Do you supply diapers to your kids dad?

Did anyone supply diapers to their kids dad for his visit at his house?


I always did. I provided diapers and clothes. Although it was his responsibility I never wanted my child to need anything. I just sent enough things for the visit. Nothing to stay there. He rarely used any of my things, but it made me feel better.


Well my girls were older but I have sent plenty of food just because I didn’t want my babies to go without… I hated the pos but if they really wanted to see him for few hours I made sure they ate

Nope, his responsibility. I’ll be nice and at least give the size and what to not buy

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My oldests dad never took her. Not once. But if he did I’d probably pack her bad like I would if she was staying with grand parents. Which rarely happened either. Be thankful

Yes, and clothes. I never wanted my kid to go without. He hardly ever used then because he bought his own, but it gave me a piece of mind know she had everything she needed.

Nope, he can get them; And they can stay at his place too.


Flip side of it, the mom does put them in the bag but we buy diapers every two weeks and drop off at her house :woman_shrugging:

I asked my boyfriend this. He says hell no. That is the father’s job.

Absolutely not!
You aren’t expected to make sure he has food, clothes, housing, transportation, power, water etc!

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