Does a jeep wrangler fit 3 carseats?

Okay, so I and my husband have three kids, and we were wondering about buying a Jeep Wrangler is there any moms that have one and fit three car seats in it ??


My mom has one and she can fit 3 in hers

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4 doors, yes; 2 doors, no

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I have a 4 door wrangler and i have a infant car seat and a booster seat then my older daughter sits in the middle and its pretty tight

2 door no for sure 4 door not sure.

Ford F150 all the way!!! Thats what we decided after looking around. So much room. Biggest back seat and super safe. We have 2 rear facing toddlers seats and an infant carrier in this photo


I have a 2 door and I can fit 2!

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Not Easily. And if a two door forget it…

I have 4 door Jeep Wrangler. Fits 2 bulky car seats. Not a third. Maybe if they were small boosters.

I don’t know about a wrangler but I had a liberty and it only fit two. But my husband’s Ford Explorer fits 2 infant and a forward facing seat comfortably with plenty of room.

Check on diono car seats, they are meant to fit three across.


Diono car seats fit three in a row!

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I wouldn’t recommend. It’s going to be very tight. And depending on how bulky the car seat is… it might only end up fitting 2.

3 kids means it times to upgrade to a mommy van. :joy:
You can fit 3 carseats in a jeep but do you really want your kids that close to eachother? Lol they’re going to fight and hit and scratch and throw things while you’re driving

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Join car seats for the littles on fb. You can give them your vehicle, kids stats and what carseats being used. If they won’t fit they will recommend seats based on kids stats and price range

I have an Acadia, with my middle row being 2 captain chairs. I have 2 convertible car seats in the captain chairs and my step daughter (11) sits in the way back. Trunk is tight. Able to fit stroller though cause I can put one side of seat down.

Idk about wrangler but we had a Jeep Compass and it was soooo small. Did good to fit 2 safety1st car seats.

Our wrangler only fits 2 in the back.

I have a Sahara unlimited Jeep Wrangler 4 doors and we have one car seat that barely fits! I curse so bad getting my daughter in and out i have so many bruises. We r def trading it in just keep putting it off cuz i just paid it off :roll_eyes: idk how you could possibly fit 3 car seats safely.

No it will only got two car seats I had one

I have a 2 door wrangler with 2 car seats in the back. It’s super tight and probably can’t fit 3 back there without it being tight as well

Take your carseats with you and try it out.

Get something with a third row and be comfortable instead of crammed

In a 2 door no. In a 3 door? Maybe?? I’ve been in a 2 door and it would be TIGHT with 2.

Physically it’s possible in the 4 door but only with the slimmer built ones and the center seat does not have the car seat hooks so you’ll have to use the seatbelt provided. You also won’t have any room to retrieve anything that slips between. I’d advise against the Wrangler with more than 2 kids. I have an almost 2yo and almost 9yo driving a 4 door wrangler.

Not a chance in the 2 door.

I haven’t had a Jeep Wrangler since the early 80s. Mine only had 2 seatbelts in the backseat.

There’s a website that will tell you if it does or doesn’t, and what kind it recommends. I couldn’t fit 3 across in my old Toyota rav 4, but I can in my Chevy Malibu. Costco sells a cheat car seat that is specifically made to fit three across.

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I doubt it. I just traded in my Jeep Compass for a Durango because there was so little room.

No way… My husband just traded his in because we were annoyed with how uncomfortable we were all the time and how small it was. Got a nice truck instead. Way more room in the back.


I don’t know about a Jeep specifically, but I do know that car seats vary on size and depending on the vehicle they are going in will depend on how well the seats will fit in them.

For example, our car seats we have for our two little ones leave a tiny amount of room on the middle back seat in our Grand Prix, but in our fusion titanium there’s plenty of space.

I would bring them with when looking at a vehicle and see how they fit in whatever vehicle you are looking at getting before making a decision or see about investing in smaller car seats.

Our jeep wrangler fits 2 car seats with a tiny space in the middle that I can squeeze into if my teenagers coming with us. Its a 2012 wrangler unlimited.

