Do you think past lives are real?

Hello everyone, has anyone experienced a past life? Recently, I have experienced this strong connection with a guy at work. I felt like I have seen him and everything that goes on at work. I get a strange feeling like I have been there before also, I could see the exact people and even the guy. Through my dreams, and the following day it comes true. The guy at work still flirts with me. I just go in for work, and whenever he’s around, he starts touching me in a sneaky way. My question is has there such thing as a past life. Because I know for a fact that something soon will occur between the guy and me at work? BTW every since I met the guy at work, he’s on my mind. I have never had this happened before. No negative comments, please.


I believe anything is possible.


I swear I have moments where sometimes I can just somehow know what’s going to happen next or days like today I swear I dreamt the same conversation in the same place it happened or something but I could remember hearing or whatever this conversation before so no I dont think you’ve lost your mind. Idk what to call it but I have those days too


Dejavu? Maybe? Had that lots of times.


Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only changes form. Humans are made of energy. Where does that energy go? Some believe that’s how reincarnation works. So in this situation, your energy would remember his energy. I’m not 100% sure if I’m a believer, but anything is possible :relaxed:


Anything is possible.

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Heck no i was a squell and i got ran over and thencin this life i moved in the same block i was killed. It freeked me out. Im 69 and i was 8 when we moved freeked mom and dad out every time we wentbpassed the spot. And i started screaming.

I believe it. I had a dream that my step daughter and her friend went play outside this was before xmas. I dreamt that they were going to go play outside on my back porch and look into my bedroom window and see the presents that were in my closet. Literally the next day it happened, and I tried to run to my room so fast to hide them more but I’m pretty sure she seen the bags. I kept telling my boyfriend that I knew it was going to happen lol. It’s like dejavu.

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The same feeling came over me when I saw my now fiance for the first time at work… it was the strangest thing, like I knew him AND knew he was gonna be my husband…

Idk about a past life but maybe your just super infatuated with this guy bc of the attention he is giving you? I would tread super lightly tho as work and romance do NOT mix well and this could blow up into a shit storm if yall hook up and it ends badly


I believe in past lives, but I believe stronger in the concept of “don’t shit where you eat”.


I know people who strongly believe in past lives. With that being said, we generally seek that “normalcy” at work so be careful about seeking companionship at work especially if it’s a smaller company.

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I believe in past life’s, I also believe that you can have visions while you sleep. I get them from time to time, most people get a feeling of dajavu and continue about their day. But for me I try to use my visions to seek out answers.

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Congrats. You found your soul mate.

I mean maybe you just fallen head over heels with the guy.? You found someone that you can connect. Great!
And like the other comments say here becareful with romance in the work place. Some don’t ever turn out well. Don’t risk your job/position.

Totally believe in a past life I also believe in premonitions. I wouldn’t necessarily go 4 someone at work. No matter how mature u are about the situation, most dont end well.

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I know someone who kept saying deja vu and remembering and connecting things of the past to a guy she barley knew, its all fake just demons toying with her life , she ended up jumping into a shitty relationship didnt want to let go until the guy had to push her away she would probably go back to him if he wanted to keep stringing her along very unhealthy mind set!! If anything take these déjà vu as warnings


Work isn’t a place to find romance.

Record you dreams everyday for a year and see what patterns you see.


Its a warning that you do have a choice either way??

I met my fiancé online and the moment I seen him my eyes lit up and we started dating immediately. Now two years later we are engaged and expecting a daughter next month so yeah I do believe that past life’s exist. After all we aren’t really people. We’re just vast being of consciousness floating around in the abyss

Well when my 4 year old son points to a street and says he used to live over there and when I pointed out that we hadn’t and he tells me it was with his old family then yeah I believe in past lives x


Honey y’all are flirting and your deja vu is just fantasy


I believe in past life…

It could mean that your meant to be together my dads side of the family says that deja vu its just the universe telling you that youre on the right path in life

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No so stay with the present and future

When I was 3 I kept staring at an old man in the grocery store and told my dad I served with him in WW2. My dad was and still is floored. It’s one of his fav stories to tell about me.

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There are so many red flags with this post…I honestly feel you are seeing what you want to see and trying to justify it. Be very careful. Just because we may have known someone in a past life doesnt mean it is meant to be or that we are meant to be together in this one.


Deja vu is the future. It’s real.

It’s called love or infatuation. Has this person never experienced it before?

That guy he’s married