Do your teens have a curfew?

Do you teens have a curfew? How do you decide what it is? I am new to being a teen mom and really need advice

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Mr 15 has to be home by 9:30 and miss 17 does as she pleases, their both really good with letting me know where there at and their plans.

My 16 yr old has to be home by 10pm on school nights and 11 on the weekends or during the summer depending on what they are doing

My 16 yr 10pm don’t worry to much cuz she’s always calling!

I have a 14 nearly 15 he dont go out much due to adhd but on off very rare occasion he does it would be 930/10pm

:blue_heart: 15 🩷 17.

both need to be home by 10 on school nights. :blue_heart: 11 on the weekends 🩷 17 midnight on weekends. only exception is things like homecoming (which didn’t end until midnight), prom (again, doesn’t end until midnight) & things of that nature. both have cell phones & i can see both on find my friends. 🩷 has her license & her car his linked to my onstar account (since the car is registered in my name).

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My 17 yr old daughter doesn’t go out much but if she does 11pm sounds fair to me. She is turning 18 in December so if she asks for more time we will allow it as she is almost a adult :tired_face:
My 14 yr old boy curfew is 10pm and my 13 yr old boy is 9pm for now.

There’s usually set curfews for minors in every city.

Mine will be 19 soon still lives at home even though she is an adult she will have a curfew just out of respect but she hardly goes out .But if she did I wouldn’t even have to give her a curfew she would just come in early herself. Also she is a female and it’s not safe for her to be out alone .

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CT has a teen driving curfew of 11 pm which is helpful for the 16 year old. 14 year old still needs an adult to provide rides so that’s also easy to control. Outside of that, we have no set curfews. It really depends on what, where and who they are with.

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17yr old boy senior in high school and during the week he has to be home by 9:30 sometimes 10. He can go to sleep whenever he wants but has to at least be home by those times. And weeknights by 12 but most weekends him and his boys bounce around houses so he’s usually not home much.

Before high graduation it was mutually agreed upon time on the weekends or plan to stay where they were. School nights was midnight and if they had issues getting up after it would be earlier the next time. After graduation the young adult needed to manage their own time.

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When the street lights come on is my rule. I also have him share his live location at all times.

I never had a curfew growing up. We just went by what I was doing for the night and that’s the same for my 15 year old son.
Like homecoming night, we said midnight. But when he’s just hanging at a friends house on a Friday night sometimes we will say 10/11 just depends on what we have going on.

She has to be home by 8:30. If she is actually doing something then we discuss it. No reason to be out after dark as a kid. Nothing but trouble at night. :woman_shrugging:

Mine was “when the street lights started turning on”. It was safest to start heading home at sunset-ish but I was living in the suburbs of Pennsylvania and was all over the freakin place on adventures.

Once I reached about 16, I was given more freedom to come home between 10-11 depending on school nights as long as I checked in with my parents pretty frequently, every half hour or so.

I turned on my 15yo location using Google maps and if he wants to go somewhere he tells me where and I ask what time he’ll be home. Give me a rough estimate and I’ll go get him. I don’t like my kids being outside after dark, we live in the city and there’s loads of junkies and shit