Doctors are concerned about my sons weight...advice?

So my boy is 7.5 months, and he weighs 14.11 lbs. my sister(has 4 kids) and parents said he’s fine. We started solids, not much of a milk drinker. I am fine tuning the right ratio,(doing no solid breakfast just milk etc). He eats when he eats, and doesn’t when he’s not hungry. But when he is, he’ll eat a big amount. I’m looking into different pediatricians for now(I just don’t like how the office operates. The scales are always off, he got blood work done to see why he’s not gaining a lot, they lost it and had to do it again, etc). But the pediatrian is concerned for his weight. I personally think he is healthy and fine, but not sure. His dad was only 115-120 pounds.


My oldest son who’s 17 has always been small like 5% percentile. He only weighs 110 lbs now. He’s had several tests and he literally just has a fast metabolism and slender shape.

At 9 months, my daughter fit new born clothes. She’s now 6 and still a healthy weight but she’s tiny. All babies are different.

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Maybe try a diffrent type of formula my baby just started baby food but her doctor made it clear to make sure she still gets her bottles in for the vitamins and iron

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My 3 month old weighs 14.8 lbs if that helps to put into perspective and by 6 months they should be eating solids and milk for every meal even if it’s just baby cereal for breakfast.

I know some kids just run big or small but this is a crucial growing time for baby and doc is just trying to look out for him.

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Your Baby is just small. Not every baby has to be chunky! You just keep loving and nurturing you baby! :heart:

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As long as he’s hitting milestones and seems full don’t push it! These scales are averages and not a complete spectrum. My 11 year old was wearing size 8 last year… now he’s wearing size 16. My 3.5 year old weighs 32 lbs and wears 4T. Both are healthy.

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You really don’t need to be concerned with how much he weighs. The important part is that he is gaining weight and moving up on the chart. My son was always in the bottom 5 and dr was never worried. Under 20lbs at a year old.

I literally just dealt with this. Doctors offices ignore genetics and instead rate our children on a wide scale compared to other children. I changed my kids doctor and found a new one who says yes, my baby is small-ish for his age HOWEVER genetics would suggest he’s on his own scale which he is thriving and there’s nothing wrong with him.

My eldest was 16#s her first bday. She’s 7 and 48#s now. She’s healthy

My kids were just small, always small. Every kid is different. As long as they’re going plenty of milk or formula. But I would have them look into igf deficiency, it would show up in blood work. I had this issue with my 2 younger kids, (I’m small and my hubby ain’t big either) but my son was not gaining or growing well, it turns out his body is not producing something called igf (insulin-like growth factor) and now needs weekly injections to help him grow. So def get a second opinion especially with a place that don’t lose results, but my other kid is fine she’s just tiny, but she looks healthy over all but my son with the deficiency is like skin and bones and even tho he’s healthy he’s very skinny like he can’t put weight on so I knew something was wrong and we kept pushing bc I followed my gut

That’s about the weight my daughter was at that age. My youngest (son) had doubled his weight within a few months and was the chunker. But she was always skinny and taller/longer. Every baby is different. She’s 12yo and a string bean now, almost taller than me. Sons 5yrs younger and almost caught up to her in weight. But he’s also a bigger boy, he’s the size of his cousin who is 3-4yr older :person_shrugging:

I would just change pediatricians since it sounds like you want to anyways. And just keep an eye but if he’s eating good I wouldnt worry.

He probably will just be small
Like his dad. But change doctor and see what they say

Stop worrying about the scale. My daughter is 13 months and 16 pounds. She wasn’t early, she’s just little. My oldest was the same way and continued to just be tiny for a long time. Now at almost 17, she has curves and is very healthy.

What’s important is if your child is healthy? Is your child following a fairly consistent curve of growth? Is your child hitting milestones? Is he sleeping well? Eating well?

That’s all that matters.

Mine was eating jars of pasta baby food at that point and wheat biscuit cereal. It sounds like he needs to get more calories from food and definitely a solid breakfast. Mine would have breast milk when they woke, cereal about two hours later, milk feed then a lunch of some sort of chunky fruit or veg, milk feed in the afternoon then a dinner of some sort containing a meat puree or protein, then a breastfeed before sleeping. Mine was a healthy weight for their height and is now a slightly underweight adult.

He should be eating solid table for all his meals. And whole milk

Was he a preemie by chance? They’re typically smaller. All 3 of my boys were small compared to family members babies. My ex mil tried to say my oldest was malnourished because he wasn’t a chubby baby like his cousins- keep in mind ex sil would just shove a bottle in their mouth anytime her kids cried, whereas i actually exhausted all options to what was wrong before resorting to just giving him a bottle to quiet him down. My twins are from my current marriage & theyre both tiny, the older twin stayed at 33lbs for almost a year & a half, he has a very high metabolism though & runs everything off. Some kids are just tiny & then they sprout up as they get older.

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Formula or breastmilk right? Maybe he isn’t drinking much because he’s eating so much food. Babies don’t need food food until a year old. They get all of they’re nutrition from breastmilk or formula. I would switch formulas if he doesn’t like his and feed like every 4 hours at least even if he doesn’t seem hungry, offer it. Also always give formula or breastmilk before a meal so that way they are getting the proper nutrition before filling up on food. Otherwise as long as he’s happy and healthy I wouldn’t worry so much. My neice is 3 and only weighs 18 pounds. Her mom is a small woman as well, sometimes it’s just how it is.

My son weighs that at 8 weeks

My granddaughter was considered failure to thrive by her ped. Funny she ate all the time, just nutritional and she was the same size as her mom at the same age.


By milk I hope you mean formula or breast milk. If he isn’t taking to breast milk I would switch to formula. Start with vegi foods. Did they give you a percentile? I would go off of that. Some babies are just smaller.

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Some people seem to be starving their children. Wow

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Has your pediatrician told you differently? My daughter was/is small and she’s perfectly fine.
Shes 3 and barely 26 pounds. Me and her Dr are not concerned.