Does ABC mouse work?

Is the website ABC mouth worth it for kids? do they really learn anything from it?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Does ABC mouse work?

IMO yes it does my boys love it

I’ve used it for my kids, we prefer the hooked on phonics app better.

My kids loved it & that academy one for older children

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My ASD son hated it…. But he learned some

My almost 4 year old lovessss it!!!

My son only played the “easy” parts and didn’t get anything out of it

Yes. I use it in my classroom.

Depends on the age group and the child. I heard my nephew liked it a lot, he was about 7. My son liked it for maybe a day or two. He was 10 when we tried.

We use KHAN kids and it’s free!


Our daughter used it, I prefer iXL

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Yes, my daughter used it and never went to daycare. When she got to kindergarten they were shocked that she’d never been to school before. Now shes 12 and in private school!

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My daughter LOVES it!

Yes, the learning path is great just make sure you have it set to the appropriate age group for your child. Hooked on phonics is also excellent.

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Yes! My daughter started with it around 2, and at that age my husband or I would sit with her and help her if she needed it. By the time she was 3-4 she was doing it all on her own. She would surprise us with knowledge we didn’t think she’d gain until grade school. We kept it until she was 7, and we plan to get it for our son who has recently turned 2.


My kids loved it. Also, look in to JUMPSTART.

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There’s alot you can do for free on Prodigy and other apps. Try those first and see if your child will stay with it. I buy the year subscriptions, they use it for a month or so then never come back.

I paid for a year and neither one of my kids ever even look at it

My daughter loved it from age four to age eight. I homeschooled her during that time and it was part of our everyday curriculum.

My 4 and 5 yr old love it. They see it as games and not a learning activity. But they are actually learning a lot from it.

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My kid hated it. I couldn’t get him to do anything but play in the farm area.

We tried 2 different times with the membership but was not impressed really. Both had them do it for a month or so at a time.

The first month is free. My daughter plays on it 3 or 4 times a week and it has helped her tremendously. She’s 3

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It did wonders for my daughter

We use khan academy kids bc its free and our son loves it. Has loads of stuff to do and it’s safe.

There is no common core curriculum. My daughter enjoys it alot better than actual school.

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Helped my youngest a lot. So much that now he’s in the 3rd grade & bored. He’s considered a “behavior problem” instead of school challenging him. It didn’t help my middle child at all. She’s got learning difficulties though.

So it’s fun having a 3-4yo who can read books, do math that older kids usually learn & knows fun facts. It’s not fun having a child who knows what’s being taught in school before they teach it.