Does anyone else have one ovary?

Do any women out there have one ovary? If so, what age did you become pre-menopausal or flat out menopausal… Im 31 angry and annoyed all the time, sleep sucks the big one so Im always tired, and have zero drive for intimacy… help?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Does anyone else have one ovary?

Im wondering the same but I also have pmdd and had novasure so my periods are light anyways I’m either extremely melting hot or freezing.

Get your thyroid checked.

I have only one. I had a hysterectomy back in December of last year. I was only 29

Those symptoms don’t necessarily mean you are premenopausal, more likely means you have PCOS and hormonal imbalances. go to your Ob and have them do bloodwork

following… similar issues

I had only 1. I also have PCOS. I went through menopause at age 29. And had hysterectomy at age 39.

I have 1 left. Had my other taken when I was 18 weeks pregnant with my last baby. I feel like I might be in premenopause now. I’ll be 37 in oct

I had my left ovary removed 5 years ago and I am also 31 and experiencing this! My periods still come as normal but are significantly lighter. I have been wondering the same thing

Ím 49 and have been in full menopause for the last 5yrs. I was premenopausal in my middle/late 30’s but i have both ovaries etc.

Get your levels checked .

I was 28, had an ectopic pregnancy and ended with one ovary. I am now 44 and haven’t had any issues to date, but my levels are checked regularly. I’d recommend getting blood work and seeing your primary dr to cover all questions.

:raised_back_of_hand::sob: had a microscopic hysterectomy at 26. Been here since and I’m 30 now. It sucks

Had hysterectomy in 2018 , cause my uterus and bladder fell still have 1 ovary. 4 years later Feeling symptoms of menopause ugh

You are way to young for menopause

I had a full hysterectomy December of last year. No sex drive at all, literally always tired no matter how much sleep I get, mood swings that are out of this world, hot flashes are awful. The only positive thing that has come from a full hysterectomy is no more pain and no period. I am on medicine for all that.

Yep. I had to have a hysterectomy at 29. Five years later, I had right side pain. The pain was so widespread, the surgeon did an exploratory. He removed my gall bladder, which we knew was bad, my appendix, and my right ovary, which had a cyst. I still had my left ovary, just not my uterus, right ovary, Fallopian tubes, or cervix. I didn’t have periods anymore, obviously, but I was still producing hormones from the left ovary. That continued into my late 30’s. Then I started getting hot flashes, little hairs on my chin, night sweats, and irritability. I didn’t want to take hormones for fear of breast cancer, so I toughed it out. The symptoms are still here and I’m 65. I don’t know now I’d I get irritable because I’m menopausal or because I have mental health issues. But that’s sort of how it went for me.

Me im 42 …had a tube and ovary removed from a childbirth incident in 2009 ruptured my ovarian vein during child birth it was over looked and i was sent home and almost died. Im just starting to get the perimenopause symptoms.

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