Do your cook/serve your husband food?

Do y’all still cook and serve your husband plate or no why not


Whoever cooks makes plates for everyone for the most part. Some nights we’ll switch out. We’re a team.

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My husband does most of the cooking, but regardless of who cooks, everyone makes their own plate. My husband always says he wants to make sure myself and the kids get enough to eat before he makes his plate. I make sure the kids have theirs first and then he and I serve ourselves together.

He cooks if he’s home and we plate the kids but plate our own plates, sometimes we will plate each others but usually just do our own.

Empty nester so it depends. A couple nights a week I will try and make something he likes. He makes his own plate. He’s been working a lot of overtime but when I know he is going to be home I make him supper. If he doesn’t like what I make he fends for himself always has cause he is a picky eater

If I make dinner I make everyone’s plates because they look prettier :rofl:. If hubby cooks he makes everyone else’s plate but mine since he’s not sure how much I’ll want.

I make everyone’s plate and serve them.

Yes I do. I cook dinner every night and serve everyone’s plates and drinks. I also make my husband’s and kid’s lunches for work/school.