Do You Think My Husband Could Be Cheating?

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"Okay so (somewhat long sorry) SO and I have been together for 7 years and have 2 small children together. SO is about 14 years older which hasn’t been an issue aside from sex. His testosterone has been low for about a year and we have very little sex. Recently he got a little blue pill that will help but be got these pills over a month ago (which I had no clue he’d had them this long) and we just had sex for the first time in 3 months. When I found them I couldn’t help but count them. The bottle came with 48 and now only has 43. So he’s used 4 pills…and not with me. Is there any reason other than cheating that he would have taken them? Also he changed the pass code on his phone. Not having sex and all this makes me insecure and paranoid, I’m nervous to confront him because if I’m wrong I seem like I’m snooping…but what if he is getting it elsewhere?"

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"Talk to him about it. His answer should tell you an you can decide what to do from there. Don’t let it eat you up inside."

"When I get a new medicine I tend to try it out bf rolling into it"

"Maybe he’s used it by himself while watching porn to see how well it works for him? Confront him. You’re married, you’re suppose to be able to talk about things."

"Maybe he’s just watching porn? If that’s an issue with you talk about it. Don’t come at him crazy. My man watches porn but that’s because I’m the one who doesn’t always want to have sex. But when I do he’s always down for it."

"Is it possible that maybe he wanted to try them out first to see how it would be without you? Like maybe wanted to see how he’d react to it? Maybe he’s been watching porn to assist in that department, hence the possible need for a pass code on his phone. If he’s been having issues with ED, I don’t see him risking the embarrassment of trying to sleep with someone else? Just a theory."

"Bring it up…and see what his reaction is. That will tell u what u need to know"

"Id straight up ask him"

"Just ask. I’m sure it hit his ego when he couldn’t perform so it could be he tested it out with some videos just to make sure so he would be relaxed when it came time? That’s the only thing I can think of besides cheating."

"Ask him straight up and listen to the way he answers, that will tell you if he’s cheating or not."

"I would ask him. I would say "I noticed you have a lock on your phone and it’s making me feel a little insecure would you mind taking it off." Go from there. Don’t jump to conclusions."

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