Do you think my FWB would care if I dated his friend?

So I have a fwb I have had for close to a year & he says that’s all we will ever be. Well do you think he would care if I am into his friend that has a crush on me?


Fwb doesn’t get a say. Go for it! Live your life and be happy!


I mean, if he says “that’s all you’ll ever be” then CARES, he lied :rofl:


Of course he will. He thinks he’s in contol of whatever your situation is. Don’t do it just for that reason though. Be a better person.

That’s totally up to you and your choice of life style.

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Talk to him. Communication. Idk what’s gonna happen it just be honest. I wanna say “if he’s ur friend he’ll understand” but … Idk lol i hope it helps.

Does the friend know that his friend is your FWB?

If he’s only a friend ask if he would care

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Does the new guy know of your situation with his friend? I’d address that first, the other guy is the one set on fwb, he knows what that entails.


Like hamsters in a box… sure go for it​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sunglasses:

I just want to know what a Fwb is

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My petty petty says DO IT!! :skull::joy::joy::joy:


Baby go for it…don’t let that boy keep you from your husband :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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That’s your choice and the consequences that comes with.

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Isn’t that the definition of a FWB in a sense? You’re free to do whatever you’d like! Go for it


Had a FWB for a long time and he actually encouraged me to date his friends. He should not care at all. That’s the definition of a FWB,FRIENDS!

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I’d let the other guy know about the FWV situation & if he’s on board then the FWB shouldn’t care either way. He didn’t wanna be anything more then a FWB so he can’t be mad if someone else wants more with you. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Good luck
Oftentimes, FWB ends in serious drama

Does the friend know of your fwb situation with his friend? Personally I feel like this is just going to cause drama and friendships to be ruined. If you are looking to date someone, look outside of your friend circle imo.


FWB doesn’t really get a say. It’s sorta the definition of that type of relationship.

FWB’s FRIEND, however, may or may not be comfortable with this arrangement or the history between you and your FWB. If the friend is ok with it knowing the history, go for it!


Don’t do it!!! Honestly it will be a mess.

If you’re only FWB I wouldn’t be taking into account what they want or think in this matter.

They’ve made it clear that this isn’t going to go anywhere.

I mean if he isn’t gonna step up then let the man that wants to be able to :woman_shrugging:t3:

If he’s only a fwb who cares what he thinks he’s nothing to you and you’re nothing to him. You do you.

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He’s only your boy toy  you can do whatever you want

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Probably but that’s his issue since he wants nothing more with you that what you have.

Now, is his friend aware that his friend is your FWB??

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Fwb is supposed to be just that nothing more. If he wants more than why don’t you guys date right?


Do it and report back :rofl: because if that man can’t step up and be bf material then let someone else you can’t do that your whole life


Ask. If you’re going to have a friend with benefits, and especially if you are going to date at the same time, there needs to be 100% communication between everyone involved to reduce the chance of pain and losing friends/lovers.

No matter what your love life looks like, fwb, poly, one couple, multiple partners, etc you all need open communication because thats respect. They have as much right as you do to decide if a relationship is right for them.

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To be honest, unless you plan on moving forward with a relationship, I would leave them both alone. They both will not take you serious. I’d move on and leave that whole situation alone. the fact that his friend is ok talking to you while you’re in a situationship with his friend says a lot about where he is mentally. Unless he is worthy and is moving mountains to have something serious with you, I wouldn’t go there. I don’t know how old you are but at my age (40) I prefer peace over drama any day.


Who cares? You’re adults, do who you want lol

Firstly you should determine if the “friend” is serious about “you” or just wants to get in line for the “benefits” part of FWB, then you should examine bro-code rules for probable violations, if they’re bro’s you know they talk and the friend is aware of the arrangement

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Idk I wouldn’t wanna be known as the girl who ran through the mandem :sweat_smile:

Men are savage like that.

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The stuff i read on this page :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


If he is only Fwb, depends on the benifits Two’s company Three’s a crowd. :thinking::roll_eyes:

Who cares what he thinks , going out with a friend of someone you been sleeping with a year says more about you to be honest

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If someone I’ve been sleeping with for close to a year told me “that’s all you’ll ever be”, than that would indicate to me that I’m free to date who I please. The only person I’d be disclosing anything to is the guy I’m interested in. Especially if they’re friends.


I don’t even know how this page ended up on my Facebook I’m not a mom lol but Who cares they have already stated that you will just be fwb and nothing more. If they wanted a relationship they would of said something by now.

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If a man wants to keep you in the friendzone, he should expect to see your name in his friends phone.

You don’t owe him anything and who cares what he thinks.


Tell him you’re going to. Don’t ask permission

Might be a set up … One friend told the other and now you’re just a garden tool…


Even if he do. Who cares. Do it

Go for it. The hell with what he thinks.

Do what YOU want. Who cares what someone who wants you just as friend thinks he doesn’t want you.

Leave the friend alone you will be the main topic of their jokes whilst they discuss everything they do with you

This just says slam pig all over it lmao

Sounds like a recipe for drama

Don’t let these dudes pass you around. You are surely better than that :woman_shrugging:

Outa all the people in the world you want his friend after you’ve already degraded yourself with him. Your self esteem is in the trash. You want to be a passaround girl that friends can chat about. Go find your daddy and heal your daddy issues and get your self esteem out the trash and stop diminishing your self to all these men cum bucket. Leave all of them alone tf

Lol nope that how me and husband met my old fwb was a mutual friend between us and we been stuck at the hip since me and husband will be together 8 years next month but what worked for us is me and the mutual friend set my husband down and explain the history the past and we’re honest up front we are still friends but the key to all this is honesty from the jump so your friend hey I like your buddy over there I would like to date him

Hey, he’s the one who said you’ll never be more than fwb so what’s it to him? Go ahead with his friend. If your fwb gets mad then maybe he’ll learn not to be so toxic .

It’s time to start traumatizing these MFs back, I say do it!!!