Do your and your spouse share money?

Do you and your bf/husband/common law spouse keep your money together or separate ?


Ours has always been all together

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Ours has always been a joint account.

My husband and I together for almost 14 years share everything. It all goes into one account.

We keep it separate but he sends me
Money for bills and if I need any extra :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It all goes together first! We pay the bills, set aside savings, and split the rest that we alotted as extra fun and running money.

Separate right now. But when we get married we will have a our own bank account then share one for the expenses of the house.

All our money goes into joint Acc hubby makes about 3 x more than I do a week, I make sure all bills paid and whatever else, hubby takes money for work n whatever he needs for the week n rest is left in joint n I use for day to day things, if either us need anything we just take, no questions we’re married have 3 kids in there to do all school runs, club runs etc , and work over 7 days shorter shifts so I can do that which I prefer x


My husband and I share everything.

We work together but,he has his account and I have mine.We are gonna open a joint for the bills and saving.

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We have ours togther for 46 years with no problem.

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We have our money together and have never had any issues, been together 7 years.

We keep it separate but if one or the other needs money we give it to each other.


I have had my own account and still do. we have had one with both names in it but it was mainly his

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We had 2 different accounts because of his ss. But both at same bank. I was the money manager. So I transferred between accounts as needed. Worked for us

It’s together and separate. We have multiple accounts for different purposes. We both have access to all accounts. The only exception is my investment account. I don’t allow him access to those because he doesn’t understand them.


Only you know the relationship your in, if your askin’ better keep them separate…

We have our own accounts, and then we also have a joint account we transfer money into weekly for household items, groceries, etc.


We are getting up in age so now we have 2 separate accounts. If one of us had to go into a nursing home that is when it causes a problem when it is together

Married for 8 yrs. We have 2 separate accounts… We don’t argue over money. Our bills are paid. That’s all that matters


My husband and I do. My sisters and theirs don’t. My brothers In law don’t but my sister in law does because she’s a stay at home mom. Has like a set allowance though.

Not married yet. Been together 8 years we live like we are. Shared bank account. Bills get paid by priority and we both do whatever we want get whatever we need with the rest. Only check in with each other for larger purchases to make sure there isn’t a bill coming out or something

Whats his is mine and whats mine is his we shared bank cards got paid into same account ect but my sisters household is opposite they even owe each other money which i personally dont understand x

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some together some separate

I was a SAHM for 3.5 years. We started sharing the month we got married. I just never knew any different coming from my families that always shared. So it’s always been that way, and will stay that way. I work part time now and both of our checks go into our bank account. We both have savings that each other doesn’t have access to, but I haven’t put anything into mine in 3.5 years since I haven’t worked. We have very young kids, and with me not having an income, it wouldn’t have made sense at all to have my own. I shouldn’t have to ask for money when I’m working 24/7 taking care of the house and kids is my opinion.

Separate. We split bills 50/50

Shared money right away but added him to my account 1yr into our relationship. But I know friends of our who have separate accounts nothing shared and don’t have access to each other’s accounts. What works for one couple doesn’t work for everyone

Joint account. I still have my account when we first met but its used for the cs deposits for my older children.

But he’s constantly wiring me money :rofl:.

Separate. We split bills but I pay more because I brought children into the relationship.

We share 1 bank account 1 savings and credit cards nothing is seperate everything is in both of our names. We are 1 person :joy:

Whether separate or together, if your name is not on the account or as beneficiary, if something happens you will have NO access to that money. So for emergency purposes please have someone on your account.

We were just so different rather than arguing about money we just kept separate accounts and divided up expenses. For example, he paid the mortgage and I paid for everything else. We each paid expenses on our own cars and picked whoever’s insurance was the best deal for our kids. Saved a lot of time and trouble. We tried having a joint account for joint expenses, but he was paranoid that I’d spend it all so we just closed it.

I’m legally married and we have separate bank accounts. We both work and we each have certain bills we pay. We have talked about opening a joint account to put money in to share while still keeping our separate accounts too. But haven’t done it yet. To be fair, I’m better at money management than he is lol.

We’ve had a joint bank account since the day we got married. When I was working both of our checks were deposited together and all of it was used for bills and whatever else we needed or wanted. Now that I’m not working it’s still our money that we both use as needed (within reason lol) and neither of us care