Does anybody know of anything legit?

I'm miserable at my job. Absolutely miserable. I've been busting my tail trying to find something different, preferably work from home, as my oldest stays sick alot. Does anybody know of anything legit?? I've applied through the linkedin app and indeed and all I get back are bs scammers

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Does anybody know of anything legit?

Drive for Instacart or a service like that?

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I am in Michigan looking for a job too. I keep hearing how there is a shortage of workers & everyone is hiring. I have over resumes out there & no calls. I had my resume checked out by a few people, thinking that might be the problem. I was told it is not. I need something now. The office I worked for closed in December

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Call centers, cox communications, adt, new asurion

If you live in GA, Home Depot will be hiring customer service reps and it will be a wfh position.

Kimberly Ruth Hoffman

WAHJobQueen. Go to google and to her site. She posts legit jobs :heartpulse:


CashApp is still keeping their Customer Service representatives at home. Great pay for the industry, great benefits, wellness benefits, etc. Jobs are posted on indeed and the Block Inc (parent company) website.

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Le-vel is an awesome at home company. Health & wellness. Let me know if your interested you can sign up through my link.


Sign up for, they screen their jobs and I found my job on there from the alerts they send out.

I work from home as a health and wellness products ambassador. Legit job and I’m earning more then enough to stay home with my kids. I work right from my phone and set my hours. I’d be happy to send you more information so you can check the company out and see if it’s of interest to you! :blush:


Try cvs, and other large businesses. A lot of times they have remote work available

Someone posted this list online and I screenshot it.


Amazon does customer service positions from home in most states. You can go right to their website to see current places they’re hiring. It pays a bit less than most places in person but it’s 100% from home. They also may have raised it a bit since a lot of employers are doing wfh.

I’d suggest looking into answering service jobs. Amazon, car insurances (they work mainly off of commission AKA how many customers you can sign, basically think of companies you call for help on products.
Id personally stay away from all MLM companies. Some people excel at those systems but they’re far and few between.

Look up wah job Queen here on Facebook. She posts tons of these legit jobs!!!


Join this group. The woman that runs the group posts job leads just about everyday. I applied to every single one, and it took a while, but I now work from home and get to choose my own hours. It’s not the best pay but I don’t mind since I work in my PJs. I also had no work from home experience and only ever worked in food or warehouses/factories.


Can you please pm me the details

Try AT&T customer service they told me they provide everything you need to work from home and they have health and pto

Lowes Corporate maybe

Look up jobs on sunrun ! A lot of remote positions and the company is amazing

HGS has work from home

Not sure where you are located but salelytics is 100 percent remote. You can inbox me. :blush:

Join this group. She’s legitimate

Legit Work from Home Jobs (Discussion)

Natasha Wilhite Check out the comments may keep ya headed in the right direction.

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The Work at Home Lounge (WAHJobQueen)


Rat race rebellion
They only post legit jobs
They are on Facebook & have a website

1 Like is a list of legit at home jobs

Hgs is great. I work from home and the pay is great

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The Virtual Call Center.

Maybe try Uber, door dash, etc. as you can do it on your own time and what not? Or there’s always only fans, I’ve seen people doing them for makeup tutorials and other things as well.

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Sykes from home it might be listed as sitel but its work from home and real been here for almost a year

If you don’t mind answering phones, I just found a call center job. It was 1 week of unpaid training then I began answering phones. I can schedule myself 38 hours a week. I get $14 an hour with the potential for hourly pay up to $18 an hour if you meet certain scheduling requirements.

Hagerty I live in co and they Pay 19.50 if your unlicensed and then they help you get licensed if you choose and that’s a pay bump

I have my own business working from home using just my phone and my social media. Let me know if you would like more info

Try any type of financial center.

They have a variety of different work from home positions. This is just one of many. This is the same position my husband started in. You don’t need a degree, just a high school diploma, and reliable high speed internet connection. My husband started in this same position with Flagstar and they train from within and supply all the equipment you need and he really enjoys working for the company.

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go to indeed legit 100%

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You don’t say why you are miserable at your current job. I would not quit until I had other employment.

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Try looking at becoming a virtual assistant

A lot of call centers have moved to at home, try xm or sirus

I have gotten some great work at home gigs off of this site. Obviously you always have to watch for scams but when you do your diligent research, you can find decent paying jobs here.

If you have a car Door Dash. Can make a lot of money

CVS is hiring part and full time work from home

Smart home security has moved to work from home… vivint, adt etc

Try Legit Work from Home Jobs (Discussion) they have real job postings. It’s a real page that really helps. You can even ask if a job is legit or not.

I would like all people interested to join.

There are legit work from home jobs in just about anything that used to be office work. I don’t know many office workers who don’t work from home now. Go for something you have experience in and skills to offer - you’ll find it. some of the contact and customer service rep jobs are work from home. also has work from home.

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