Doctors are concerned that my 6 months olds anterior fontanelle has closed: Advice

We had our six months check-up today, my baby’s head is at 99% percentile, and his doctor is afraid that his anterior fontanelle has closed! We are waiting to be scheduled a ct scan. Has anyone been through this? What would be your advice?


My girl was also a metopicsynostosis patient like Keera Monnett’s and she went through a couple of CT scans and other tests because the doctors couldn’t agree on a diagnosis initially. Have the CT scan done. Be grateful if they sedate your babe, they are much happier when the get the “goofy juice” as our team called it. Mine had cranial vault reconstruction at 10 months old and is perfectly fine ever since. It’s scary when it’s all happening but a reputable team of led by a neurosurgeon is worth trusting.

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My son was 6 months had a ct scan he wasn’t put under I went back with him he screamed his head off but it was like a X-ray the doctor said he had to much fluid on his brain and to to wait a little longer to see what happens he’s now 7 years old nothing was wrong with him smart as a whip!
I’m not saying not to have the test done just saying what I went threw
We did neurologist as well!

My 3rd has metopic craniosynostosis. Get the CT. If there is enough of a concern they’ll bypass seeing a plastic surgeon or neurologist before the CT. They will have to put your child under since they can not move during. It all goes quickly. When the results come back you will likely have an appointment a neurologist, neurosurgeon, and/or a plastic surgeon. Even if your child is in the clear you still may see a specialist. Best of luck & don’t follow Dr. Google. All you get is worst case scenarios that fuel fear & anxiety.

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3 out of my 4 had the anterior fontanelle close early and they were just fine. They are now 21, 20 and 12 with nothing wrong. Every baby and kid are different but I would get a 2nd opinion from a neurologist before you do the CT scan.

If you trust you ped get the CT. My sons Ped ordered an ultrasound of the head as a precaution when his head was growing too rapidly. Saved his life.

Did your pediatrician order the cat scan or a neurologist? If your pediatrician ordered I would get a second opinion from a neurologist or neuro practice

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Went through this with my son 48 years ago. They found his skeleton was just progressing faster At one he had most teeth and the skull of 2 year old. Have the test! If it is something they can take care of it.

These comments are ridiculous if a CAT scan you make it sound like some big horrible thing they’re going to do