Do your kids like the foods you craved while pregnant?

Random question…but has anyone else noticed their little one loves the food that you craved while pregnant? I craved ALL the bread and potatoes of any kind and now those are absolutely my son’s favorite foods. My mom told me that her craving with me was pasta and yep, that’s my favorite food too. Just wondered if anyone else noticed the same thing with their little ones?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do your kids like the foods you craved while pregnant?

Yes all 4 of my kids. What I craved is actually their fav foods

My mom ate enchilada beef tacos and spegetti with me. I’ve always refused those three things even as a kid

Nope… I wish I could get my kid to eat salad :sweat_smile:

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Black licorice ice cream

My ex husband’s mom craved anything orange when she was pregnant and he loves anything orange but she hates it. I craved pickles with my oldest and now I can’t handle the smell or even the sight of a pickle. But he will eat an entire jar and drink the juice. He loves anything pickle.

I always heard kids don’t like what you craved when pregnant but my son loves Arby’s beef and cheddar and I single handedly kept them in business the 9 months of pregnancy… and of course I ate about an orchards worth of apples, now he ll eat two a day so go figure

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Nope. Mine hates strawberries

It’s supposedly a thing for them favor some foods you craved or ate often because there is supposed to be the taste of them in the womb so it’s familiar. I don’t know how accurate any info is for this.

First trimester I could only eat jerk chicken and plantains. The thought of anything else made me sick.
Then I was crunchy hospital ice.
Finally good ol’ pickles. I once held up a whole grocery line so I could go get some.

So I can’t speak for my kid as I didn’t birth her. But I can tell you that my mom craved Mac n cheese and grape flavored anything. LOVE me some Mac n cheese. CANNOT STAND artificial grape.

Yup! My oldest was hot fries the chips… youngest was fresh pineapple and mango. They absolutely love them. Now I’m pregnant with my last and I’ve craved ice and slushees.

Yes! My daughter loves crushed ice and mashed potatoes.

My oldest loves spicy and sweet, my middle loves strawberries. So I say yes. I oddly didn’t crave anything with my 3rd.

Not as much as craves. But when prego with my daughter I couldn’t eat meat. It was weird. My girl now 16 and I still can’t get her to eat much meat. A little chicken and that’s about it.

I ate tacos 4 or 5 days a week and my son refuses to touch them.

Yes. I ate differently with all my kids & they all love what I crave when I was pregnant with them

Nit noticed but when was pregant with my first I sufferd pre natal depression and anxiety and did alot if reading, long baths and being outside cause found It helped settled me alit and realised my daughter loves these 3things aswell

Yes, I craved Avocados. Had to eat an entire Avocado with every meal. Was always excited at bed time because I knew when i woke up I’d eat an Avocado :laughing:
My son is in love with Avocados. He can eat them all day. He’s 4 now he’s loved them since the first time he had them.

Not really I craved anything orange, anything with Italian dressing, coleslaw which I didn’t like until I was pregnant with my oldest. My boys will eat anything with orange but can’t say it’s their favorite and they definitely don’t like Italian dressing stuff or coleslaw. They are actually really picky eaters.

With my oldest son he’s not about to be 10 I’ve always craved like spicy Cheetos and stuff like that my entire pregnancy everyday I was eating spicy Cheetos well anyway now that he’s old enough he looks Takis and he loves all kinds of hot sauce and spicy stuff well we had to cut it out he’s not really allowed to have the spicy stuff because he over does it lol

Yes. I craved spicy, veggies with ranch and hot fries with each of my pregnancies. All my kids love spicy food, veggies, ranch and hot fries

For the most part. I craved fruits and veggies and my daughter might end up the only vegetarian in my house. At 7, she would live off fruit and veggies if she could. I also craved asparagus tho, and she hates asparagus

Chicken nuggets with the first one yep! Steak with the second, yep! Literally everything makes me sick this time around so I’m guessing the 3rd one won’t eat anything

I guess I never thought of it but yes my son loves pizza and that was all I craved

Yep. My son loves chicken nuggets and my daughter loves burgers :joy:

Yup! Frenchfries don’t usually like them, Loved them while Pregnant and now my daughter loves them

Yup! Tacos, pickles and pepperoni

I ate so much Cap’n Crunch Berries while I was pregnant with my daughter. It’s her favorite cereal and she is now 10! :joy:

I craved fruit and citrus. Mostly pineapple and lemon.

My kid loves it

Nope, I loved and craved cheesecake and he’s not a fan at all.

Yes, with my first I always craved McDonalds nuggets and that’s one of her favorites too lol my second I craved a lot of veggies, fruits and spicy food and hot Cheetos and he absolutely loves spicy food and hot chips and my third all I wanted was mandarin oranges and that’s her favorite thing to eat

With my first I craved tomatoes… lots and lots of them… spicy tomatoe juice and my daughter hates spicy foods and tomatoes!
With my other 3 daughters I craved fruits and vegetables… 2 of the 3 loves fruits and vegetables. The other one likes very little of each. My son I craved sweets and he doesn’t like sweets at all.

