave it alone and let my child be proud when people see it. If ornaments fall because of the dogs tail, I will put it back somewhere. I’ve learned that things don’t have to be my way- my child doing things her way and being proud is much more important.

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I wait till they aren’t home and I fix it. I can’t see anything uneven or it drives me bonkers.

My kids have their own tree in their rooms and a tree in the playroom so my living room is my pretty one. Theirs they can decorate it however they want

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I leave it, one day I will need to do my tree all on my own and I will miss the haphazard ornaments and messy decorations :smiling_face: life’s to short to worry about it

I used to be picky. Now I leave whatever they do. My tree is a mess. One year it will be perfect and I’ll miss the mess :sob:

I redecorate my tree after my cats help :woman_shrugging: but not my kids.

Christmas is for the kids!

Both :sweat_smile: I don’t completely redo it, but I’ll fill in bare spots as I see them the next day.

No, we leave it!!! They put their hearts into it and that makes it perfect!

I’ve gotten better at not fixing it lol but I couch them along the way to spread them out a lot better

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When mine were little, I would leave it, because that was the first thing they looked at when they got up, & I loved how they did it :child::boy: XX

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I put the ones that could break at the top and then let the older two put the ornaments where ever. This year I did move a couple that where on the same branch to the other side they only put the ornaments on half of the tree for some reason

Yes for sure. I do all the ribbons, balls, icicles, main decorations first so they are well spaced.  Then, my kids put on the family decorations. I do coach them as they go to make sure they’re not not on top of each other. But I definitely fix it later too.

I ended up fixing it after they went to bed lol :laughing::rofl::joy: we have a cat and they put almost all the ornaments right on the bottom

Leave it as is.
My kids are grown but my younger niece, she just turned 11, helps me decorate my tree. I’m very peticular so I hand her the ornaments and then try to direct her a little in where to place them but let her decide, but I have suggestions as far as spread out the colors and shapes, 2 to 3 ornaments on a branch. I have a vintage tree with glass ornaments, some vintage some not.
I do not touch them unless the cats knock them off.

Leave it alone. Would u want someone to redecorate a tree after you tried your best to decorate it?

We all put ornaments on, so it’s not so patchy, but no, I’m not “fixing” my young children’s decorations. We don’t get many years of them being young. Parents need to not be so crazy about everything looking perfect.

We decorate together I coach them and after we sit back see and move some of we need but it’s no secret for the most part they do it all

I waited until they go to bed

Nope i let my daughter and niece put up the ornaments and that’s where they stayed

I never did it always made my kids happy to see their tree and they have good memories of it

Depending on the ornament. I will.and how they put it on.

I fix it once they go to bed

:rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m guilty of this!

I would leave it as is, when my children would help. It was all about them-and for them, anyway.

I leave it cause mine goes straight to it everyday!! But heyy its for them anyways!! But I do keep buying new ornaments and let them put them on! Except my keepsake ornament.

Once the kids started school we decorated with hand made ornaments. My oldest is 17 and youngest is 11 now and it’s still mostly handmade with a few that have been gifted. They put their ornaments wherever they want. I always wanted my tree to be about memories, not just a decoration.

If they put it all on the same branch yes, I help. Otherwise they have free reign.

No you leave it the way it is. They are only young once and they might notice what you did and wont help again. Before to long they will be older and won’t want to help or out on their own.

I show them to fill in the gaps. If they can’t reach I help them. I only move them when they are to clustered but with their help finding a new place.

I was totally going to but all I had to do was move some ornaments away from others and move some ornaments to places they couldn’t reach.

Our tree is definitely a hot mess… and I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My mom was always anal about the tree (still is) and it’s like, if you’re going to go behind and redo everything, what’s the point? When mine were little they decorated the bottom of the tree and I did the rest. Now that they’re older, I let them have at it. They enjoy it and I’m happy that they’re happy.

My kids don’t touch the tree

Nope. Turn it around and decorate the other side. Lol

I could care less what the tree looks like. Lol its supposed to be a symbol of joy and family when you and family decorate, if you rearrange it, why did they help in the first place

No bc they will redecorate after me :rofl::rofl: I put lights on the roof and added most of the ornaments to it bc I’m sick of picking them up off the floor :rofl: