Do you think I am over reacting about social distancing?

Do you think I am overreacting when it comes to social distancing and Coronavirus precautions? Ok, so I am 41 weeks pregnant, and I have a two-year-old at home. My partner is thankfully at home with us; we are blessed that he has a job that has him staying home for the quarantine. However, he is not taking it seriously; when he goes out he does not wash his hands when he gets back; he doesn’t use any sort of sanitizer and will touch/feed our toddler. He wants to go to the shooting range and be out doing things. And he calls me crazy for being worried that he is allowing his family to visit our toddler and us when they have not been practicing social distancing either. And they kiss/ hug/touch, my toddler, without washing hands. I feel really bad if I am overreacting. I love his family. I just want to protect ours because I and our son are higher risks right now.


No he needs to get his shit in line this isnt a joke

You are not overreacting! I would be pissed.


Not overreacting at all. If one of us has to go to the store we immediately throw the clothes we were wearing in the washer and get a shower. What does he not understand?

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It should just be normal to wash your hands after being out… even before all this virus stuff we always wash our hands after a outing. Sorry but your husband is a idiot.


No your not overreacting at all.

Girl! I would loooooooose it on him. You are super pregnant, if he continues like he is doing there’s a chance they won’t let him in the hospital with you. He’s got to start actually social distancing or it could absolutely cause y’all issues and with a newborn on the way that is the last thing you need!


He is the crazy one. This is real and can kill anyone.

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I’d just start telling the family myself " Will you please wash your hands first? Thank you." If they won’t then remove your kiddo from the situation. Protecting your kids and yourself is absolutely ok.


Your husband and is family are being irresponsible and selfish. I’d be throwing a major pregnant lady tantrum if I were you.


I’m in a similar boat. No one is listening to me either. My brother is a good for nothing waste sack and all he does is mooch off everyone. My husband and father pay half the rent each (bad divorce situation) and my brother is continuing to bring his friends over and refuse to listen to anyone. We obviously can’t move in the middle of this but I’m going crazy

I’d be mad, I always wondered and worried for the pregnant mommas… I believe some babies have passed away in the United States…

Girl tell them how you feel if they love you baby and you that will respect that you are trying to do what’s best for your family

No. Your partner is CRAZY!!! You need to put your foot down. You all should not be having visitors. Period!


I’d be pissed. You aren’t overreacting at all.

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Absolutely not. You are high risk and your newborn is high risk. If either one of you get it they will separate you from your child. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Nope you are not! The crazy thing is that statistics show that men are contracting the virus more than women and yet they walking around like they’re invinsible!

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You’re not overreacting. This is a serious thing and people need to be following the safety precautions

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Show him the article of the death of a 1 day old baby in baton rouge

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I would be pissed off.
Don’t care what ANYONE (including my children’s father) thought about how I handled it. Someone has to give a shit!! Sure as hell ain’t them…

You’re not overreacting at all! He and his family need to start taking this seriously, especially with little ones involved! Do what’s best to keep you and your little ones safe :heart:


Wtf. No you’re not overreacting. I think hes acting like a selfish fool.

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Tell him to wash it’s serious my mama dropped off wipes to me yesterday for my 11 month old and she’s a nurse she works in a nursing home she takes it serious so sad thou we couldn’t hug or anything but we wash our hands and carry sanitizer with us no friends or family over I have really poor health and 2 kids so ya it’s a serious matter

I have flat out told my in-laws they are not welcome to come see their grandkids. They are high risk and we dont want them getting it if the kids are asymptomatic. We dont go anywhere except the store, and that is just one parent going. They are upset with me right now cause I’m “keeping them from us!” Get a clue… you’ll survive… There are zoom calls or facetime…deal with it!


Put your foot down! Even if, sorry to stay you have to kick him out until this shit is over! Don’t allow any visitors! My parents haven’t seen my kids since the quarantine…kids come first. If your husband can’t understand this, he needs to go stay with his fam and stay away from you and the babies.

Calm down, stress lowers your immune system response. He is not going to change. Meet him at the door with hand sanitizer. Cook healthy meals. Eat foods fuul of Vit C and Vit A. Get some sun. All of these improve the immune system

You are the mom! Follow your instincts.

Duh, has he not listened to the recommendations from the CDC or any medical professional? Plus, this is way too much stress on you.