Yes i craved pepsi , lol
My daughter still loves it

My mom craved Reese cups and chips and dip with me…. I love both

Yes. With my first it was watermelon. Even watermelon flavored anything. She’s going to be 30 and since she is was old enough to eat it it’s been one of her favorites

My son is still obsessed with anything insanely spicy.
My daughter still likes anything I put in frint of her. Lol :woman_shrugging:

Nope definitely not the case with my kids

Not everything, with my son it was broccoli, doughnuts and tomato/veggie juice. He loves broccoli and doughnuts, but not the juice. With my daughter it was mcdonald’s and almost any kind of sweets. She loves mcdonald’s and sweets. With this one is flamin hots, burgers and milk, so we’ll see…

Sort of. I craved ice cream, poutine, burgers, and chips with my 2 boys. They like the ice cream and chips but not the poutine and burgers.

My favorite snack when pregnant with my son was mango with tajin. He came out allergic :joy:

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My kids would never touch the things I craved while pregnant.

I constantly craved eggs (omelettes/scrambled, etc) when I was pregnant. Come to find out, my daughter was allergic to egg whites! Only as of the last three months, has she been finally cleared of the allergy, and she’s 13. :joy:

No I Haven’t, mine is opposite with my second milk and dairy products made me very sick. He couldn’t have dairy for a couple years.
My 3rd who is now 2 is allergic to everything that made me very sick while pregnant with him.

One child does the other doesn’t. :joy::joy:

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I craved sweets with my oldest and he likes sweets. I didn’t crave anything with my second because I was constantly sick, and she used to be very picky, less so now that she’s a teen. I craved meat with my youngest and she hates it lol.

I was obsessed with pineapple :pineapple: and it’s my daughter’s favorite fruit

Peanut butter & jelly sandwich with slim Jim. My now 5 yr old loves slim jim!!Jim!!! Still can’t get her to eat any sandwiches, I’m sure she will when she’s a little older.

My kids all ate dirt and that was my craving :rofl:

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Buffalo sauce with everything

With first child it was sweets like cake, second was baked potato with butter, third was Buffalo sauce on anything

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Yes and no,
I cousnt stand any form of chicken when i was pregant with my daughter but its the only meat she will eat.
But she loves watermelons and mango magic boost juice which was my main cravings

I didn’t crave anything in particular; but I did drink a lot of chocolate milk, which is normal for me. My kid hates chocolate milk, and is an incredibly picky eater…lol.

Absolutely not. My 2nd hates vegetables but I craved greens. My 4th tolerates but not in love with oranges, but I had 6 oranges daily. My 5th hates pickles, but I craved pickles,

Yes just not the pickles lol

I craved salad with my daughter and she loves salad and i craved pancakes and ice with my son. He loves to chew ice and loves pancakes.

McDonald’s kfc and bags of lollies yip my son loves all of them haha

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So mine is the opposite. When I was pregnant pickles made me sick. I could be trying to cuddle my guy and he hasn’t eaten one pickle. And I would smell pickles and get sick. But our son likes pickles.

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Not foods… But I can’t sit my iced Carmel latte down for any amount of time… Because they steal it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I love pizza but could not eat it when I was carrying my first daughter. She’s 25 now and still doesn’t like it

Pizza and beans on toast yep love them both even if I did always throw the beans on toast up 90% of the time​:joy::unamused:

With my oldest I craved sliced cheese. Now neither one of us can stand it!

I craved shrimp with my 2nd ans she loves shrimp!

With my 1st I craved cherry jolly ranchers and spicy food…she adores them both!

I craved watermelon and a specific drink from Starbucks…he loves those too.

I craved milkshakes and my daughter has a milk allergy.

Lol yes. I absolutely hated corned beef but when I was pregnant with my second I had a sudden craving for it so bad that I felt sick until I was finally able to eat it. I’ve liked it ever since but guess what my daughters favorite meal is?? Corned beef :laughing: I tell her it’s her fault I eat it now lol

I craved fries with ranch. For an example we’ll order my 3 year old mac and cheese, but if someone has fries she will reach over and grab them lol, and ranch is literally the only sauce she will dip her food in lol. She won’t even try anything else

Lmao first daughter NOPE. (Broccoli) 2nd daughter YES (peanut M&Ms)

With my son I ate bananas galore wanted them all the time. My son is 40 now and doesn’t like bananas and never has!

I ate a lot of peanuts and my twins are allergic :rofl:

Yes! I craved all types of fruit, and buffalo sauce on stuff. My 4 year old loves both lol

I craved watermelon and potatoes for both my kids and they love watermelon :watermelon: and potatoes only in french fry form lol

Mine is a given.

Pizza with the first. Chocolate Old Fashioned donuts with the second

Who doesn’t like pizza and/or donuts?