Does anyone else fight with their kids to cut their nails?

does anyone on here ever have to fight with there kids when cutting nails like sit on them anyone have any easy suggestions oh this especially when the older sibling also doesnt help there either have to sit on both.


My granddaughter is the worst (she’s 3); my daughter had to cut them while she’s asleep.

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Benadryl worked for the dogs lol

I always paint my daughter’s after. She’s 4 and she’ll sit still if I paint them.

How old are these kids?

Counting the clips helps my two

Do it while they’re asleep


My 18 month old it is like going into battle. Kicking, screaming, squirming. Recommended to do it while they sleep but my LO is a light sleeper so that didn’t work for me.

Lmao. I figured out a trick turn their favorite movie on. And slowly start. My oldest 2yr would scream murder.

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My daughter is 2.5 and loves when I cut and paint them. I let her choose the color and we turn it into a little spa moment. :joy: She gets to sit in a fancy chair and she gets the royal treatment.

I only do it when my daughter is asleep

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Amber Burke that’s exactly how I do it with my almost 3 year old daughter! Works every time :blush:

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It’s a fun bonding moment too! :heart_eyes:

I cut my sons when hes asleep but he always manages to wake up with his feet so i give him my phone while i cut his toes it works but every kid is different

Nope. I dont just dont cut their nails until they ask.

Lol I cut it almost off and let them pull it off and it’s worked. Not had a fight about it

My 9 year old hate when i cut his nails he want his mamaw to do it or he will do it his self

i second this. I do it for my 4 year old too

Both of my girls stand still and let me. If they see me doing mine they’ll actually come and have me do theirs. They’re 1 and 2

I have to sit them on my lap with the phone to distract them. When my 2 year is distracted, I slowly clip off a bit of each nail then go back and tear it off. No crying.

I started singing the ABC song with my Grandson to get his nails cut!! Now he sings with me to see how many letters we can get through before I am done cutting his nails😀

I did until they realized it was gonna happen whether they liked it or not. Lol. At 3.5 and 2 they sit for me. And get a sucker after.

I do it while my son is asleep. He’s almost 2.

No my kid will bring me the nail clippers. Or try and do it himself.

Give them your phone and let them watch YouTube. for my kids YouTube works for everything…blood draws, shots, doing hair, cleaning ears etc…

My youngest was the same way. It was a battle every time. Give them something to distract them. Trim your nails a bit to show it doesn’t hurt. Tell them how brave they are and a big kid they are for letting you cut their nails. Give them a sucker or popsicle or a little snack and turn on their favorite show or movie while you do it. Hopefully that helps.

I’ve tried to turn it into fun for my daughter,now when I do my nails she puts her foot up so I can do hers. No problems

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