No you are not overreacting. He isn’t using any precautions whatsoever and jeopardizing you and the kids.

No were all told the best way to lessen the curve is with social distancing.
Your husband is being a covidiet by what you’ve tell him if he wants to keep going out during the pandemic either you two will have to seek different accommodations or he will.
If my husband leaves when he gets back everything gets wiped down, his clothes in the washer and he goes straight to the shower. We have an 8 month old.

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Throw his ass out for a few weeks

Ppl are getting arrested for doing exactly what he’s doing. Keep ur kids safe. That’s what matters. He’ll regret it if one of thenkidsnor you and the baby come home sick. Praying for you and ur kids safety from your husband. Smh

Whatever you do try to convince him to get on board it definitely won’t hurt you wouldn’t be able to do it himself anything happened best to be safe

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You have a young toddler and are pregnant, he should be at least washing his hands and staying indoors as much as he can out of sheer decency

You are not overreacting AT ALL! He’s being extremely selfish and so is his family. I wouldn’t even be allowing this to happen and would flip out. My mother thinks I’m keeping my toddler boys for her and she’s absolutely right. I’m not risking the health of my sons or hers! It sucks but we can wait to see her and FaceTime in the meantime.

If Quarantine cal the cops and tell them you have people showing up to your house and they refuse to leave.

It’s your house and family too. Simply say no. Or if they come over, lock you and your child in your room until they leave. Stand your ground and stand up for not your health but your CHILDS health.


I’m 36w with a 1 year old and we haven’t seen our family/friends in weeks to be extra cautious.

My husband goes to work and comes home, and does our grocery shop once a week-that’s all he does!!

I would be upset if I were you. You are not overreacting!

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Not over reacting. My husband isnt taking it extremely serious either, he went to walmart to just look for something not necessary, buuut his family understands the severity of this and canceled their trip to come visit. My husband always uses the sanitizer we have next to changing table and washes his hands. But I do get frustrated when he wants to just go out and about sometimes

WTF? You can’t fix stupid!

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Call your doctor or hospital. A lot of hospitals are limiting attendants to 1 person. If that person leaves the hospital they are not allowed back in. Some places won’t allow anyone. Some are shortening hospital stays.

Our youngest daughter has medical issues so we have always been a little more strict than most. For the past month, my husband only leaves if it is absolutely necessary - if we need groceries and I’m not able to get a grocery pickup order. Everything is cleaned with a disinfectant before it comes inside. He takes a shower and we immediately wash his clothes. We haven’t allowed anyone over, not even family. The way we view it is it’s better to do too much than not enough. I think some people aren’t taking it as seriously because we’ve never experienced anything like this. I have family members that work in the medical field. They were concerned in the beginning but became much more concerned after seeing it firsthand.

Also if you have family you can go stay with do so first the first few weeks of babies life and take the toddler with you.

You are not overreacting. He is a toddler.

I would not put it on face book I would chaise my left foot and put it up where the sun don’t shine then he might listen famliey first


You are absolutely not overreacting, he is being incredibly selfish and foolish!

Tell him to go stay with them and drop groceries on the doorstep once a week.


He should be washing his hands even when we’re not in the middle of a Pandemic.

Find some videos to show him of sad healthcare workers, people who are suffering through symptoms, those who have had loved ones die for lack of timely testing or ventilators. Frankly I’d change the locks and make him live in the garage until he gets it.

I’m home with an 8 week old daughter and our 14 yr old son and we haven’t seen our family/friends in over 8 weeks to be extra cautious!! Our daughter gets her 1st shots next week & I called to make sure they know we are being SUPER aggressive with social distances and will wait in the car until they call us to come straight to the exam room. No waiting rooms for us, no thank you.

My husband goes to work and comes home, and does our grocery shopping too once a week that’s all he does!! Once he gets home shoes are off outside, he strips and puts clothes directly in washer. Then he showers to remove the “germs from the day out in public away”!! This is a MUST!!

I would be upset if I were you. You are not overreacting! Call the police if they don’t leave. They could literally be bringing in the virus and fast forward 2 weeks and killing your toddler, you and your unborn child!! Take it serious, we all need to take this more seriously. Its those that aren’t ,that will infect the rest of us.

I’m a very protective Mom anyway and germaphobe. My OCD with cleanliness is in overdrive. Please, wipe everything they’ve touched with bleach. Lysol and disinfect any furniture, upholstery, clothes they touched while visiting!!

