Does anyone elses 3rd grader have a lot of homework?

The school my son is in didn’t get any last year (March-June that’s when we moved here) and so far he hasn’t had any this year. He’s in 5th grade.

My son is in kindergarten. And he gets sent home 10 pages a day that takes that long.

We were told that it should only take 30 minutes max since they are given 30 minutes in school to finish as well. Still takes a good 45 mins plus on some nights. We’ll see how it goes in a couple weeks after he gets use to the homework. If not I would just speak to the teacher.

I find it ridiculous what they expect kids of certain ages to do in a certain amount of time. It never fails to amaze me…

My 3rd grader last year did.

I’m 27, when I was in school teachers INSISTED we needed to have 2 hours of homework for curriculum to sink into our brains. Some teachers insisted it should be homework/studies for 2 hours per class every day. It was absolutely ridiculous.

Yes! My 8 yr old is in gifted and has tons of homework. Way more then our middle schooler and high schooler

In my experience with my son (8th grade this year) some of the newer teachers are either homework crazy and assign way too much and others don’t believe in assigning homework at all. There has been no in between. Most of the experienced teachers are way more moderate with their homework assignments.
So your kid may just have the teachers who are extreme with their homework. Talk to the teachers or other parents. Do the other parents feel the same? Maybe if all the parents feel the same way you could all discuss with the teachers about assigning less homework? I personally never found homework to be helpful for me. If it didn’t stick during class it wasn’t going to stick by doing 2 hours of homework.