Does anyone else deal with their spouses family disrespecting them?

Has anyone had problems with their child’s fathers family disliking/disrespecting you? I’m almost 5 months pregnant and I don’t know if it’s the hormones but I no longer want his sister to have anything to do with my child. Is this an over reaction? Is it wrong? Any personal experience appreciated. Also just a side note she sent my baby’s father long texts explaining that I trapped him-i did not and he’s never thought or told his family that, she thinks we are horrible together, ect. All last night knowing I’m 5 months pregnant and we’ve been together awhile. Thanks ladies.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Does anyone else deal with their spouses family disrespecting them?

What’s really important was his response to what she had to say.


How long have you been together, is he the only son, it’s difficult when you are in that situation, it will probably be that they become more demanding after baby is born, so to me I would encourage you and your partner to move faraway, like immigrate somewhere abroad.

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Soooo, are you married or not…
As far as trapping him…only you know the answer to that…maybe she can tell…

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Try not to take on her energy/drama. You r headed towards a magical time in your life. Ppl suck. I guarantee it’s more about how she feels about herself

If you have to move across town!! Haters spread hate, approach her Now!!! Let her know you are not going to sit by letting her lie about you. Stand Up For Yourself. Don’t wait 9 years, like I did.

The important question is what is he telling his family

You should be discussing this with your partner

How does he feel about it? Cutting her off is both of your decisions to make. Hopefully you guys can come to an agreement. Me personally, I would take the message and confront her with it in front of my significant other. I wouldn’t let it continue and I’d stand up for myself.

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Yep and I cut them all off life has never been better

Cut them off simple if your partner disagrees then they can go as well

Cut the bitch off! Trust me you don’t need the extra stress while you’re pregnant!