He’s a fuckin idiot… good luck

No. Just no. And id be pissed he didn’t care enough to do what makes me comfortable, even if he thinks it’s dumb. If he can’t get it together, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask him to stay elsewhere or you go to your family for now.

Why THE HELL is this even a question? I’m sorry but this is stupid. You’re the mom it is your duty to protect yourself and your toddler (obviously your husband too but he’s too ignorant) do what you know is best and do not let his family near you and your kid? Get some control on your life. And i mean about the husband i don’t know he’s obviously just stupid. Keep away

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So glad that someone else asked this. I’m actually having this issue with my ex husband. I have FULL custody of our kids and am getting into arguments with him daily about me not wanting to send the kids with him when he’s off of work. I’m so so nervous about this all because he thinks it’s all a hoax and is not taking anything seriously. He’s been traveling back and forth to multiple states and continuing to just be around large groups of people. He even wanted to take our kids on a large camping trip with a bunch of different friends.

Am I in the wrong for saying no to him taking our kids right now?


Tell him if he won’t do it for himself, then do it for his family. Would he take you out in a boat with no life preservers? Would he take you in a car with no car seat or seatbelts? Would he put himself between you and danger? Then he needs to reconsider for his family!

I had my second child 2 1/2 weeks ago and nobody has met him officially. They’ve only been allowed to see him through our glass patio door. We haven’t allowed anybody in our house since we got home from the hospital.

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If he won’t listen then maybe you should do some social distancing between you and your baby and him!!

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He’s a fool…Lock his ass out of the house an family too.

Change the locks!!! You already know the answer to this queston. Call the police or somebody in authority to be outside your door when he comes home from his next adventure. They could have a little talk with him. And if you let him anywhere near your newborn I would definitely call the police then.

You are not over reacting…That msn should be washing his hands and taking all precautions to keep the family safe. My man carries sanitizers and has only left yhe house once in 2 weeks

Your not over reacting I would be kicking him out ! And his family would be kicked out Aswel for even considering putting you and your baby and toddler at risk I would be absolutely furious ! My daughter is shielding not one person has entered or left our house in a month all food orders are left outside and sprayed down , even though none of us have left the house wnd no one has entered we still all wash our hands constantly throughout the day x

I also think there are much deeper issues here if you are allowing this. Keep that toddler away from him!!!


You are not overreacting. This virus is spreading so fast around the world because people are not taking it seriously. Hopefully it doesn’t take you or your son being hospitalized with this virus before your partner and family understand that this virus is deadly and easily transmitted

There is soooo much more that has to be done to completely protect your family besides social distancing and crap but I would be upset with him going out multiple places. But like I said you would have to sanitize EVERYTHING that comes into your home and strip naked and shower before entering to complete protect you and your family. But it definitely helps if you limit yourself from going places and doing things…

This is exactly the reason why the government has stepped in and made it a fineable offence to have groups of more than 5 people (who don’t live at the same address, obviously) because people continue to not listen. You need to put your foot down. You’re allowing this to continue, and are part of the issue as a result.

41 weeks pregnant?! Yikes.

Your husband is a fool ! Your a good Mom . Everyone must take this seriously or else its gonna KILL us all ! (Nurse for 40 years ) Please get away from him before he gets /gives to You all . So sorry !

I don’t think you’re overreacting. Anytime you go out to the store you should come home and wash your hands. Anytime you prepare food, especially for a child, you should wash your hands beforehand. The flu is more deadly, and is also super contagious, even with a vaccine. RSV is also a deadly virus for children. Do NOT allow people around your newborn baby. Lock the doors, scream at your husband till your blue that you will not let anyone around your baby, and do NOT let your newborn baby out of your arms if anyone comes around. They cannot pry your baby out of your arms, and if they try, they arent allowed to your house until your baby gets shots/you feel comfortable :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: you’re allowed to overreact when it comes to your children (you’re not btw).


No and if he isn’t taking precautions when he HAS to go out for necessities I honestly would not let him be in the house with us. His actions are ridiculous!

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No your not.
Quarantine means separate yourselves and clean.

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I would be furious, I wouldn’t even let him in my house. His family doesn’t even need to be going to your house, tell them no and keep the door locked.

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You are absolutely not overreacting!