I have a Jeep Wrangler it’s 4 door. It has 3 seat belts in the back. I have 2 car seats and my daughter still has room to fit in between them. I would suggest taking your car seats to the dealership and see if you can’t get them all to fit.

We have a booster, backless booster and infant seat in my Charger. It’s super inconvenient, but it works for now.

Depends on your car seats. I could for 3 car seats across the back seat of a Dodge Dart. Which is a pretty small car. But our car seats are very slim

I have a 2017 wrangler, 2 door. I can fit 2 britax car seats in the back with Maybe 12” in between the two. Quite honestly I don’t think there is a middle seat belt. My understanding is the 4 doors have 3 seat belts in the back so you may be able to fit 3 seats in a 4 door Jeep Wrangler!

Not a chance, I could barely fit 3 in my Jeep Grand Cherokee 10 years ago.

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It is actually pretty roomy and 3 seats fit nicely in the back.

Don’t do it! My brother and SIL have wranglers and they are not kid seat friendly. Go for a Durango or journey. Those are more roomie and are nice cars

I traded my Wrangler in because was not enough room to comfortably fit my kids with car seat too

It would have to be a wrangler unlimited and you’d have to have slimmer style car seats. But it’s not impossible.

I once saw three car seats in the back of a VW Golf

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I hear diono brand carseats are slim and are great for 3 in. Roe


If you’re investing strap those car seats in when you do a test drive! :relaxed:


Nope,you can barely fit your dog to climb into the back seat there is so little room.

Yes you can thry r spacious but car seat come in all sizes now so take them with u when testing a car

We have 2 carseats and a boosterseat!

Depends on the year and how big car seats are

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My Jeep Grand Cherokee loredo does! :grin:

Check out the Jeep Compass

Depends on the car seat. Mostly no.

Mine only had two seats and buckles in the back.

Check out the Diono car seats! We have a 1, 2, and 4 year old. They have the diono 3R that fits 3 across!

My hubby has to move his seat forward to fit the car seat in the back. And our stroller barely fits in the trunk area. I don’t recommend a jeep for a family with little kids. My Subaru fits the car seat and stroller better

I have a Wrangler Unlimited and it fits a toddler carseat and a rear facing only, it would not fit a 3rd, nor be comfortable to sit a 3rd adult in the back. Also yes you have to move the seat forward to get the a rear facing only carseat in and out, if you are taller.

I have some friends that have 3 kids all in car seats and they fit them all in the backseat of their wrangler. They have the diono carseats

The back set will only fit 2 car seats, they are really small seats.

2 car seats and only if move seats forward. I barely fit my grandsons in it.

I’ve been able to fit 3 since I’ve had it! I got it in 2018 and had a newborn, 2 yr old, and 4 yr old!

Take the seats with you to test out. Ours would fit 2 but not 3.

I mean it all depends on the carseat style and whether rear facing or forwards facing. Safest bet is to test if they fit at dealership when looking.

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I can fit 3. It honestly depends on the style of the car seat .

I wouldnt get a jeep wrangler. Car seats take up alot of room

The newer Rubicon does. The standard unlimited is narrower but Ruby is wider by just a few inches.

Not a wrangler, but a story about a similar sitch. We’ve got 3 under 6. We had them all in a Honda Civic for the last year and a half or so. Was it doable? Yes, but a real pain. The oldest boy always had to get in first, because otherwise, if either of the car seats were snapped into the base then we couldn’t reach our fingers down there to buckle him in. Same with getting him out of the car too. Everyone was snatching stuff from each other, fighting/hitting… finally, I opted to get a bigger car since we were a one car family anyway. I just bought a Jeep commander which has a third row. Now with my boyfriend and kids in the car, there an extra seat in the way back and one in between in the middle row. You can easily get everyone in and out and there’s much less fighting cause everyone has room. Further, it used to be a nightmare trying to bring stuff with us, because we were packed to the brim with people, let alone shopping back, Christmas gifts after visiting family et c. If you’re doing 3 car seats I highly recommend a third row vehicle (especially if you’re not ready for minivan mom life lol)


Yes, it may be. Once my wife found for our 3 kids and that’s gone well.